back to article Google, Mozilla both say they sped up the web today. One by blocking ads. One with ads

Mozilla's announced that its “Firefox Focus” ad-busting browser has made it to Android. Focus has been available on iOS since late 2016. The browser's lead feature is hiding traces of web searches so that ads can't follow you around the web. Mozilla feels doing so enhances privacy and speeds up surfing as you won't be …


      1. DropBear Silver badge

        Re: Targeted ads

        "So you remember the ad, remember the product it's associated with ergo it was effective."

        "Effective" is a highly questionable choice of a word when the only guaranteed outcome of the process is not causing a sale but rather forever prohibiting one. Indirect effectiveness only works when the target ends up imprinted with the brand unconsciously even if no immediate sale happened, NOT when the target quite consciously ends up vowing never to engage with the brand...

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Targeted ads

          That's exactly what they're going for: such that you latch onto the brand without even thinking about. Many ads actually appeal to the SUBconscious since it's harder for us to control.

          1. Mike 16 Silver badge

            Re: Targeted ads

            What makes a viewer sure that an irritating ad is actually from the (apparent) sponsor? Maybe that Shredded Wheat ad was actually placed by a corn-flakes company. This sort of thing has been common in election advertising (at least in the U.S.) for a decade or more (midnight or dinnertime robo-calls "from" the buyer's opponent)

            1. Charles 9 Silver badge

              Re: Targeted ads

              "What makes a viewer sure that an irritating ad is actually from the (apparent) sponsor?"

              Trademarks. All brand names are trademarked as a matter of course. Rivals can't use someone else's trademark without permission or they'll get railed in court for Trademark Infringement.

    1. ArrZarr Silver badge

      Re: Targeted ads

      You would still get ads. Not all of them are targeted. Beyond that, how certain are you that the ad slinger knows absolutely nothing about you? They'll probably have you pegged as part of a certain demographic based upon the sites you've visited if nothing else and so that opens up the door for targeting.

  1. inmypjs Silver badge

    Why use this over a blocking plugin?

    Does this 'Focus' have any advantage over normal Firefox with say the uBlock origin plugin?

    uBlock origin also has a counter, mine currently says it has blocked just over 3 million requests (11% of all requests).

    1. Orv Silver badge

      Re: Why use this over a blocking plugin?

      Android Firefox supports plugins?

      1. Charles 9 Silver badge

        Re: Why use this over a blocking plugin?

        Chrome-type plugins. Android Firefox can actually use ublock Origin.

  2. Orv Silver badge

    This is enough for me to give Firefox on Android another try. I'd given up in the past because the scroll jank was unbearable for me. I particularly "loved" scrolling down to find a bunch of blurry text, then having to wait for it to clear up.

  3. Jack of Shadows Silver badge

    Okay, what id10t thought..

    ... a sidebar advertisement, e. g. Nasdaq, expanding across links to articles was a good idea. Up till now, I have used a browser that gave El Reg, and a select list of few, a pass. Last time you caused me to neuter your ads was the blinky-flashy crap from Giving Focus a trial now, thank you ever so much.

    {Gestures definitely need work}

  4. Shades

    I switch off ad blocking once...

    Never. Again.

    For some context I have MSI GS40 - 3.5Ghz Quad Core i7 with 16gb of RAM and a 256gb SSD - a laptop thats not short on performance and a 60mb internet connection.

    I once switched off the NoScript and Ghostery FireFox add-ons and, well... page load times massively increased as if I was on dial-up, some pages had (according to Ghostery) 40-odd trackers/adverts and such, and (according to NoScript) 20-odd external scripts, the pages jumped all over the place with scripts messing about with the DOM, images resizing, fonts changing and zooming in or out, auto-play video's that expand and shrink when done and move the content about, and on, and on, and on, and on...

    Err, thanks but no thanks. Until websites stop actively creating a jarring, time-consuming and painful user experience then my ad/script blockers are staying firmly on. You can call me a freeloader, I don't really care, but you can only call me that if you've never, ever skipped adverts on anything you've PVR'd.

    1. Charles 9 Silver badge

      Re: I switch off ad blocking once...

      Why do you think more ads are UNSKIPPABLE because they're INLINE with the content?


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