back to article Official science we knew all along: Facebook makes you sad :-(

Researchers claim to have evidence of what many of us have long since suspected: Facebook makes you sad. There is no shortage of studies that point to the negative impact of social media on people's overall well-being – some or most of which could easily be left in the "Luddite" box – but Holly Shakya from the University of …


  1. Geoffrey W Silver badge

    From the article:

    "your Mom was right: get off that computer and go outside and play with your friends."

    Mom only wants you off the computer so that she can update her status and resume her web cam activities, which junior might not appreciate seeing.

  2. Keef

    Finally, a use for FB...

  3. fidodogbreath Silver badge

    Overall, Facebook use does not promote well-being

    Well, not of its users. It does wonders for Zuck's well-being.

  4. jake Silver badge


    "The mean age of those who provided Facebook data was 48 – an age at which people have spent over half their adult lives without the pervasive influence of the internet."

    Implying that people aged 48 have been online less than 15 years? I doubt it.

    And, of course, anything referencing "BMI" is always pure bullshit.

    Enjoy the research dollars while you can, folks, methinks it ain't gonna last.

  5. rids

    Face book makes me sad

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