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back to article YouTube TV will be huge. Apple must respond

When the world’s largest online silo of video content decides to come out and launch its own TV subscription service, including sought after live sports content, it’s not just the traditional pay TV industry which should be concerned, but the streaming giants too. YouTube TV is here and Apple has to return fire. YouTube’s much …


  1. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge


    "YouTube’s dominant position in online video is likely to make YouTube TV a huge success"

    Only if they include blip-verts. And that might present it's own problems.

  2. YARR

    Nielsen data suggests the entirety of US TV has a daily viewership of around 1.25 billion hours

    1.25 beellion / 325 m USA-ians (not all of whom watch TV) = 3 hours 50 minutes daily!

    Does anyone believe they have so much free time to watch TV, plus engage in the other distractions / recreational activities + work + sleep ?

    1. Charles 9 Silver badge

      Um...yes, and then some. Don't forget things like dinner and bed can be done WITH the TV on.

  3. Tinman_au

    I might even sub to that if they include the US SyFy...

  4. lakawak

    Huge? Not unless they make MAJOR changes. Extremely overpriced, and a LOT of channels left out. And even ore overpriced when you consider you still have to pay for broadband internet and without bundling, that goes up at least $10

  5. Wayland Bronze badge

    Failure in the making

    Who needs another subscription cable provider of TV programming? The reason YouTube works is because it's On Demand. Programmes are so last century.

  6. Pirate Dave

    Nothing groundbreaking here

    $35 for 40 channels that may or may not show up grainy, depending on how large the latest X-Bone updates are that the kids are downloading on their consoles and eating all my bandwidth. Or, eh, stick to my dish and get relatively clear, not-continually-buffering video. Oh, I have kids, I'm not in Google's target demographic. Carry on.

    It is a shame Google didn't try something NEW here and offer what some of us have been screaming for for years - ala cart channel ordering. I guess Google just isn't that willing to buck the system. In the end, it's all about money, and Google seems to be taking the path of least resistance towards it.

  7. bigghands

    Comes with Google Play Music? Says who? Cite your factual source!

    Do you have any links to fact-based evidence to support your claim that Google Play Music were included? I am not finding anything that supports that blind assertion.

    1. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

      Re: Comes with Google Play Music? Says who? Cite your factual source!

      Fact-based evidence?

      Is there another kind?

  8. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    Too expensive.

    But that's perhaps because it's not full of stolen stuff, unlike YouTube.

    Fox will be great: now we can all be brain-dead.


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