back to article Sony takes $1bn writedown: Streaming has killed the DVD star

DVD and Blu-ray income has collapsed faster than Sony expected, obliging the company to take a $976m (Y112bn) impairment on its movie business. Sony’s movie and TV boss stepped down earlier this month. Sony took an impairment charge on the same business in 2014 as the “demand for physical media was contracting faster than …

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bad economics

For the price of a 10 year old movie on Blu-ray down under, you can get 3 months Netflix. Heaven help you if you wanted something like a 3D / 2D / DVD combo edition. Maybe I'm just getting old and my eyes are wearing out, but these same 10 year old movies are in the DVD bin for under ten bucks. It's better but not 3x better.


Re: bad economics

That's less Sony and more JB HiFi though - you can pick up Blu-ray movies online for a reasonable price.

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Sony is doomed

When Sony got out of the hardware business and acquired more media, that was the beginning of their downfall.

Nobody has thought of Sony as an innovator in a long time.

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Real Sony is doomed if it is not a Cruising AIMissile and into Deep See Phishing

When Sony got out of the hardware business and acquired more media, that was the beginning of their downfall.

Nobody has thought of Sony as an innovator in a long time. … ecofeco

Their, and Japan’s renaissance, is then dependent upon their creation and distribution of novel future reality productions for virtual presentation and global immersion/reactive participation and rewarding competition.

Failure to enter the field and dominate opposition has one serving as slave drone and master drone servering foreign goods and pondering alien policies, world wide webbed adventurism and mass money market manipulation/front-running and shorting for circuit breaking.

Do you recognise any other nation/elite executive systems administration/secret organisation doing that bidding for Grand Mastery of the Greatest of Great Games Plays …. or trying devilishly hard to do it covertly and clandestinely, and doing it extremely badly in the process?

The World's Orders are changed and there have been recent Seismic Quantum Command and Control Shifts for Remote Universal Leverage Enactment.

Surely you are not to say you haven't noticed, whenever madness and mayhem, chaos and confusion confront you with the main stream media hosting its shows every day for you ...... for you enlightenment and engagement and entertainment. Oh how easily are you led to believe what you are told and shown by audiovisual telecommunications to be a true rather than contrived reality .... and therefore in all honesty, is your existence proven to be in a virtual reality ....... Live Operational Virtual Existence with and for Global Operating Devices.

Capiche, Sony-san. Is there anything you need exclusively provided to proceed?

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Re: Real Sony is doomed if it is not a Cruising AIMissile and into Deep See Phishing

Oh, and here be an enigmatic variation on the same "The World as you don't know and recognise it" theme .......

So ........ are we subjects in, and objects of fake news stories or is such the naked unbridled truth as is now being discovered and uncovered?

Will IT drive your mad, and that may be just even madder than you presently be, or can you handle the truth, and driver it in a helpful creative direction for novel leadership[s]?

:-) A Few Good Men telling it like IT tells it

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Sony CEO with a bottle o' gutrot ->

IIRC, Sony were one of the organisations insistent that content is licensed, not sold. In that case, streaming subs such as Amazon Prime are nearer the mark for a temporary licence. You can't have your cake and eat it, So[n]ny.

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Serves them right

For greenlighting that "reboot" of Ghostbusters. Crap idea then, crap idea now. It seems my voodoo doll has some life left in it yet.

Tosspots. You can't improve on perfection.


Follow the stream

If I want to watch something nowadays I usually do the following:

Search Amazon Prime/Netflix/Now TV.

If not available, search Amazon for Blu-ray.

If Blu-ray not extortionate or not available search Kodi.

The bottom one is the reason the entertainment industry is mostly terrible. I think a lot of people skip to the bottom option/torrent.

Cinema? A film would have to be genre-defining or rated extremely highly for me to be subjected to 30 minutes of adverts before I can watch it in a dark room with loads of noisy strangers...


Writing backups to optical media may be unwise

I went through a TV-watching phase about ten to fifteen years ago, and I wrote 300 DVD-Rs. The first few were done on a tower PC with Pinnacle, and the rest were done on a DVD recorder - a Panasonic DMR-E85H.

Lately, a friend, wanting someone to trailblaze the process for him, talked me into ripping the collection to my NAS, and I went through those off-air DVDs with MakeMKV and VLC Player.

Approximately 10 percent of them ripped perfectly. I got something off another 8 percent. The rest had become unreadable, despite being held in light-tight boxes with sandal-wearing organic tofu sleeves which were specially designed not to degrade DVDs.

Many of the unreadable DVDs looked absolutely pristine.

So owners of home-recorded optical media are advised to get cracking and back up their home-recorded DVDs to hard disk before they evaporate.

I do not regret the loss of the recorded material. I'm over TV nowadays and I don't have a telly. Anyone who wants to deliver propaganda and subliminal assumptions to my home can put pen to paper and buy a postage stamp. I have a cross-cut shredder and I'm not afraid to use it.



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