back to article Did EU ruling invalidate the UK's bonkers Snoopers' Charter?

Yesterday's judgment from the EU Court of Justice offered hope to many of those critical of the wider culture of communications data retention, but what does this mean for the UK's Investigatory Powers Act? Nothing immediately, of course. The original case will now go back to the UK's Court of Appeal, from whence it initially …


  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    UK Gov. Pack of...

    C....................ontrolling bastards!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too Late, Gone Dark

    Way too late, already gone dark. Czar May can see nothing, hell, even my isp's basic bandwidth monitoring can't even see what I am using. Gonna stay dark now regardless of this stupid law being amended or not.

  3. Wolfclaw Silver badge
    Big Brother

    DRIPA Needs An Overhaul

    Well if the Court of Appeal get the final say, they will rubber stamp it for the spooks. Not like we are trying to deport a terrorist, rapist or radical nutcase or anything and they will bend over backwards to block this if a cat is involved !

  4. scrubber
    Big Brother

    Protect yourself online ...

    ... from your own government.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just remind me...

    How many of Mother Theresa's previous actions been judged by a court as unlawful - I'm afraid I've lost count.

    It just re-enforces the message that laws are only for the little people.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How long before we get Cardassian courts in the UK?

    SISKO: They’ll be tried for their crimes under the Federation Code of Justice.

    DUKAT: And if they’re found innocent?

    SISKO: I doubt that they will, but if they are, they’ll be set free.

    DUKAT: How barbaric. On Cardassia, the verdict is always known before the trial begins. And it’s always the same.

    SISKO: In that case, why bother with a trial at all?

    DUKAT: Because the people demand it. They enjoy watching justice triumph over evil every time. They find it comforting.

    SISKO: Isn’t there ever a chance you might try an innocent man by mistake?

    DUKAT: Cardassians don’t make mistakes.

  7. Tom 7 Silver badge

    The data is just too valuable

    for anyone to be trusted with it.

    Organised crime spends a lot of effort getting people into the police force and I can see them now making sure there is someone in every ISP copying this data on a regular basis.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Useful for non-crime related things

    "Anderson, who has reviewed the use of terrorism legislation for other forms of crimes, added that "access to retained traffic and location data is extremely useful to the police and other law enforcement authorities"

    "Extremely useful", yes. Just like information collected about members of Congress by Hoover was very useful _to him_.

    His personal, secret, and obviously illegal archive kept him in power until his death.

    Anderson deliberately dismisses the idea of using being useful for actually solving existing crimes as for those you can get snooping rights by current legislation: Universal snooping is only useful for _other purposes_ than crime solving, all of them illegal.

    But of course that's the whole idea of this legislation, make them legal.

  9. Perfidious Albion

    Physical Evidence available of UK Crimes.

    Not only are they criminal Peeping Toms, but Perfidious Albion does not allow human rights IN PRACTICE for heterosexual white males and their families. Police Delete CCTV proving the innocence of such, and they persistently fabricate evidence that they were not allowed to put before a Crown Court, they assault you, hospitalise you and prevent you from getting defence evidence, and even try mislead your Lawyer, and provide such a story to them that even they cannot believe you are innocent of what you are accused (and are unable to even accept photographic evidence); even after official documentation proves police get rid of Witnesses who support you the accused. Furthermore, for decades the Judges who cover up the crimes of the police and Social Services are recorded committing Human Rights crimes, but the Judges even cover up Social Services trying to thieve your children, and tell you to "forget about it".

    So; my family and I moved to a country with the death penalty, because that disgusting Island is too unfit for ordinary families to live in. We had to close our business and sell the family home to emigrate.

    If you want the proof, you only need to ask; but the criminals in charge of the UK will wreck your family life also if you try and do anything about it.

    We have video, photographs, official documentation and Court voice recordings (Judges lying and denying us our Human Rights), and other evidence too substantial to list here.

    Historically; Probably the police (Chiefs) overlook the Judges crimes against young boys, so the police can (literally) get away with murder to the non-Jewish, non-Muslim non-gay working class.

  10. Slx

    Brexit means Brexit

    Don't worry! You'll soon be rid those meddling Eurocrats protecting you from your information-hungry government and then you can finally have state installed CCTV in all your bathrooms and those chip implants you've always wanted.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So who protects us from our Government ? Hitler and Stalin would have loved this. So will Trump. Any paranoid leader with an axe to grind will end up using this data. RIP democracy. We've learnt nothing from the 1930's. We have a generation that are sleepwalking into a dictatorship.

  12. JaitcH

    Since when has GCHQ or the MI mob ever been bothered with the law?

    All the Mad MAY legislation did was to make everything that GCHQ and MI ever did legal.

    Where, I wonder, was the castration of Kenyan Freedom Fighters ever within the law?

  13. GrapeBunch Bronze badge

    North American reference

    "No soup for you! Would you like chips with that?"

  14. Paul Renault

    Shale Gas worse likely worse than coal.

    Minkia! I tried to read that ruling...gave up.


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