back to article Att: Windows Phone owners: Win 10 Mobile has been spotted and it wants your phone

Windows Phone users beware: Microsoft has quietly begun rolling out the Windows 10 system update in various territories. Until such a time as the new software platform reaches maturity, users may experience a loss of features, diminished battery life and unexpected bugs. And it’s an irrevocable change - once you accept Windows …

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Re: Spreading more FUD, little truth in it

@diodesign, I agree with you up to a point. But the this article about updates being forced and no way back is just wrong. As has been pointed out several times, you need to apply the update and if you don't want it, after you have tried it, you can use the Microsoft reset tool to set it back to Windows Phone 8 / 8.1.

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Re: Spreading more FUD, little truth in it

"The 1020 should be better "

Why? Lenses and sensor are better on the 950. As the pictures imply.


Re: Spreading more FUD, little truth in it

I didn't say or imply you were uncivil, but by largely ignoring every part of the post except the one regarding an agenda, some of it directly contradicting the article, I took it to mean an inference of nonsense without any explanation.

The poster informed you, amongst other points, that rollbacks could be made with the recovery tool via the Microsoft servers - contrary to the information in the article. If untrue, then an explanation would be welcome, if true, then the article is incorrect and an edit is surely in order.

I was merely trying to say if you take the time to argue against a post, you should respond

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The thing that tempts me to get a 950XL is the removable battery and micro sd slot. Amazon video prime app and iplayer app you could download the video on would be icing on the cake. Waiting to see how it communicates with the mothership though.

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OH NO!!!

I just picked up a favourite novel, for a quick read on the crapper and there it was!!!

A pop-up asking me to upgrade to Win10 (Paper Edition) !!!!!

Joke icon, because there are a lot of Americans - AND the odd German - reading the website.


Re: OH NO!!!

Was the pop-up text brown?


10 runs perfectly on both my 1020 and my 640

I've been running 10 on both my 1020 and a new 640 for months without issue. The latest build has been rock solid for my. Instead of listening to the paid mouthpieces bash Windows 10 and Mobile, try it yourself. If you don't like it for any reason it is an easy roll back. My guess is you won't roll back. There is nothing about 8.1 that I am doing without or missing.

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Re: 10 runs perfectly on both my 1020 and my 640

"Instead of listening to the paid mouthpieces bash Windows 10 and Mobile, try it yourself. If you don't like it for any reason it is an easy roll back. My guess is you won't roll back."

TFA sez you can't roll back. Which mouthpiece should I believe?

(I'd do my own research on this first, but it's academic for me. I'm on Android, and Windows 7 for my PCs that run Windows.)


It works fine on Lumia 625,930 and my wifes 735

I've had windows phone 10 on my lumia 625, 930 and my wife's 735 for a while now and the latest update as been solid none of the issues reported here cant say the same for my works Iphone the nauseating overpriced toy, at least they have come to there senses and replacing them with Windows phones even before the full role out if windows 10 that they found more suitable and took a fraction of the time to configure for corporate use,

Other benefits no need bring in specialist like they did with the Iphone to set them up and will save 2 3rds of the cost.

I believe the iphone was the top selling item at TOYS-R-US

Replacing my 930 for 950XL next week and i'm confident I will love it as much as my 930


@ andytech - Re: It works fine on Lumia 625,930 and my wifes 735

G A S P . . .

please use punctuation next time, or one-line posts.


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The thing about Windows 10 on the phone is

That it is less beautiful than the Windows Phone 8 UI, IMO.

I put it on my 1020 last week because I wanted to factory reset anyway in preparation for the inevitable upgrade. I will probably get a 950 soon and wanted to be sure I liked the UI etc. After I factory reset the 1020, I noted that the Voice Nav app Here Drive was no longer available. That made it a requirement to upgrade to 10.

And Skype was not playing well, less well than usual that is.

The thing is, the upgrade went well, no issues, almost everything was as it was.

A shedload of apps updated to their Win10 versions as well as the obvious MS ones.

So. The Sat Nav on 10 is HERE based, same nav voice even but it is integrated with the maps, also HERE based.

Everything looks slightly different, the hamburger menus, horrible system that it is, is used much less than, for instance, on Android or iOS because there are still the original style menus at the botton of the screen, they look different but operate in the same way.

The MS camera now looks just like the amazing Lumia Camera, which is also still available.

The Photos app usefully hides the 1020 Hi-res duplicates and OneDrive duplicates while showing everything together, nicely done.

The email editing etc. now has all the editing features that are available on the desktop version, total overkill but free except for the storage space the code uses.

Other nice additions include ability to speak words in any of the system text fields and have them rendered, with punctuation. This works really quite well and one can bang off a text faster than even the swipe keyboard can manage, you don't have to talk slowly at all.

The little dot added to the keyboard seems pointless but has one very useful feature - you can move the cursor one character easily and reliably, better that tapping the screen. For this purpose it is great, don't use it to move more, maybe two, but not in general.

And Cortana will now let you write emails, which, again, can be useful, even allowing a quick email while driving etc.

I have been trying to watch for battery issues but I have been used to topping up wirelessly as a matter of course so rarely get to see the battery drain anyway. My view is that it is similar to before.

All in all, impressive stuff and for 400 quid for a 950, buying a 600 quid iPhone seems stupid beyond belief to me.

It is just hard to consider losing the 1020 despite the things I have heard about the 950's camera.

Plus, 400 quid.


Re: The thing about Windows 10 on the phone is

Cortana may allow it while driving, Constable Ratrun may not.

"Yes Officer, he ran straight out in front of me; half way through an email!" sounds a bit suss to me.

Using hands-free devices when driving

You can use hands-free phones, sat navs and 2-way radios when you’re driving or riding. But if the police think you’re distracted and not in control of your vehicle you could still get stopped and penalised.

Car ≠ Living room.


W10 Mobile Wasn't Ready

I switched from my W8.1 Lumia 1020 to a 950 over the holiday and, out of the box, it was a massive step backwards. I like the hardware a lot, but the software was barely fit for purpose. El Reg's review was being generous -- it was immensely frustrating.

I won't enumerate my list of peeves, but I think much of it comes down to Microsoft having started over on many of the apps (and dropping the Nokia Here collection). The move to Universal apps seems to have introduced bugs and dropped features, especially in commonly used apps like Photos. Even asking Cortana to "call home" stopped working (I figured out why later on).

But after the firmware update and having all 71 apps go through *three* rounds of updates, the phone has become usable and reliable. I just wish the music app was fit for purpose, at least for those of us with existing music collections. I also wish Cortana would stop giving me status reports for flights that have nothing to do with me.



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