back to article REVEALED: The 19 firms whose complaints form EU's antitrust case against Google

A new report says the companies whose complaints have been included in the European Union's formal antitrust charges against Google have been revealed, even though the European Commission is still keeping the official list of complainants under wraps. According to the report by Reuters, at least 30 companies filed complaints …

@acerimmer Fail, check the words decent and fair. (i3 for £460) This situation is improving now, it was only a couple of years ago when none were available. I am talking no OS with no support for chosen OS, like they do with servers. @ac Ignoring the patent system abuse then?


What a shame that the US can't do anything to Google and leave it to EU ! Is it because Google has paid dirty money to politicians ?

Google’s success stifles everybody’s innovation, except itself’s !

And fortunately, despite all its transparent lies, we have concrete evidences that Google corrupted a California Court,, and it will never able to provide its side of story



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