back to article Motorola's 5-incher finds the G-spot: Moto G 4G budget Android smartie

Back in December 2013, I hailed the first generation Motorola Moto G as the best affordable smartphone on the market. If you want a reasonably compact 4.5-inch device, then, arguably, it still is the best, thanks to a midlife facelift that added a microSD slot and 4G reception. Motorola Moto G 4G Motorola Moto G 4G A …

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Re: I will consider

it did, until I got it out of the box and ran an alternative firmware. Why would I need google play services on a phone anyway? It phones and plays music


Brilliant phone but 1GB is a big flaw

Using an older XT910 RAZR Maxx myself, 1GB is just not enough for daily use. I just use 2 email clients, whatsapp and internet radio, memory is for over 90% in use. This brings the phone to a crawl, since the phone lives a life on its own and things are constantly started without user interaction, like a bunch of google services and Kindle reader, taking many MB's, resulting in drops on the streaming music.

Now i have to use task killers to get rid of all the crud that starts on its own, which is extremely annoying.

Although Motorola makes good phones, they hate to provide Android upgrades.


Excellent Phone

I have a 2nd Gen Moto G running Android 5.0.2, and I think it's an excellent phone. Clear screen. Responsive, good battery life, good call quality (speaker and mic), excellent antenna (for WiFi and 3/4G). I honestly can't fault it. The one an only thing that I would have liked, would be a button on the front of the phone to 'activate' it, so that I can just press it while it's on a table top. It takes an extra second to reach around and press the button on the side.

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If it was available a year ago with an SD card slot..

..I would have one of these instead of my S5.


Moto G 4Gs at a discount

1. Go to Tescos (or other places presumably)

2. Buy the Tesco PAYG version which is often sold at a £30+ discount to the unlocked version

3. Unlock it by contacting your friendly unlocker on eBay for £1.50 or so

4. Profit!

I have 5 of them as they're great value for money. Through Clubcard vouchers and the above, I've paid less than £100 for all of them.


Motorola should have updated the SoC

There's also a Brazilian dual-SIM version of this - it comes with 16Gb storage. It looks essentially the same as the Chinese version, except for support for different frequencies.

I have the 3G dual-SIM second generation version. It was great when it was on Android 4.4.4, but it is rather struggling on 5.0.2. Also, 8Gb isn't really enough storage. (Yes, I have a 32Gb SD card in it, but the internal storage keeps filling up just the same). The cameras are not especially great, but I think that is forgivable at this price point.

I think Motorola might have made a better call if they had ditched the 8Gb options for the 2nd generation and only offered 16Gb, and also if they had provided some upgrade to the SoC for the second generation. That they did this for the Moto E but not the G, and the 4G variant of the E has a more powerful SoC than the G is very strange.


Mark I 3G owner, so satisfied of it that I strongly recommended it, not knowing that mark II even existed.

That other person bought a G mark II and now, that I've seen it, that I've read it's description....what a disappointment. It's a failure of an follow-up to the excellent first edition.

And no, not everyone wants a bigger screen. Especially not with less PPI and luminosity. Especially not with the same battery for a bigger consumer. It's not even an upgrade, in those conditions, is it ?


Poor phone

I have the 3G version of this phone. I was attracted to it because of the dual-SIM as I was tired of carrying a personal and work phone around all the time. As my company provides 4GB of mobile data a month it also allowed me to save money on the SIM plan for my personal phone. While that bit works well, I'm not happy with other functionality.

Apps are so slow to launch, the whole phone becomes unresponsive and often hangs. Phone call quality is often shaky. Battery life seems very poor and while I have the 32GB SD card, the 8GB of onboard storage is very hard to manage and presents several limitations (many apps can't be moved to SD card)

I couldn't comment on how it compares with other Android phones, but I know I'll be switching back to an iPhone later this year.



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