back to article TIME TRAVELLERS needed to secure Windows 7

Microsoft has forced Windows 7 users to apply an April update in order to receive June's patches for its Internet Explorer 11 browser. The demand does not affect users of earlier versions of its flagship browser or operating system. Microsoft did not provide reasons for the move but it appeared to have simplified its patching …


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Time travellers?

Last I heard, April comes before June. Where's the time travel angle?

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Sociopaths 'r' Us ...... The Premier Sub-Prime GOTO Store for TeleVisionary Chaos

..... to Rule and/or Destroy and AIModify with Current Money Markets

Users with automatic updates activated would not feel the affects of the new demand unless those updates had quietly failed leaving them exposed.

What do you call an automatic updates activated feature and service which doesn’t automatically update active features and services? Vapourware? Snake Oil? FUDdy Crap?

Are there such things as Vapourware Chasers in the style of Ambulance Chasers and PPI Mis-selling Compensation Helpers? Should there be, or is it really a case of everyone looking out and taking care of oneself and not relying virtually on anyone/something else for security and protection?

Be careful out there in the Human Jungle, there be crazies loose and active in many a strange field of concern and conflict and you be never safe from the garbage their media manipulation hosts. [Boris of London somewhat weakly and circumspectly describes them politely as unhinged, rather than certifiably mad]

And as for that and those at Great IntelAIgent Games Play, both with or without a firm vice-like Grip and Grasp on the Command and Control of CyberSpace, well …… if you aint sane, will the madness kill you whether you be following or leading the Future with IT or not.


Why is this a problem?

For those of us who have more than half a clue we DON'T use Microsoft's insecure, back-door laden browser. We use browsers who whose source code is open and worked on frequently to make them ACTUALLY secure. So why is this news?



This topic is closed for new posts.


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