back to article Teen girl arrested with 70-year-old man's four inch weapon inside her

A 19-year-old Tennessee girl cuffed earlier this week for allegedly driving with a suspended licence is in a spot more bother – after jail officers reportedly discovered a loaded .22 revolver in her vagina. Dallas Archer's police mugshot Pretty in pink: Dallas Archer's police mugshot Dallas Archer was pulled over in …


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  1. Swarthy Silver badge

    Re: Bah!

    Have an upvote for "Sweet Shub-Niggurath's tentacular titties"

  2. Faux Science Slayer

    and you thought the carmel covered popcorn and peanut mix....

    "Cracker Jacks" was exclusive when they said "A surprise in every box"....

  3. Montreal Sean

    Silly American.

    That's not how you play Russian Roulette.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Re. Russian Roulette.

    In Soviet Russia, tampons apparently make passable bullet wound pluggers. Seriously!

    They are basically sterile and in an emergency can save lives.

    At least long enough to get to hospital, but they do act as effective plugs for massive blood loss and can possibly prevent air getting into the chest cavity as well (citation needed)...

  5. Scroticus Canis Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Re: ROFL

    Tampons were standard issue for bush patrol in the RLI (Rhodesian Light Infantry) back in the day. Normally need two for entry & exit holes.

    Paris? Well think about it.

  6. PatientOne

    Re: ROFL

    "Tampons were standard issue for bush patrol in the RLI (Rhodesian Light Infantry) back in the day. Normally need two for entry & exit holes."


    A tampon for the small entry wound, perhaps, but you'd need a large pad for the exit wound. Or a proper dressing. Or two. Or even three. Depends on what you were shot with and where.

  7. Andrew Tyler 1

    I don't think washing a steel gun in bleach is a good idea.

  8. Crisp Silver badge

    She is extremely pink!

    Are the authorities sure she's human?

  9. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

    Re: She is extremely pink!

    I find your extreme homophobic remark disgusting!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Double action, action.

    Quite a few little guns like that are 'double action only' and therefore dont have the pointy hammer bit sticking out the top. Far more comfortable. I'd imagine.

  11. Scroticus Canis Silver badge

    Re: Double action, action.

    No. This particular gun is single action only, need long trigger pull for double action mechanism. Hard to hold properly and require point blank use as they difficult to aim. Also have to remove cylinder to load it, no swing out mechanism.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    She has given a new, and quite obviously too literal meaning to the expression 'baby cannon'.

  13. TRT Silver badge

    She'll be getting 5 years

    hard labia.

  14. Jedit

    Thank God she's not a Terminator

    "12-gauge auto loader. .45 long slide with laser sighting. Phased plasma rifle in 40-twat range."

    "Hey ... you can't put that in there!"



  15. The elephant in the room

    With a suspicious camel toe

    she shot herself in the foot!

  16. hi_robb
    Paris Hilton


    Seems a bit gun hoe...

  17. Thomas_Kent


    Does she have her hair wrapped around a Slinky?

  18. razorfishsl Bronze badge

    Makes one wonder why the hell they bother with those bloody handbags….

  19. asiaseen

    If it went off

    would it be a shot in the dark?


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