back to article El Reg's Deep Outback XP upgrade almost foiled by KILLER ARACHNIDS

Australia's Northern territory, where The Reg is this week doing a Windows XP upgrade at the Wirliyatjarrayi Learning Centre in the remote community of Willowra, is huge and empty. Let's give that statement some dimensions. The United Kingdom covers 243,610 km2 and is home to 63.23 million people. Texas covers 696,241 km2 and …


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    1. Captain DaFt

      Re: Air con - for the computers I hope!

      "30C is horrible for 2 days and then you get used to it - if you dont use aircon."

      PFFT! 30C? That's what my AC is set on in the Spring and Summer!

      Around here, 35C-38C is the Summer norm, though it can hit 40C+ for a couple of weeks at a time, with humidity at 80 to 120%.

      1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

        Re: Air con - for the computers I hope!

        120% humidity‽

        1. leeCh

          Re: Air con - for the computers I hope!

          120% humidity for Top End (top of the NT) sounds about right for the wet season, which is where Batchelor is, Willowra is a bit further south and not quite so sticky, but potentially a lot hotter.

          In that kind of humidity you take around twenty steps out of your A/Ced office and you are literally soaking in your own sweat. And I do mean literally, not figuratively.

          Which is why an NT stubby holds around 2 litres of beer (although no local drinks that rubbish, go for mini-kegs instead). 'Cos you gotta stay hydrated or get inebriated enough that you don't care. Plus there's a lot of renal care facilities up here just in case...

        2. Captain DaFt

          Re: Air con - for the computers I hope!

          Rare, but it does happen, all it takes is High temps, high humidity and very little dust in the air.

          Then when the temp drops, the air becomes supersaturated.

          1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

            Re: Air con - for the computers I hope!

            Then when the temp drops, the air becomes supersaturated.

            That makes sense

  1. Sixtysix

    Server hall temps.

    Your average server and SAN is comfortable at higher temperatures than your average techie.

    We run a cold aisle with a target temp of 27.5 degrees - but regularly get asked to turn it down - usually to 23 degrees - when visiting techies find their "it'll be 18 degrees in there mate" issued uniforms are a little on the warm side. Uses less than half the power required to keep the hall at the 18 degrees that was previously deemed essential, with no difference in fail rates (still zero after 3 years).

    We even operated at full capacity for a few hours at 32 degrees once (by accident), but found some things didn't like it much. We also know that one brand of server will fail spectacularly at 36 degrees, and blow every circuit breaker feeding the hall in the process.

    Cooling is relative...

  2. king of foo

    awesome beard dude

    That is all

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The press-driven hysteria over the arrival of the Noble False Widow in the UK always makes me smile when I think of the care education and common sense Australians have to apply to their interactions with this far more hazardous relative, and while I can imagine the experience of lactrodectism to be an incredibly painful one, redback-induced fatalities are vanishingly rare. And we in the UK worry about a spider whose incredibly rare bite is usually less medically significant than a wasp sting...

    Good job on the project, guys.

  4. Joe User

    Solution for the Java update nags

    Disable SunJavaUpdateSched (jusched.exe). No more nagging about updates, but you'll have to remember to do them yourself from time-to-time.

  5. Joe User

    Willowra, such a lovely place

    What, no mention of Mad Max or Aunty Entity?

  6. Mussie (Ed)


    Redback spiders... bah not that dangerous would be more worried about the drop bears....

  7. StephenH

    BTW the red back spider antivenom whose existence we have been comforted by for decades is now claimed to be ineffective

  8. Dramoth

    Just to be really pedantic

    But the redbacks are only dangerous to small children and the elderly with heart issues. To the normal healthy adult, a redback bite will make you sick as hell for a few days but it wont kill you.

    If you want spiders that will kill you... try the funnel web ( to really fuck you up!


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