back to article FINALLY Microsoft releases Office for iPad – but wait there's a CATCH

Microsoft has, after years of speculation, released some of its Office applications for Apple iPad owners – but you'll need an Office 365 subscription to use them in anything other than a lobotomized form. Nadella Nadella holds his first press conference since taking former CEO Steve Ballmer's crown The Apple App Store now …


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        1. JDX Gold badge

          Re: FIFY

          If you post "Windows" or "Microsoft" and your post doesn't include incredibly obvious derogatory comments, the idiots downvote without even bothering to read. e.g "I hate Windows but X is actually quite good" is far too unbiased for the kind of person who views an operating system choice as a religious matter.

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    1. LDS Silver badge

      Re: FIFY

      Sorry, but you pay for features also. If your document editing and processing needs are limited, sure, there are cheaper solutions. If you're a power user you may need software offering a broad range of features - price may be not an issue - if the software allows you to perform easily tasks you get a lot of money for...

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Owwwww My Eyes !

    I hate using office (or any office suite) on a 15inch laptop let alone a 10inch screen. Once all the hype has died down the cold hard reality of editing 1,000 line spreadsheets and 200 page reports on an a 10 inch screen is going to hit home. Ok for quick viewing but just not up to the job for large document creation and editing.

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Re: Owwwww My Eyes !

      Who said you would be using your iPad for that purpose - this allows you to create and edit files but doesn't mean they think it's a substitute for a proper W8 computer ;)

      Also, if they have a great touch interface (a big if) I wouldn't bet on it being unusable although that's personal preference a lot - I don't find reading a page on my iPad to be a problem as long as it is sensibly zoomed and laid out.

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        1. JDX Gold badge

          Re: Owwwww My Eyes !

          Good well-thought out reply rm. If you want to write stuff railing on MS without risking people pointing out how fallacious your claims are, head over to WordPress and start a blog. But be sure to turn comments off, lest someone disagrees with you. The added benefit is that nobody will read it.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Owwwww My Eyes !

        Did you read the title of the article ?

        FINALLY: Microsoft touts Office for iPad !

        Are you Loverock Davidson is disguise ?

        And good luck editing that 200 page report on an Ipad, I'm sure the optician will help you with your screen induced hyperopia. Never heard of DSE regulations ?

    2. RCListening....

      Re: Owwwww My Eyes !

      Couldn't agree more..... Who in there right mind tries to do any serious work on an iPad and or tablet. Talk about piss you off immediately - the amount of time I start using one and 200 words in think WTF am I doing here - productivity on a slab is nil+1. They great for wasting time on google news, playing the latest bollocks trending game and facebook (which I must say is stupid to the extreme.) Want to do some work get out your laptop, want to do some serious work hook it up to a 24" monitor - who doesn't have dual screen or a monster single screen in a work environment and all MS can do is think how they have missed out on producing the MPad - Windows 8 a joke OS. FFS stop trying to play catch up and concentrate on making quality applications people want - far to many server products and not enough applications, Bill come back before you let another CEO screw up your company. Last word - Office should be a Windows only product - free ipad viewers and that's it, but no now we are bolstering the iPad with your awful office 365 offering.

    3. Snarf Junky

      Re: Owwwww My Eyes !

      I work on spreadsheets all day and whilst I can just about view them on my Nexus 7 there's no way I'd want to edit them on it. Either a dual or large widescreen monitor setup is essential for any kind of serious work. Tablets are mostly toys for the consumption of media no matter what the companies that make them would like to make us believe.

    4. LDS Silver badge

      Re: Owwwww My Eyes !

      Guess you need a good pair of glasses if a 15" monitor is too small.

      Sure, you're not going to work with a 10" all the day if you need to work on a complex document, but if you need to work on simpler one, or do some little work on a larger one while on the move, being able to use a tablet *also* can be very useful. You may need a keyboard if your documents needs a lot of typing and are complex, because the on-screen one is slower to use and will take precious display space.

      1. JDX Gold badge

        Re: Owwwww My Eyes !

        Why is a document with 200 pages harder to read on a small screen than one with 5 pages?

        If only there was a way to make what you see on the screen bigger.

        Not to mention that there is prior art in fitting a whole page of a document on a device even smaller than an iPad without problems for the viewer. It's called a book - move the iPad closer to your face than your laptop is, you utter imbecile. Who sits with their iPad at arm's length?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Owwwww My Eyes !

          LDS & JDX - wow that makes me suspicious you are the same person.

          LDS join date : joined 28 Feb 2010

          JDX join date : joined 28 May 2010

  2. Forget It

    Touch Orifice

    Something unappealing about putting your middle finger on to Microsoft Orifice

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let's see if they extend Office at Home, to iPad....

    I honestly don't know what the numbers for Office at Home are, but it could be interesting. Anyway, I think this is a pragmatic move by The Beast. Imagine being able to go on a short business trip, hand luggage only (thinking Eire-O'Flot hand baggage restrictions), because you don't have to bring the bog standard corporate doorstop (be it HP or Dell) with you? Office is as much as most of the Eloi need.

  4. simmondp

    View but no print

    Well not that I could find, so rather pointless, view it but need to find a PC to print it out??

    Good but no banana!

    1. ThomH Silver badge

      Re: View but no print

      Or you could just print it from your iPad. Options, options, options.

      Our two-year old office HP printer implements whatever system Apple invented for printing so I'm sure plenty of others do. In every iOS app I've tried you just tap print and select the printer. Though there are no drivers and no configuration screens so I'm sure the budget printers don't work, the manufacturers having spotted the lack of an opportunity to load an 800mb binary on every boot that constantly shouts at you with a semi-human voice and pushes advertising for their ink shop into your face*.

      (* I recently had to use a standard ~£30 Kodak all-in-one printer with OS X; it was horrid)

  5. Frank N. Stein

    Office 365 is less expensive than any stand alone version of Office, by far. Business users are already going for it. I'm supporting an Office 365 migration on iPhones right now that involves pushing AirWatch Office 365 profiles to the iPhones for e-mail, contacts, and Calendar. It doesn't involve Office, but since the users are already logging into to Office 365 on their jobs, they should be able to login on their Corporate iPads with no expense paid accept for whatever the iPad Office app costs. Don't expect iPad users who already have (or will get) Office 365 subscriptions to just swap those iPads out for Surface Tablets. There's no advantage to doing so, now that Office 365 is available on the iPad. So this strategy will most certainly cannibalize Surface Tablet sales, while Office 365 Corporate subscriptions rise. Home users? That's anyone's guess. This could spur them on to buy an Office 365 subscription, provided they're willing to forgo their still working/stand alone Office version. I personally have no intention of going with the MS Subscription model, as Office for Mac and Office 2003 on my PC work just fine.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Office 365 is less expensive than any stand alone version of Office

      Yeah for now. Then when everyone is shifted across to Office 365 you get price jacked under the guise of new features like migration from the ribbon to the toolbar then a further price hike for the migration from the toolbar to the ribbon interface..

  6. Chris G Silver badge


    I use Kingsoft office on my Tab 3 and my mate uses the Mac version on his ipad, IMO a really good app.

  7. John Moppett

    I was interested in he comment that you can't create or edit on iOS. I've just created on on the iPad and edited on the iPhone!

  8. mastodon't

    Oh great

    A whole new shiny level of reasons why you can't have that corporate font in your PowerPoint deck.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This polarised world of "us vs them" never used to exist. Commodore used to sell MOS 6502s or produce custom versions for everyone who wanted them, even if the intended use was competition for their computers. Okay, Tramiel was a tough competitor but he wasn't like Ballmer's Microsoft who laughed at competitors product.

    Previously Microsoft helped Apple because if Apple failed they got busted for being anti-competitive. Is that still the reason today or is it more about trying to remain visible to the consumer?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Haha evetyone i know who got ripped off with an office subscription has all now converted to office hd2 at the one time payment of less than €10, why pay the microsoft yearly tax...

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  12. Herby Silver badge

    This just in... Of course in my dreams...

    LibreOffice just announced for iPad. Includes a full suite of programs for viewing and editing online as well as offline.

    It won't be long. Maybe even Apple would announce that it is doing the port.

    Could happen, never know.


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