back to article Rogue Android: We show you how BlackBerry's pain can be your gain

BlackBerry's comeback with a new operating system, BB10, turned into one of the greatest tech flops of all time. Almost one year after the launch, BlackBerry still sells far more of its ancient BB7 devices than it does BB10 devices. But could you turn BlackBerry’s misfortune to your advantage? With a street price of around £ …


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  2. niglb

    I would like to mention that the Amazon app store, along with many others, install and works flawlessly as well. The latest bet Build of 10.2.1 also takes care of the runtime load delays. Android apps load just as fast as native now.

    For me this is the best option. Android without android. My device is also Balance / bes enabled with a work silo. Security and performance is key. I've ran the same games as Samsung S3 / S4s in my office and performance has been better on my z10.

  3. Hubert Thrunge Jr.

    good good

    I had thus on my Z10 back in October. Works very well, but as the man says, eats battery.

    I now have my Jolla phone, yes its a beta testers delight, but has Android support native without need for add-ons, and doesn't chew electrons in the process.

    In some ways I prefer the Z10, but the rapid development of the Jolla Sailfish OS is going to overtake it soon I feel.

    I reckon that BB should have been to market two years sooner their BB10 OS and the Z10, because if they were, the market would be a different place.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing when you're wearing blinkers !

    Sail on!


  4. John 62

    Shocked and appalled!

    I am shocked and appalled that no-one has commented to complain!

    QNX is NOT a UNIX-derivative!

    Both have POSIX functionality (which even Windows NT had for a while).

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  6. Sergey 1

    Lack of native BB apps

    is probably their own fault entirely.

    Tried to register as a dev on their website, so I could port and upload the apps I have written for Android.

    So many personal questions, that after umpteen screens and 2 days I just gave up and developed a bit of paranoia for a month.

    Shame, as it's a lovely OS and a joy to develop on.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I've had a Z10 for a week, updated it last night to OS 10.2.1, I have to say what a revelation.

    I've had an iphone 3GS, and a couple of Android phones and an Android Tablet, along with a Playbook (indestructible toy for my kid), and I have to say the feelings you experience while using BB OS10 and installing Android apps is akin to a giddy school girl at a Justin Beaberbag concert.

    To all the naysayers, keep it up, no one really cares, its just a phone.... which just so happens to have the best of both worlds now (A nice stable OS, and access to multiple app stores).


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