back to article Raspberry Pi DUMBS DOWN to target world+dog

The Raspberry Pi was conceived of as a device so cheap that anyone could buy one, but also just raw enough that putting the computer to work would require users to learn a little about topics like installing operating systems and confronting BIOS settings. It turns out that “put some people off” to the extent they shelved …


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    1. Phill 3

      Re: "Please Select Your OS Choice:"

      "Adjust" & "Select" together bring up the "Menu" function (L+R=M).

    2. Ben Holmes

      Re: "Please Select Your OS Choice:"

      Or click the scroll wheel. For 'tis a button too.

      P.s. Good OS choice. Well done.

  1. agricola

    If 'dumb' is what they want, let them use Windows, or Ubuntu. If not...

    Will there be jubilation and dancing in the streets if the Rsapberry Pi Organization dumps all its current aids to learning the device, and, instead, forces everyone who wants to use it to write their own Linux OS from scratch? To really weed out the slackers, how about Slackware? (not sorry about that).

    "...Thou hast most traitorously corrupted the youth of the realm in erecting a grammar school... thou hast caused printing to be used...".

    --Shakespeare; Henry VI. Part II

  2. lunatik96
    Black Helicopters

    problem exits for many

    I have a panda board and the same problem exits for beagleboard owners. I have a buggy version of Ubuntu running on the panda with constant network connect disconnect. Some issue on the other end prevented DL the newer load at the time. But bugs exist.

    This would be a great boot/ script project for all (ARM) development boards.

  3. btblueskies
    Thumb Up

    I love the new installer...

    I went to rebuild one the other day and was pleased with the new process... saves time.

    As a long time linux fanboy, and a professional software engineer etc... I have no complaints about easier to use systems.

    Thanks for the new installer :)

  4. WatAWorld

    Great idea, good to see

    It is nice to have a cheap little computer people can experiment and learn with, but some people will to experiment and learn things other than bios settings and operating systems.

    This extends the use of Pi to those other people and those other projects: art works, mechanical projects, even electrical projects where the computer is only a means to an end.

  5. HBT

    Great, so

    Now all they need is a hardware revision that works with any USB power adapter and SD card, doesn't corrupt anything and has an on/off switch.

    1. James Hughes 1

      Re: Great, so

      Any USB power adapter? What? Even the ones that are 500mA, and couldn't possibly work due to, you know, not producing enough power?

      Because the problem with power isn't the Raspi device, but the generally appalling quality of some cheap USB adapters, which you simply cannot fix using a new board revision.

  6. Julian C

    What nonsense! Why any betrayal?

    Just who has defined the specific purposes of the Pi to the extent that any particular solution or part solution is a betrayal. The Pi is what it is ... an open, multi-purpose platform with a wide range of uses in the world of education, skills etc. There are alternatives out there, but who wants to fry a £200 assembly of components while 'playing', 'experimenting', 'investigating', 'prototyping', 'exploring', 'educating', 'learning' and even simply 'applying'.

    If I were to set off to investigate an unmapped area of rain-forest in South America would I be betraying my principles if I used maps, public transport, airlines etc. to get there in the first place or do I have to hike and camp all the way?


This topic is closed for new posts.

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