back to article ASA says 'unlimited' broadband can have 'moderate' limits on it

Britain's advertising regulator has upheld complaints brought against Virgin Media by BSkyB and BT over the cable company's "unlimited" broadband claims. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that Virgin Media had misled customers with an ad on the ISP's website that claimed punters could "get unlimited downloads". But BT …


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  1. Alan Brown Silver badge

    "moderate restrictions"

    AIUI the ASA was referring to peak traffic management. If they actually meant that it's OK to cap a user for going over an arbitrary level on an "unlimited" account then they need a rocket under 'em.

    It's worth noting a few things:

    1: The ASA actually did something. Ofcom and OFT have both been studiously ignoring complaints about "unlimited, oh not really" shit since time immemorial.

    2: The ASA is a trade association. Ofcom and OFT are govt departments

    3: Ofcom (in particular) is full of people marking tim until they nove onto jobs in Telco/ISP management. Make of that what you will.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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