back to article Facebook tries to stop its staff using iPhones in 'dogfood' push

Facebook's campaign against the Apple iPhone has moved up a notch: staff are urged to grab an Android gadget and bug test the social network's mobile app as more punters plump for Google's operating system. Facebook employees are now told to eat their own "droidfood" - a reference to the software development approach of using …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    get over yourselves.....

    I have said it before and I have said it again.... Facebook to me is a very good platform. And I dont really use it that much myself..... but I will tell you who does....

    The family members and friends that used to call me for tech support at family/mates rates (free) when they have broke the email client of have got the computer all virus ridden again through opening email attachments... They all use facebook now too keep in touch with each other, share photos(instead of trying to email a 50MB photo.BMP they scanned on the free flatbed scanner they got with the computer. ), remind each other of birthdays etc....

    It saves me so much telephone time talking them through fixing shit.....

    yes, for the more "enlightened" among us who look down at facebook as a cancer of the web, its not for you... well good... I am happy for you. Go troll elsewhere and leave the comments regarding the use of facebook to the people that use and embrace it. What do you care what the people at Facebook HQ tell the staff? it does not affect you. It has no baring on your life. leave it to the people that do care or it affects...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC 15:54

    so, you use Facebook, but not to read ads, friend companies, or buy anything ?

    What will you do when Facebook is gone ?

  3. Shanghai Tom

    What to use when facebook dies ?

    1. Use Wechat... no ads, no bloat , mini time line experience , photo albums, groups of friends, runs on a variety of phones. Free. Multiple Languages, runs on Andrioid Tablets ( mostly ) and also has a basic web interface for your PC

    2. For a much slimmer chat version, use WhatsApp, bascically one to one messaging, and you can set up groups, no albums, no ads, free for the first year, 1USD$ per year after that. Phones only, no tablets yet. No Web interface.

    3. Google Plus - spent a month trying to understand how to use it and now never touch it, deactivated on my phone.

    My family never emails me anymore and I live some 5,000 miles away , I am sure they consider that because I don't use FB I must be mentally or socially deficient in some way even though from FB Messaging they CAN email me directly, just put in my email address !.

    When I pointed out that WhatsApp is very much like sms / short emails and is free data transmission if you have a wifi nearby, then it suddenly got popular with some of them.

    I tried FB on my mobile, wtf ! massive blocks of space taken up by "pages you might like" and also shoving in my face "friends you might know" , FB on the mobile deactivated.

    In fact it looks almost exactly like the when accessed through a phone browser that I don't know why they have an App when a browser shortcut is just as good.

  4. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    Re: What to use when facebook dies ?

    I love the mobile FB app - it shows just how well my ad blocker works..

  5. Gordon Pryra

    Whys everyone talking about standards?

    W3C crys a little bit every time ANY mobile from ANY manufacture is sold.

    Standards? pfft

  6. Big_Ted


    "Charts using IDC numbers show how Android devices will comprehensively dominate the market by 2016"

    Don't they already dominate it in the phone area and even if you add in tablets then Android sale many more than Apple etc.....

    Anyone who has tried the Facebook app on android and idevice knows the idevice one is much better and just shows how Facebook have ignored android up to now......

    Buy an Android for each employee who works on coding etc for business use and ban others from work for a month and you will see a new and better app on android, otherwise they just won't know how bad it is and will suffer from people using other apps instead and lose out on the ad money etc.

  7. Mattjimf

    Re: Ummmm

    Have you installed the newest version of Facebook for iOS?

    I was gobsmacked with how poor the last update was, I haven't dared and I'm worried that it's going to go down the same route as the Android one (again refusing to update it).

    When you have a timeline that doesn't show the stories in the right order when you select Most Recent there is something fundamentally wrong with the coding (never mind only showing 4-5 posts).

    I've never managed to successfully post an update, check-in or upload a photo successfully on Android despite having stock Jelly Bean on a Nexus S

    I use Facebook to keep in contact with people, but as I previously stated, the way things are going, people will start looking for something else when every second post is a sponsored ad (that may be the case already, adblocker stops them on everything bar the fondleslab).

  8. Daniel Palmer

    The facebook SDK..

    The Android version was a massive pile of shit... They've released a beta of the new improved version which makes it clear that the old thing was junk by replacing all of it... I don't use facebook but people want apps with facebook support and with the old SDK it was a massive ball ache. Hopefully all of this is a sign that they are actually going to make it work and keep it up to date this time.

  9. Grant Mitchell

    Don't get it

    Won't not interfering with staff choice mean that over time they'll match the rest of the populations trends? If in a few years no-one will be using iOS, surely no-one in their staff will be using it then?

    Letting people "byod" will surely give them the best insight to supporting their users?

  10. Richard 12 Silver badge

    Re: Don't get it

    Nope, it won't.

    Tech company employees are not the kinds of people that Facebook is really aimed at.

    After all, how many commentards actually like Facebook?

    It appears to me that the majority either tolerate it or actively hate it, and commentards are mostly employees of tech companies - that's the nature of the self-selection here.

  11. dssf

    Next up...

    FB wil add crowd funding platform tech to every subscriber's profile, encouraging innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and raking in 15% of funded projects... Effectively pulling a quasi apple... In advance fb will buy a credit card transaction processor, and keep for itself a 3.8% transaction cut from the funder/donor AND funded parties, potentially raking more than working with jobs related sites...

  12. mark l 2 Silver badge

    "The social network's worker bees are expected to be beta testers too"

    I thought facebook just let the entire Android community be the beta testers for the facebook app as i don't think anyone at facebook actually tested it before its uploaded to google play as it always shockingly bad.

  13. Dana W
    Thumb Down

    Can you blame them?

    I bought my first Android device, and out of the box I liked it so much I considered one of their phones. ONE OS update, from 4.1 to 4.2 crippled my super slick Nexus 7 to a device that jerks and freezes playing Mahjong. Seriously? this much CPU and its choking on junk games?

    I'm expecting a 64 gig iPad mini under the tree this Christmas. I'll hang onto the Nexus and see if it matures into something more usable in the next upgrade.

    Cue Fandroid attack.

  14. Piro

    Re: Can you blame them?

    If it hosed, it hosed it. I would recommend a factory reset, though.

  15. Dana W

    Re: Can you blame them?

    Ok, I'll try it. It can't hurt.

  16. Tom 35 Silver badge

    Re: Can you blame them?

    I had a couple apps on my Nexus 7 stop working with the 4.2 upgrade. Took 2-3 days for them to release upgrades to make them 4.2 compatible. Since then other apps have been upgraded to add support for the new 4.2 features. My Nexus 7 now works better then it did before the upgrade.

    You may have a bad app or something but the Nexus 7 works fine with 4.2.

  17. Random Coolzip

    Re: Can you blame them?

    Funny, that's exactly why I ditched my iPhone. Was great out of the box, then did a minor release update and noticed it was a bit slower, then the update to the next major release pretty much crippled it. Finally got to the point where it was quicker to scoop the GPS off the floor of the car, plug it in and let it figure out where I was than to use the phone. Shame, really, as I liked the phone but I wasn't going to be forced into a mandatory biannual upgrade cycle.

  18. Dana W

    Re: Can you blame them?

    That is old hardware. I"m not talking about a two year old phone. An update should not trash a CURRENT device. "My phones are replaced every two years, I'm not seeing any problems."

  19. Eddie Edwards

    "Charts using IDC numbers show how Android devices will comprehensively dominate the market by 2016"

    In fact, the chart in that TechCrunch article shows Android comprehensively dominating the market in 2012. By 2016 there will apparently be 2x as many phones, but the ratio between Android and iOS stays about constant.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    People still use Facebook?


  21. Gil Grissum

    I don't think so

    The only way an employer gets to choose my mobile phone, is if they are issuing it to me and paying for the service. My personal phone is my personal business and I will use the platform that I bloody well please. They want employees to beta test a platform of their choice, then Zuckerberg can spend some of his billions and buy them the phones of his choice.

  22. Richard 12 Silver badge

    Re: I don't think so

    Yes, if your employer is buying the phone and paying the contract, you get what you're given.

    Although, if they said "We'll pay 50% of your contract costs if you get phone X as your personal phone", that might be tempting.

    Finally, "We recommend you get phone X, or your job is at risk" (outright or implied) may be unethical, and even illegal in the EU, but it's permitted in much of the USA.

    Personally, I'm guessing they are doing the first one.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hire testers

    I realise android is low grade and more testing needs to be done. So get real testers rather than expecting employees to suffer with the malware OS.


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