back to article British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it

Apple was told to apologise properly to Samsung by three British judges at the UK Court of Appeals this morning. Judge Robin Jacob reprimanded Apple for putting up an "incorrect" and "non-compliant" statement about the patent lawsuit and said it had 48 hours to publish a better one. In line with a court order from July, Apple …


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  1. Psyx

    Re: 14 days?

    "And a huge fine. Make the worms pay."

    The worms are already paying: Their kids want iPad Minis for Xmas.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: 14 days?

    reps are highly replaceable, they'd fire him for gross misconduct, and let him rot in jail ;)

  3. PatientOne

    Re: 14 days?

    "I hate to break this, but it's worth far more to Apple for them to have no statement on their site for 14 days than it costs to pay a lawyer to sit in jail for that amount of time. They'd have been delighted at being offered such an option."

    I think it would be fitting if Apple's senior exec were held at Her Majesty's pleasure for the time it takes to put up the correct notice. That might focus Apple's minds a little.

    Or not: It would also put the future of said execs in the hands of their workers...

  4. Mike Flex

    Re: 14 days?

    "I hate to break this, but it's worth far more to Apple for them to have no statement on their site for 14 days than it costs to pay a lawyer to sit in jail for that amount of time. They'd have been delighted at being offered such an option."

    Ah, by Apple rep I meant whichever Apple staffer got sent along for the day. I'm sure m'learned friends know how to keep themselves out of the cells.

    If Apple are planning to turn up to the next hearing with an excuse rather than a compliant web page and a fulsome apology it would be refreshing for the court to require it to be presented in person by the senior Apple UK exec. Who should pack a toothbrush.

  5. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Re: 14 days?

    "Apple couldn't have been far away from contempt. I reckon if they try a similar stunt the second time they'd definitly cop a contempt charge."

    They have (javascript to make the apology only appear when scrolling to the absolute bottom of the page, no matter which browser is in use) and they will.

    The only question is how hard the judge will come down on them. How exactly does one go about punishing a Body Corporate which is in contempt of court?

  6. etabeta

    Apple website should be taken down

    I saw that "sad" apology on the Apple website a few days ago and was wondering what the judges thought about it and if they would take further action. Now they say it "takes 2 weeks" to change it? for Apple ? Give me a break Apple - and you better stop bullying the judges around otherwise who knows what is going to happen next. Maybe the court should take the entire domain down until they comply. I am beginning to really hate Apple's bully tactics!

  7. g e

    Re: Apple website should be taken down

    Pay Sammy £5m/day during non-compliance and a ban on all products until compliance is achieved and £100M contempt fine.

    Boof... site changed in 15 minutes with perfect copy...

  8. jai

    Re: Apple website should be taken down

    They could take down the domain, but it wouldn't make any difference as Apple have only had ownership of it since just recently. all it does it redirect to which is where everyone has been going for the uk apple site for many, many years. I doubt many people really realise now points to Apple. 90% of people probably just use google and click through without even looking at the URL, so again, wouldn't make any difference if the UK domain was taken down, the .com domain is always going to be the number one result on google's search results

  9. etabeta

    Re: Apple website should be taken down

    "They could take down the domain, but it wouldn't make any difference as Apple have only had ownership of it since just recently. all it does it redirect to which is where everyone has been going for the uk apple site for many, many years. I doubt many people really realise now points to Apple."

    If that is the case just block the entire domain in the entire UK!....

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "block the entire domain in the ... UK"

    Do not approve.

    For a start blocking a domain across hundreds of ISPs is more easily said than done.

    Secondly, censorship is a floodgate that once opened can never be closed.

  11. Slipgate


    He should make Apple use Flash as well :-)

  12. Handle This
    Thumb Up

    Re: Format

    I'm sure you'd have an Eighth Amendment complaint on your hands. (Amendment to the US Constitution - prohibition against "cruel and unusual punishments" for those not forced to memorize such things.)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Format

    Dear Handle / Apple Lawyer / Fanboi (delete as appropriate),

    The US Constitution counts for less than loo paper over here.


    The United Kingdom

  14. jai


    that Anna Leach is all over this story

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: shocker!!

    Journalist does job shocker? you Fuckwit. perhaps you don't understand that journalists have assigned/specialist areas to report on.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: shocker!!

    Don't like the story so blame the writer?

    Real Classy.

  17. FrankAlphaXII Silver badge

    Re: shocker!!

    Happens all the time anytime that Andrew or Lewis post a story. Commentards don't like their views so they piss and moan here.

  18. Handle This

    Re: shocker!!

    To be fair, though, it seems to be more fun to piss and moan on Andrew and Lewis. At least comments are available now.

  19. Esskay

    Re: shocker!!

    "Happens all the time anytime that Andrew or Lewis post a story."

    Many stories from Lewis and Andrew are comment pieces, or editorialised, only showing one side of the story, thus people tend to give their own comments in return in the "comments" section (when a comments section is avaliable). And, to be fair, Lewis and Andrew's stories deal with a single side of a select number of issues - global warming, nukes, copyright theft, weapons. A quick look at other stories by Anna Leach shows a large variety of issues and topics (many, such as the multicoloured tarantula story from about a day ago, don't mention apple at all - so I'm not quite sure what you were hoping to achieve with this comparison?!).

    As you can see in the article, Anna contacted Apple for their side of the story, and they chose not to make a comment. Anna didn't decide what the courts should do, she reported what happened - which is what reporters are supposed to do. Just because Engadget never report on negtive Apple stories doesn't mean someone else has it in for Apple because they *do* report on the negative.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: "Journalist does job shocker"

    In most cases it actually would be a shocker if the "journos" actually did any work for themselves instead of just regurgitating other people's stories and press releases. Or even if they were to write in coherent English.

    Lewis and Andrew are actually the exceptions, at least they have something to say. Of course there will always be people whose opinions differ.

    It's telling that the 'rate this article' function has been removed... Did they not like the feedback they were getting?

  21. Esskay

    Re: "Journalist does job shocker"

    The problem with article rating system was that people seemed confused as to its usage - articles that featured news that people didn't like got downvoted, and articles that had "good" news got upvotes - regardless of the quality of the reporting. If this was the original purpose, then it worked. The fact that it was removed indicated to my mind that people were voting for the wrong reasons.

    I'm all for a journalist "saying something", as long as it's made known that the work is being editorialised, or is a comment.

    As for regurgitating stories; many news comes from one source in tech (eg. profit/loss statements and R&D spending statements originate at a single point issued by the company - inevitably lots of outlets cover the same ground) and in tech, a lot of news tends to come from press releases because otherwise we simply wouldn't know about it - tech journo's can't exactly set up a hidden camera in the plains of the savannah to get a glimpse of the next ARM processors.

    Ultimately, as long as the information in the article is accurate, and both sides of a story are given voice (or at least an attempt has been made to give both sides voice) then the story is at the very least worthy of being published.

  22. graeme leggett Silver badge

    should think themselves Fortunate

    that Apple weren't also told to put an apology to the court up alongside the revised statement

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Open letter to the judges...

    An open letter to the judges:

    Gentlemen, should you ever find yourselves in Wichita, KS - please allow me to take you out to dinner, my treat.

  24. KAMiKZ

    wow are you all just samsung supporters or do they pay you five bucks to make an online astroturfing army like China's people's party? -- having lived in asia for years and just look around, how many things are copied, or rather, how many products are NOT copied, small and big. -- Samsung's own president or whatever was PARDONED 3 times by the south korean president for some pretty serious crime (pretty serious considering that gambling is forbidden in SouthKoera) Crimes that could/should have mounted up to 15 yrs behind bar.

    but samsung just makes so much $ for the SK, they pardoned him. That's the kind of land you are looking at.

    Go Apple!

  25. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    No shills here*. Just a lot of people who saw Apple acting like arseholes, and are now laughing because they've made themselves look simultaneously arrogant and stupid on the front pages.

    As it happens there were plenty on this site supporting Apple's case against Samsung, and calling the Galaxy designs rip-offs of Apples'. And plenty disagreeing. I don't particularly care, although I really don't get the tablet ones, they're a completely different shape, due to the different screen aspect ratio.

    *Spartacus' Law (a development of Godwin's):

    At some point in any online technology discussion - some idiot, unable to accept that others may hold a different point of view, will accuse another poster of being a shill.

    Although I've never seen anyone accuse everyone of being one before...

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So what if the former chairman of Samsung's been done for gambling? The deceased boss of Apple is on record as having taken illegal drugs[1], spent most of the 1970's as a hippy with a hygiene problem (he was notorious for his body odour during his time at Atari), and abandoned his first wife along with a daughter that he denied fathering even after a DNA test showed otherwise. No wonder the company he foundedhas a culture that borders on the sociopathic.


  27. simbo52

    Go Britain!

    It's irrelevant; they were ordered by a court to do something, they didn't do it properly. In effect they broke the law.

    I suspect you don't care much for UK law, but personally I care more about it than some arrogant, law-breaking company.

    Go Britain!

  28. Psyx

    "but samsung just makes so much $ for the SK, they pardoned him. That's the kind of land you are looking at.

    Go Apple!"

    And what does any of that have to do with Contempt of the court order, pray tell?

    "Go Apple!"

    You forgot your gimp mask icon.

  29. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    We Kpop now!

    > gambling is forbidden in SouthKoera

    Passing over the spelling, an asian country in which gambling is forbidden? C'est contre nature. No, gambling is not forbidden in South Korea.

    "South Korea airport plans $3 billion casino resort"

    No, it sure is not.

  30. This post has been deleted by its author

  31. Andy Hards

    Re: We Kpop now!

    What about gamboling?

  32. Handle This

    Re: KAMiKZ @ 16:52

    I'm not going to downvote you, but if you really think any pointed comment here has any influence on Apple's corporate progress, or represents anything other than a relatively mild expression of preference for any possible number of characteristics (including the ones you obviously feel), or even possibly the opportunity to simply make a joke, you are sadly mistaken. And quite likely on the wrong website. Have a beer instead.

  33. Handle This

    Re: We Kpop now!

    Does the South Korean government get a share? If so, you can't consider that a gamble!

  34. Spider
    Thumb Up

    you really don't understand why?

    Because we all enjoy a healthy dose of schadenfreude since Apple kicked off the business war by litigation process.

    I don't have a particular fave OS or product, but sick of hearing how I cannot buy something because Apple have patented a rectangle or the colour white or the letter i.

    So yes, we're enjoying them get a kicking for once. They started it and now they're whining like a bitch when they don't get their own way. Beautiful.

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    you see what you want to see

    while people just applaud when a particularly ARROGANT and MEGALOMANIAC mega-company gets a kick in the plump backside

    btw, I think that MS, to take a biggie, wouldn't dream about pissing in the judge's plate like Apple did, it's so... immature and unprofessional, so much like, ryanair, so childish.

    that said, Google is heading the same route, apple-aping.

  36. DrXym Silver badge

    There's always a loophole

    Apple will put dancing hamsters, strobe effects and psychedelic animations behind the next version.

  37. Oninoshiko

    Re: There's always a loophole

    I HOPE SO!!!

    It will be soo much better for sending people too then a video of "Never gonna give you up"

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is it just me or does the Apple now default to the USA version, i.e. the one without a link to the ruling? You have to manually select the UK site.

  39. sidders

    I noticed that too - it didn't used to do that before they put the notice on. It always automatically defaulted to the UK.

    By doing it this way, most of the visitors on to the site will never see the notice - how many people will change the country straight away. If you're looking for an ipad, you click ipad. Selecting the country is only relevent when you're in the store.

  40. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Hold on --- if real, could someone at Apple actually think that kind of trickery will pass without eliciting a powerful level-20 nastygram from the court?

    Genius. Leaning out of a rolling train.

  41. MrXavia

    Your right, another thing the Judges should pick them up on!

  42. g e

    If they refuse to comply

    Then fine them for contempt. LOTS.

  43. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

    Funny thing is, search for Samsung on Apple website and you are directed to (same link as reported earlier). Open it and you are redirected to , there is no apology or any trace of it.

    That surely smells as contempt of court to me, although perhaps this is only because Apple webadmins are desperately trying to find an executive to sign off the new page (and his leave orders).

  44. Jack Project

    Be the first to post a comment.

    Was never going to get this one!!

  45. Sundaram

    Could be an amusing few iterations

    before the judges sit in a conference and design the entire front page of Apple's UK website by themselves. Seems like it will be the only way Apple will obey the SPIRIT of the ruling.

  46. Johan Bastiaansen

    Europe =! UK

    If this is a European ruling, shouldn't the apology be on every European website, and not just the UK's?

    I've checked the Belgian, Dutch and German website and there's no mention of the ruling.

  47. jonathanb Silver badge

    Re: Europe =! UK

    I agree with your line of thinking, but that's not what the court order says.

  48. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Re: Europe =! UK

    After the latest shananigans, I suspect they will soon....

  49. SuperHoopMango
    Big Brother

    Working with blokes who are complete fanbois is very difficult...but then this comes up!

    They still insist that Apple are right, and can do no wrong...and question how the courts can compel Apple to post this apology. It takes ALL my time to explain jurisdiction, and contempt of court....And still they don't understand!

    Oh well....Looking forward to seeing what Apple put up instead!

    *Big Brother because they're ALWAYS watching me!

  50. Sundaram

    I wish there's a few more iterations of this nonsense...

    and then, the judges decide to take matters into their hands; sit down and decide the front page themselves, ask Apple to host it....

    and Apple should be fined their earnings for the duration it's taken them to get it finally right.


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