back to article Apple slip-up slows iOS 6 upgrades

Fanbois rushing to install iOS 6 on their iThings have been frustrated by the absence of a web page the devices need to visit when reconnecting to networks after the upgrade. The upgrade process itself appears to be smooth, but once an upgraded iDevice attempts to connect to a network it seeks out a web page on That …


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  1. TechicallyConfused

    hahahahahahaha good old Apple. . . they never fail to disappoint with their upgrades

  2. mrfill

    Another copy..

    Looks like Apple have shamefully copied the Microsoft Update methodology.

    Here's an idea - how about concentrating on testing products properly instead of trying to convince the world you invented geometry. Testers are far cheaper than lawyers.

  3. Alan Denman

    They now own your WIFI


    to use your own wifi your device first has to touch base Apple HQ.

    A subtle change with IOS 6 and another easy way to own you.

    It acts as a kill switch local or national which is all fine and well, but doing it to your own WIFI does take a bit of audacity.

    1. JeffyPooh Silver badge

      Re: They now own your WIFI

      "...A subtle change with IOS 6..."

      Wrong. iGadgets have been pinging to for a very long time.

      I have a screen capture from last year of a conference hall ($495/day, for everyone) WiFi portal login page with the address bar proudly showing "". It's a necessary part of being able to find iGadgets over the Interweb.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It was nothing to do with recently upgraded phones - My phone was upgraded with the GM version last week and last night decided it wasn't going to connect to my WiFi router because of this missing file (it kept popping up a login page and then shutting off if I pressed cancel).

    It seems like iOS devices' ability to use WiFi is irrevocably linked to the existence of this page, which is complete madness!

  5. cnapan

    Apple actually helping

    ...sounds like the maps in IOS6 are shit anyway, so they're just trying to put you off upgrading.

  6. OffBeatMammal
    Big Brother

    Why does it need to visit an Apple page anyway?

    No-one seems to be asking/answering the important question here... why if I want to join my WiFi network does the iOS device need to visit a page on Apple's servers in the first place?

    1. Andy 115

      Re: Why does it need to visit an Apple page anyway?

      Actually a very simple reason...

      The phone is trying to determine IF the network connection it has is open to the wider Internet. (Or if it is locked behind a paywall)

      It explains why often "login to use" wifi connections often show in the browser address bar

      Of course, if some wifi site owners REALLY wanted to screw iDevices up, they could presumably allow free access to

  7. Craig 12

    Windows checks a microsoft page for every network connection to show you the little "world" icon. Of course, if it can't reach, it doesn't disable the entire connection...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Upgrade was painless. Guess when you sell a kazillion of these things a few people will have issues.

  9. Stu


    Steve would never let this happen if he were still around.

    This, Maps and Youtube (having to revert to an iPhone app to watch YT vids) are all signs that Apple is flagging without it's 'illustrious' deceased leader.

    Not that they were ever really good on the software side of things.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    eye house six faster to date when you smoothly. I am currently busy please call me back thanks. Ape. All phone brilliant.

    Composed by Siri on my iPhone 4S.

  11. Cutman


    We upgraded our iPad, I mean, we downgraded our iPad to iOS6 yesterday. Maps is a disaster and useless for those that do use them for work.

    We'll be keeping our iPhones untouched by the hand of iOS6 for the time being.

  12. scottyman

    Would probably explain why findmyiphone experienced a total fail for a large part of yesterday - sat there and thought about things for 30 seconds before returning me to the sign-in screen each time. Anything that used core iCloud authentication with a non-apple address seemed to fail

  13. json

    The Real DEBACLE is THE MAPS!!!!

    ... Google engineers are laughing their asses off on this one.. I cant understand how Apple insists on putting out a quarter baked product.

    Can't wait for google maps to become available again as an app.


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