back to article HP's Whitman promises 'more beautiful' PCs

Building PCs and laptops that are better looking and more instantly recognizable to consumers is a key component of HP's strategy to turn around its struggling PC division, according to CEO Meg Whitman. "I don't think we kept up with the innovation," Whitman said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. "The whole market …


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Anonymous Coward

It will never going to work

HP together with Toshiba, Samung, Acer, Lenovo and others did nothing but flooding the retail channel with almost identical size, dull black/grey colored with low resolution lousy glossy screen laptops and desktops. Whenever you get into the PC section of big retailers you notice right away there is no differentiation. There is nothing to inspire you, nothing to elicit that "wow" you hear when you look at each new generation of Mac. Having both hands untied, Apple experimented freely with materials, from factors, screen resolution, graphics, colors etc. in order to get that appreciation from consumers. During this time on the other side, PC makers who kept pumping the same design for more than a decade tried to make a breakthrough first with netbooks but Microsoft said tsk, tsk, get back in line! Now they came up with ultrabooks but at two to three times the price of regular older laptops they bring nothing in terms of design. Apple has clearly shown that consumers are willing to pay more if they perceive some value in the product they purchase and, yes, differentiating yourself from the vast mass of PC users seems to confer some value, at least according to the money Apple is making.

One other missed opportunity for HP was the tablet form factor. Toshiba, Samsung, Acer and others decided to give it a serious try. HP and Dell both listening to Microsoft whisper decided to skip this and promptly killed the attempt.

HP CEO promises more beautiful PCs ? Not going to happen, ever!


"I don't think we kept up with the innovation"...

unless innovation is: buying up companies, raping the profits, offshoring the work to create even more profit, and leaving behind a dead carcass. At which point they were extremely innovative!


This is what you get if you put a glorified sales/MBA person into the CEO's chair...

...stupid, clueless, scary ideas, spoken in public.

Whitman, who wasted a BILLION dollar on Skype when at eBay, Apotheker who, after spending BILLIONS on buying a company that competes with the firm he was fired from for incompetency, managed to lose almost THIRD of HP's value with ONE stupid comment then topped it off shutting down the recently bought 1.2B ex-Palm divison, the only new, future-oriented division.

HP is really in a deep shit ever since that scumbag lawyer-board (did I mention Whitman was working for them before they brought her in?) ousted Hurd, the last sane CEO, with false charges... I fear for HP, these scumbag board members are totally, utterly and hopelessly clueless.



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