back to article Samsung flogs 10 million Galaxy S IIIs in 7 weeks

Samsung has sold more than 10 million of its flagship Galaxy S III phones worldwide in seven weeks, according to Shin Jong-kyun, the company's mobile tech top dog. The phone was first unveiled on 29 May in the UK, it runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich and it packs a 1280 x 720 PenTile OLED display and an ARM Cortex A9-based quad- …


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  1. mraak

    Re: Hot Cakes

    I'm kind of a on his boat. I used iPhone a lot and my plan expires in November. But from what I've seen on Galaxy S, my secondary phone, the UI really is a mess, and the casing becomes terrible after a year, looks like crap really, worn out thin plastic. iPhone case still looks like "Bang and Olufsen" piece after 3 years of usage. I might switch over, but really after a good look at it.

  2. Spanners Silver badge

    Re: Hot Cakes

    you could have apps on it years before Apple invented them.

    You missed out the punctuation marks. It should have read "invented" along with anything whatever else Apple claims to have done.

  3. frank ly Silver badge

    " ... the secretive shininess secreter ..."

    I now have a horrible mental image of an 'Alien' like creature popping wet and slippery iPhones out of its back end.

  4. The Axe

    Tortoise vs Hare

    So Apple sold the most in a short amount of time (4m over 3day), whilst Samsung has sold more over a longer period (10m over 7wk) of time. So who is the tortoise and who is the hare and we all know what happened to the hare! ;-)

  5. Shagbag

    Re: Tortoise vs Hare

    Yeah, the bear wiped his arse on him.

  6. Steve Todd

    Re: Tortoise vs Hare

    If you RTFA I think you'll find that the iPhone sold both more in the first few days and more over the same period of time. Apple shift about 35M iPhones/quarter. 7/13 * 35 = 18.8 million in 7 weeks. Jugged tortoise anyone?

  7. Mark .

    Re: Tortoise vs Hare

    The 35M includes all Apple's phones, not just the 4S. Samsung sell IIRC around 40-50M "smart" phones a quarter, and for a more useful stat, far more phones overall (nearing 100M?) a quarter. Nokia are also ahead of Apple, though behind Samsung now.

  8. Steve Todd

    Re: Tortoise vs Hare

    1) see my post below, you're not comparing like for like numbers

    2) you're saying that less than 52% of Apple's sales are for the latest model? Given its sold as a premium brand that's unlikely.

    3) This was a model for model comparison, not how many phones Samsung sell in total. Many of what count for Samsung's total sales are cheap models like the Bada range.

  9. MrXavia

    @Steve Todd Re: Tortoise vs Hare

    Numbers are not quite right...

    Since the 35Million contains all iPhones, not just iPhone 4S, its fair to compare it to all Samsung Smart Phones, not just the SGS3.

    I've seem many people owning new SGS2's over the past month, and a fair few Galaxy Note owners...

    So count ALL smartphone sales from Samsung, and then ALL smart phone sales from Apple, then see who sells more...

    I don't know, I just know Samsung make great phones and I prefer them to Apples offering,

    screen size, speed, battery life, standard USB & interchangeable storage made iPhone a non-starter.

  10. Mark .

    Re: Tortoise vs Hare

    1. You're comparing Apple's entire phone sales, to one single Samsung Android model.

    2. I don't know, why don't we use actual facts rather than guessing?

    3. As I explain in my other post, comparing sales of single models is a poor way to judge anything, and biased towards Apple. Not sure why being "cheap" is a problem - firstly, Apple's older phones also sell more cheaply. Secondly, if Samsung are able to deliver what customers want, at a lower cost than competitors, then that's something they should be praised for. Thirdly, even if you did compare only the expensive phones, it's not clear to me that Apple would outsell Samsung (since Samsung have other expensive phones, whilst Apple do not). Not sure why you dismiss the Bada smartphone OS either - that Samsung offer phones on a range of platforms demonstrates the diversity they have in their products. Bada alone sells at least as much as what IPhone did for its early years, yet the media barely mention Bada, whilst IPhone got nothing but hype from the start.

  11. Grahame 2

    blue model

    They probably would have sold faster if Samsung did not cock up the manufacture resulting in a delay of the dark blue model, launching only with the white model, a lot of people (like me) waited for dark blue one.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: blue model

    They'll sell even more with the special edition black one.

  13. Steve Todd

    Like for like comparison

    Samsung have a habit of quoting sell in numbers (how many have they sold to dealers and the network operators).

    Apple quote sell out (punters taking them home and activating them).

    The two numbers are hard to compare as you have no idea how many of samsung's phones are sat in a warehouse or on a shelf. For a worldwide release it can easily be a couple of million.

  14. Morg

    Re: Like for like comparison

    Not actually true, Apple counted lots of sales for the new iPad, when in fact most of these weren't even out of the factory yet.

  15. Mark .

    Flawed stats that still try to make Apple look better

    "Not quite keeping up with the iPhone 4S" is a completely biased comparison - Apple only have one phone per generation, where Samsung have loads.

    The only useful stats are either comparing by platform (Android is way ahead of IPhone), or by company (where Apple are third behind Samsung and Nokia). Comparing by individual phone models is a useless stat, as it means that it's biased towards a company that has fewer models. *Worse*, it depends on how the models are labelled. Samsung and Nokia typically give different model names for small variations, whilst Apple don't. Why should a model have a different name just because it has a faster CPU, but not if it has more storage space, for example?

    Any metric that can be changed simply by conducting a relabelling exercise is useless. If one ice cream company sells 100 cones, whilst another one sells 90 cones without flake, and 90 cones with flake, only a spin artist would suggest that the former is doing better!

    I also note that this article doesn't say the IPhone 4S is selling better, it merely handpicks the statistic of selling X in so many days, which Apple always do better on (because the fanatics rush out and buy it immediately).

    It's interesting to look at the history of Apple media coverage:

    1. IPhone is number one (conveniently forget about Symbian, number one until 2011).

    2. IPhone is outselling Android (conveniently forget about Symbian).

    3. Okay, Android is outselling IPhone, but Apple are still the number one company (conveniently forget about Nokia)!

    4. Okay, Samsung is way outselling Apple - but IPhone 4S is still selling more than Samsung Galaxy S3!!!

    What will happen when the S3 is outselling the 4S (which is already happening in some markets, e.g., the top model in the UK for a year has been the S2 and now the S3)? My guess is the media will then switch to "Iphone 5 outsells Galaxy Note 2" - already the media are making the comparisons, since these two phones are expected to be released around similar times.

    "making it the most popular smartphone series in the world"

    Talking about a "series" is even more meaningless than models. Why do all of Apple's phones count as a single "series", but not all of Samsung's Android phones? The fact is that Samsung have been selling more smartphones than Apple (and that's before we get to the point that "smartphone" is ill-defined - why is the original Iphone, which couldn't even do apps, a smartphone, whilst many phones get labelled "feature" phones? This just means that 100% of Apple phones get compared to only a minority of Samsung's and Nokia's). It's kind of sad that stories about the immense success of Android and Samsung have to be blighted by this attempt to hand-pick stats to go on about Apple all the time, and make them look better (and I'm not just talking about this story - The Reg are one of the better places for fairly covering all the technology companies, the problem is more with the rest of the mainstream media).

  16. The answer is 42

    Old Fogey

    I'll stick to my Nokia 6300, thanks.

    (unpacks folding walking stick, shuffles off stage left)

  17. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Only just started

    It may be because I don't watch much commercial television but it seems to me that Samsung is only now really turning up the promotional knob as they have the exclusive deal with the Olympics and presumably wanted to ramp up quantity in advance. It was only in the last week that I noticed promos for the S III on Eurosport. I suspect we are all likely to be thoroughly sick of it in a month. Still, with the SIII, SII and the Galaxy Ace they have their segmentation right, just like Apple: premium, aspirational and make do.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    herders the lot of you.moo.moo.

    iphlop 4s barely makes it to "smartphone" level.

    sammy stick usless bloody amoled eye burners in everything.

    will stick with quad booting htc hd2.

    one of a very small number of devices that can actualy be called smart.

    yes it maybe a bit dated now,but still walks all over duo and quad corers and newer "uber" phones,

    exactly what are all those cores doing in android,ahh,their trying to bulldoze android cos its so bloody nefficent and clunky that you need extra cores just to get buttah to rid of system lag! !! .

    remeber,android is not real multicore capable,no phone is,so i will use old single corer til it dies of hardware fail,and have the reliability and free apps on winmo 6·5,android GB for reliable android,jellybean,because i can and fun n games,win phone 7.5 or 7.8 for the odd little trick and probably win 8 if/when i can be bothered too.

    now you all run along and play with yer pretty candy while the grown ups do some work,theres good little kids.

  19. sabroni Silver badge

    Re: blah

    Fascinating. No really, well done.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: blah

    You need to get out more.

  21. This post has been deleted by its author

  22. Stretch

    how about writing a story that doesn't mention fucking crapple?

  23. John A Blackley


    Every single time either Samsung or Apple are the subject of an article (and that's many, many times) we get the same flock of the same commentards saying the same thing, over and over again, (and, oh by the way, calling everybody else "sheep" or some derivative thereof) about the relative merits of two pieces of consumer bling.

    In the real world, far fewer people give a sh!t.

  24. WideEyedFox

    S3 not for me

    Wow, 10 Million. I must be the only person that does not like the S3 then. I took it as an upgrade after reading so many pro-Android posts on the Reg, and after reading the spec thought it should be a decent phone. I had the choice between the 4S and the S3.

    The damn thing is a mini-tablet! This barely qualifies as a phone - needing 2 hands to perform most operations it has been built with the design brief of a wet bar of soap in that it just wants to leave your hands as soon as you handle it. The smooth curved edges do nothing for the ergonomics of actually using it.

    The O/S I am sure is capable if you're a techie willing to put up with "<insert app name> has stopped" over and over. In 3 weeks of ownership the S3 has "crashed" 14 times. By crashed, ending the task did nothing; only a reboot allowed me back in to Messaging (for example).

    On top of that, why is it most of the apps want unconditional access to your call logs, network usage, contacts, calendar, GPS and first born children? Choose "No" to anything and you don't get the app. Sell your soul (or your contacts and phone stats in this case) with no guarantee of where this info ends up!

    A couple of updates, and lots of calls to Samsung (who have been totally useless) and things are still no better. Hopefully a Jelly Bean upgrade in the future will rid it of the Samsung pre-load rubbish and make things a bit more stable.

    I run a work Blackberry which performs better than this polished turd, albeit without the "smugphone" functionality.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: S3 not for me

    "The damn thing is a mini-tablet! This barely qualifies as a phone - needing 2 hands to perform most operations it has been built with the design brief of a wet bar of soap in that it just wants to leave your hands as soon as you handle it."

    Or, you have small hands. You know what they say about people with small hands... and I don't mean small gloves....

  26. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Re: S3 not for me

    Did you buy it unseen and on spec only? And what size hands do you have? I've got small hands myself but I've seen the SIII and it's not too big to be held in one hand.

    I have heard reports of the firmware being buggy. Unfortunately, this is not unusual for Samsung but they do normally get round to fixing it. But, you know what, if you don't like it, take it back or sell it to one of the many clamouring for one.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: S3 not for me

    How is that any different to saying "You are holding it wrong"? Fandroids...

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The only people who win are the lawyers!

    People people! Stop the bickering!

    I'm certain that you can whine on about number of phones purchased and all that jazz but at the end of the day who really gives a toss? You aren't the ones holding the cash going "mwhahaahaha! Losers are buying another phone they don't really need and all these gadgets which seamlessly work like it's 2012 and we have standards!"

    That person died unfortunately and we can all now move on.


  29. Jason Hindle Bronze badge

    Well, I ended up with an S3

    After almost three years of happy 3GS ownership. It looks like a lot of people have done the same as I see an awful lot of S3s. I did consider waiting for the iPhone 5 but the deal I got on the S3 leaves money in the bank in the event the 5 knocks my socks off.

    There's not a great deal about iOS I'm missing at this point since Google have done a pretty good job of catching up with Apple in terms of overall usability. Actually, I do miss the App store and iTunes. Google play has some way to go in this respect.

  30. Mike Brown

    Re: Well, I ended up with an S3

    "Actually, I do miss....... iTunes. Google play has some way to go in this respect. "

    Yes i agree. Android is missing a truly terrible way to organise music.

  31. Spanners Silver badge

    Re: Well, I ended up with an S3

    I do miss the App store

    I once had an iPhan tell me that Google was bad because it didn't "do apps".

    and iTunes.

    Get Google Music to watch your iTunes folder and you are done.

    You don't want iTunes to do your podcast catching though. Android has better ways.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Purely anecdotal

    But Phandroids are a bunch of arrogant twunts that have nothing better to do than bitch and moan about Apple because they are jealous that it gets more press time than their beloved blingphones.

    I know people who have S3s and by and large they either haven't got a clue what to do with it other than twitter or facebook, or got it because it was the biggest baddest phone on the network at upgrade time, and inevitably earns the salesbod a big hefty wodge of commission

    iphone owners on the other hand are generally better educated, know what they are buying and why they are buying into, and have more sense than to simply get the biggest thing with the most bling for the hell of it.

    I mean, what actual use is a quad core processsor to make phone calls?

    Does it allow you to use more batteries in one go than all the rest?

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Purely anecdotal

    "iphone owners on the other hand are generally better educated, know what they are buying and why they are buying into, and have more sense than to simply get the biggest thing with the most bling for the hell of it."

    Hahaha, purely anecdotal, but tell that to my 16 year old niece, who's just left school basically to find herself a rich footballer, and pestered her dad for the money to buy an iPhone because "all her mates have one". Or my old-school photographer neighbour, who admits to not knowing much about these things, but he uses a Mac on the desktop, so it's "probably best keeping it all Apple". Or the vast swathes of luddites at my office, both dullard males and giggley females, who's idea of technical knowledge involves knowing how to use an all-in-one remote at home, and they bought an iPhone because they saw Kim Kardashianwhatever on the front of Vogue with one.

    But, purely anecdotal, of course.

  34. Andy Fletcher

    I hate mobiles

    the more threads like this I read, the more tempted I am to just get rid of mine when the contracts up. It's just so mindnumbingly tedious. Everyone, for some reason, talks about whatever phone they have as if they're actually the guy who designed & built it. Maybe it's just me.

  35. sam bo

    Re: I hate mobiles

    " Everyone, for some reason, talks about whatever phone they have as if they're actually the guy who designed & built it. Maybe it's just me."

    No it's not just you . It's the same with football ( We WON !! - no you didn't, you were just watching, they won !). Weird how spectators like to take credit for watching, buyers take credit for making. The Olympics will take it to a national level.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: I hate mobiles

    You mentioned the O-word.

  37. Robert E A Harvey

    "Not quite keeping up with the iPhone 4S"

    No, but making the Lumia look really stupid!

  38. Spanners Silver badge

    Re: "Not quite keeping up with the iPhone 4S"

    I have a GS2 that is better than the 4S. I presume I have nothing special so they all are. So how much better again is the IIIS?

    What can it do that I can't? Look shiny?

  39. Mr. Great Sage

    Random nonsense

    I'd probably have an S3 right now if I wasn't waiting for my next upgrade. Since that won't be until first quarter 2013, that means I'll have the choice between the ip5, sIII, or perhaps something even better. So goes the tech world. I have 0 brand loyalty. Whoever has the best tech, that's what I'll buy. Intel or AMD. Nvidia or ATI. iPhone or Android. It's all the same to me.

  40. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

    Why should

    I buy a iPhone of whatever spec when the contract for it is north of 25 quid a month, yet a samsung phone is 13-15 quid a month.

    It makes calls, takes pictures, sends texts, and surf t' internets , but what loony is going to buy a smartphone to watch a film on a 3.5" screen and crummy sound when they've got a 55" 3D tv with surroundsound at home?

    Just what do you hope to gain by spending 45 quid a month on a phone?

  41. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Reminds me of when...

    ... apple claimed to be the number 1 Personal computer maker with ~8% of the total market.

    The fact that the other 92% was IBM-PC clones didn't matter. Each one had less than 8% market share, so they were smaller than Apple.

  42. John 105

    How can they manufacture these phones so quickly?? If they spent a year building up stock, they would have made over 27,000 a day. That's quite nuts.

  43. 404 Silver badge

    Lots and Lots of Chinese folks

    ....with small hands....


  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I don't really care who sells more phones

    This is just PR. Apple announces every 3 months how many iPhones etc have been delivered and sold, and gives a good indication of channel inventory. But Samsung doesn't, releasing PR statements from time to time clearly aimed at making themselves look like Apple.

    What exactly does "sold" mean? When I first say "I've sold my house", I probably haven't even exchanged contracts. I'd like to see Samsung clarify their statement by saying (a) these numbers have been shipped and invoiced, and are non-returnable and (b) how many millions are sitting in the channel. At worst, it could simply be that Samsung have received firm orders for ten million. At best there were ten million in the hands of end-users after 7 weeks. Apple's numbers look slightly more like facts than Samsung's. At the very least, if Apple inflates the number, it comes off the following quarter's figure.

  45. Confuciousmobil

    My next phone?

    My next phone will probably be another iPhone (eventually) . I don't have a contract ,I get my phones off eBay and spend a tender a month on GiffGaff.

    Why will my next phone probably be another iPhone? I rarely use the smartphone features now, but on the very rare occasions I don't have my fondleslab with me, haven most of the same apps on my phone helps with the withdrawal symptoms.....

    Nothing wrong with the SIII but I already own lots of app store apps from when I first got my 3G and all the ones I've bought since. I have been fully asymilated and it would take something extraordinary to make me change now. But I said the same about Windows Smartphones - and then I saw the iPhone...


    samsung galaxy s 3

    well that's nice to know Samsung keep it up least your prices and other makers lg Sony Motorola all drop in price on Amazon I can see the Samsung galaxy s 3 is slowly dropping but apples don't not unless they release a new model and want rid of the older ones. and why pay for a a apple anyway your just shown off to your friends ew look at me I have a apple woopie doo your just paying for the name half the time.

  47. nichobe

    Not happy!

    So i go out to see the Olympic torch relay and am once again taunted by a Samsung party bus reminding me of the fact that i cannot purchase my desired phone Galaxy S3 Blue 32GB SIM Free....

    10 million sales would be a lot higher if they actually had stock!


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