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UK High street retailer Game has been acquired by Comet owner OpCapita. The Game Group's administrator, PwC, yesterday said it had agreed to sell the troubled company's UK business to Baker Acquisitions Ltd, an entity overseen by OpCapita, for an undisclosed sum. The move takes The Game Group's UK operation out of …


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physical sales won't go away

I know you're sitting there as a young male with no responsibilities and income and the whole idea of buying physical media seems so lame.

But you're still not the majority. Teens can't have credit cards and a lot adults don't want to deal with downloads (ie makes a shit gift) and even online sales are an annoyance to a lot of people.

Deal with the fact a lot of people like real goods. Given that even vinyl sales have yet to die don't count out physical games yet.

Regrading the death of used sales, yes it'll happen if you eat whatever crap publishers feed you. Otherwise people will fight it


Re: physical sales won't go away

Teens can get preloaded credit cards.

Apart from that, both my kids (now adults) had Lloyds accounts with visa debits.

I've just checked Lloyds site, and their youth accounts for 11 to 19 year olds does give them a visa debit card..

I always thought that the older generation in particular might not like online ordering, but my wife is a mobile hairdresser with a lot of elderly clients. Turns out the vast majority of them much prefer ordering on line and waiting for their parcels to be delivered, very very few of them are scared of buying online.

I order from shopto today, it's on the floor (yes people the postman puts it through my letterbox) tomorrow (or the day after if it's gone 5:30pm when I order)

If I need something urgently, I can nip onto Tesco/Asda etc any time 24hrs and buy without having to wait for a Saturday when I'm available to actually visit a game store, and save myself around £10 (and save the parking charges) in the process..

Yes some people still don't like buying online, yes some people still like physical media but the numbers are getting less and less every day

Paris Hilton

I agree with the "Letterbox Revolution"

I don't like download only media, it does indeed suck as a gift for someone else and always seems to take too long or corrupt too often. Having a repair instruction set built in doesn't feel as reliable as physical media you can reinstall if the worst happens. I like the game to be in my hand and under my control.

Blizzard's Starcraft 2 with its punitive DRM and account management or Steam's "you can't play if your internet connection is down even if the game is an offline one." make a very bad case for a streamed media gaming future. Then again, just because they are pants doesn't mean others have to be too.

Having said that I buy all my physical media, games, video and music online and it drops through my letterbox just fine. If I have to pick it up from the Post Office parcel counter, because the delivery ninjas managed to sneak a red "sorry you missed us coming up the drive" card through the door, then that is no problem either.

Game's business model is 5 to 10 years out of date, I give it 5 to 10 years more at best.

To repeat myself: Anyone remember Our Price? VShops? Sanity? Maybe Paris does... no wait....



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