back to article Apple fanbois forced to go on the pull by Motorola patent

Apple has switched off push notifications in Germany, responding to Motorola Mobility's successful patent lawsuit, so iCloud users in Germany will have to learn to pull together. The outage also affects MobileMe, but anyone using ActiveSync or other push mechanisms will be fine as the companies behind those aren't being sued …


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iPhone - free bumpers, now what about the free Flak Jacket?

Smartphone customers are the bystanders now getting stung.

Sadly it is what happens with search and destroy tactics.

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Oh dearie me

Where is nanny McPhee when you need her

Mind you, with the tantrum levels being displayed in courts these days maybe she heard the call and hit the snooze button


A history lesson for weirdos

Many moons ago, before the Bling era, there was a mighty successful record company. It was called Apple and its logo was an apple cut in half. Year later a small computer company with totally original thinking decided to call itself Apple and have a logo of a half rainbow apple (with a bite taken). Apple sued Apple and in 1981 the evil pirate computer company had to pay a lot of money and promise not to enter the music business. They lied.

5 years later, the pirates introduced sound recording and got sued again. They agreed that it would not package, sell or distribute physical music materials. They lied

12 years later the pirates started iTunes - an entry into the music business (see 1981 above). Sued again but the pirates had enough money to get clever briefs and they survived.

Fast forward another 4 years and the pirates finally resolve matters. They get to keep the name and the logo and license the use by the record company. Reputedly, this cost the pirates $500m.

Apple - white as the driven slush


So how long can you make money off a pager patent after all pagers are gone?

A while it would seem.

We are building towards a future where the next new model from Company A will be "now with brown", but because it now has brown color, the screen will have to be square as to not conflict with Company B's "brown+rectangle" patent. And there will only be a few huge companies, as no one without $98 billion in the bank could defend themselves in court against the minefield of patents. So all advancement and innovation will be precisely calculated by the exact difference between R&D and profit, not from people working to solve problems, but by solving just enough problems to maximize the total profit.

Patent reform needs to be done today while we still can have "little guys in garages"!



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