back to article Alec Baldwin kicked off plane for playing with his phone

Alec Baldwin claimed he was booted off a plane at Los Angeles international airport yesterday, after a flight attendant complained about him playing with a game on his mobile phone. The 30 Rock star, who was hoping to fly to New York on an American Airlines plane, took to his Twitter account to moan about his ejection from the …


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  1. Local Group

    I object to entering the video as evidence, Your Honor

    >"I wish someone had quickly used their mobile to briefly video the event"

    But then that person would be violating the airline's rules.

    Will video taken on a plane be admissible in court?

  2. Michael Kean


    ... if he used a VHS Camcorder he'd get away with it :) Only a few years ago, cameras were not RF-Capable thinggies.

  3. captain veg


    Was he using an iThing by any chance? Whenever I fly it seems that all the me-Me-MEphone owners think somehow that they are entitled to furtively operate a prohibited electronic device and to hell with the risk of us all plummeting headlong out of the sky to a horrible death.

    They should all have their hands cut off in front of their families.


  4. Richard Taylor 2 Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    that as with many phones the 'airplane' or 'light' mode was permitted, although staff ask for no use during TO/L because most people don't know how to use them?

  5. Bakunin
    Thumb Down

    Sat at the gate not moving.

    Probably sat at the gate not moving because at least one passenger hadn't got ready for take off.

    You may not agree with the "all electronics off" policy that air lines have, but while they exist you don't get special exception.

    While we're at it, learn to at least *try* and spell.


  6. kissingthecarpet


    It is not "Try and" it is "Try to" . "Try and" is equivalent to "would of" instead of "would have"

  7. Swarthy Silver badge

    Try and...

    Could be interpreted as a shortened version of "put forth some effort and ..."

  8. DrXym Silver badge

    Someone is lying I think

    No one gets thrown off a plane for using a phone unless they ignore the stewardess and / or start berating them. So I'm betting that's exactly what he did. I wonder what United think of their new passenger.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Maybe he did abuse the staff... I imagine it went something like this...

    FA: Sir, please turn off your mobile phone

    AB: I will when we show signs of moving

    FA: Sir, the phone could interfere with important flight controls

    AB: That's bull. It's offline, and if you haven't noticed, we're still connected to the gate and not moving, let alone flying.

    FA: Sir, if you won't turn off your phone I will have you removed from the plane

    AB: Oh f*ck off you jumped up little twat, go mince off and annoy someone else.

    Or at least that's how it will go in my head if a flight attendant ever tried the same with me.

  10. AndrueC Silver badge
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    FA: Here's the door. Please f*ck off to another company. Sir.

  11. NumptyScrub

    <insert title here>

    "Or at least that's how it will go in my head if a flight attendant ever tried the same with me"

    If you were in my car, and refused to turn a phone off when I asked you, I'd boot you out too. My car, my rules, and if you don't like it you can walk.

    Just because you are offering fiscal recompense to the airline for the *privilege* of being on their flight, doesn't mean they have to take you. Their plane, their rules, and your refund once you get ejected from the vehicle ;)

    Looked at an alternative way:

    "We told you to turn your phone off for takeoff. You still have your phone on, so you have failed the intelligence test required to allow you to fly on this plane. Please disembark at our earliest convenience."

  12. John Macintyre

    "Their plane, their rules, and your refund once you get ejected from the vehicle ;)"

    Would that be grounds for a refund? It wasn't the airlines fault, he was an a-hole. Surely that means he wouldn't get a full refund as he chose to f*ck up his flight, and he still got on another plane....

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Turning off the phone for takeoff is the rule... They weren't anywhere near take off. They were still at the gate!

    If not, Mr Baldwin would have had a doozy of a first step when he was ejected!

    So I'll continue to use my phone, usually to say "Just boarded, see you soon" before turning it offline whilst we wait for the inevitable couple of planks who are late.

  14. Mr Larrington

    Speaking... the "plank" who was the last passenger to board BA 219 on September 3rd this year, it was entirely the fault of the useless twunt at the check-in counter who issued me with a boarding card that directed me to entirely the wrong gate in entirely the wrong part of LHR T5. *And* my phone was switched off.

  15. Intractable Potsherd
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    Why do you regard it as such an imposition to have your shiny-shiny switched off? Perhaps it is time that self-important people such as yourself and Mr Baldwin should be ejected regularly from flights if you can't follow simple rules.

    Disclaimer: I regard commercial flying as wonderful for the sole reason that there are no endlessly pinging, beeping electronics held by endlessly bleating, banal people.

  16. photogsy
    Black Helicopters

    Well, as Kim Jong Il said:

    When you see Arec Barrwin, you wirr see the true ugriness of human nature.

  17. Steve Ives
    Paris Hilton

    I wondered..

    ... when 'Team America' would get a mention.

    In Europe it's phones etc off when the doors close. And whilst it may not be necessary, it's common courtesy to do so (some of you - I'm looking at you, AC - may have to look that phrase up).


  18. This post has been deleted by its author

  19. Will Godfrey Silver badge


    That's all.

  20. AndrueC Silver badge

    That can't be all. What about Whitney?

    Sorry :)

  21. Dave Murray

    You are worthless Alec Baldwin

    People using phones on planes when they're not supposed to annoy the hell out of me. I wish flight attendants would do this to people more often.

  22. silent_count

    Missed opportunity

    They kicked him off the plane while it was still on the ground. What's the point of that? Wait till they get to their cruising altitude THEN kick him off the plane.

    If they did that just once, I'll bet that flight attendants would get a whole lot more courtesy from the self-important twats of the world.

  23. O RLY

    If his tweets are any indication, he's probably not any good at Words With Friends. That requires words to be spelt correctly...

  24. sisk Silver badge

    So many words...

    And me with too much decency to use them in public. Seriously, though, would someone take some of these idiotic celebs aside and explain to them, with a clue-by-four if need be, that the rules apply to them just like they do to anyone else? It's like they think being famous somehow makes them better than the rest of us.

    And as if that weren't bad enough, the whining and the horrendous grammer is enough to make me contemplate violence. Maybe I'm just a bit more irritable than normal today, but that's just unacceptable from an adult. It's barely tolerable when it comes from teens who are young enough not to know better.

  25. Your Retarded

    "horrendous grammer"

    Oh, the irony...

  26. Evan Essence


    "If you write anything criticizing editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written".

    Muphry's Law's_law

  27. JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: "horrendous grammer"

    In sisk's defence, he took issue with the grammar rather than the spelling...

  28. Johan Bastiaansen
    Big Brother

    rules and procedures

    We need more of them. And the more stupid they are, the more we need them.

    And the mindless dumb fucks who think it is their job to enforce them. We need more of them also.

    But if banks and hughe sums of money are involved, then we don't need rules. Then we need deregulation.

    Alec is my hero. We fight the same fight.

  29. Stevie Silver badge


    So many strong opinions on the behaviour of those involved.

    So few eyewitnesses.

  30. Miek

    "United shud hav app onboard where u can play WWF w other passengers. American shud have app where u read the new testament w flt attendants"

    Scrabble Hustler

  31. hplasm Silver badge

    Play WWF onboard-

    Only when flying pandas to zoos, shurely...

  32. Alan W. Rateliff, II



    (Probably my only post ever thrown to the mods expecting rejection.)

  33. Alan W. Rateliff, II

    Separated at posting

    I don't know how my post above got detached, but it was a replay to Johan Bastiaansen.

  34. disgruntled yank Silver badge

    I always wondered

    Why America is bankrupt. Thank you, Mr. Baldwin.

  35. CowardlyAndrew

    If the plane was sat at the gate and the door open, then usually you are allowed things on.

    If refueling while still boarding, they usually add a DO NOT BUCKLE UP warning, in addition to electronic devices.

    Flying in business when I can, you find that generally staff are much more friendly about this, and people do put stuff down and away once its clear the doors are shutting. Have seen more abuse on the device rule in economy, and oddly it often seems to involve the person who was a pain to staff during the flight too. Some people seem to exude karma where things go badly for them.

  36. Anonymous Coward

    Here's proof

    Yay for American Airlines for putting out a statement regarding Alec Baldwin and his antics:

  37. Anonymous Coward

    His claims vs the claims of other passengers

    Baldwin claims he was removed for playing with his phone whilst still at the gate.

    Another passenger claims that the flight had to return to the gate to have Baldwin removed.

    Having several flight crew as friends, I am more likely to believe the latter.

    Once the cabin door *closes*, devices must be switched off (not switched to flight mode, but *switched off*). That's the FAA mandate, not a spurious argument made by flight crew to annoy you. You are legally obliged to obey.

    If not, the plane will either not leave the gate and you will be deplaned, or, if the plane is in motion (or awaiting departure), the plane will *return* to the gate and you will be deplaned.

    Sorry Alec Baldwin, but just because you are an X-list celebutard does not mean the world revolves around you. Go charter a jet and fly private in the future if you don't like AA telling you to *SWITCH YOUR DEVICE OFF WHEN THE CABIN DOORS ARE CLOSED*

  38. The Grump
    Paris Hilton

    whaaaaaaa !!!

    So Mr Baldwin's mature, reasoned argument boils down to "I should be able to do what I want, when I want to do it. Whaaaaaa". In the colonies, the TSA rules the air, and the TSA says "all instructions from the flight crew must be followed immediately". What part of this is Mr Baldwin too dense to understand ? Two words - Big Baby. Kim was right to dump him.

    I am sooooo glad he doesn't fly on my fav airline, Southwest.

    Paris, because even she understands the FAA rules, which poor little Alec doesn't. Maybe she can babysit him during his next flight.


    Interesting to note...

    That his Twitter account is now showing as de-activated...

  40. hamacy

    how many points for

    A.R.R.O.G.A.N.T. T.W.A.T. ?

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pretty stupid

    Pretty stupid to get kicked off an airplane because you're too dumb to shut off a video game. What an A-Hole. The other passengers should have beat his arse for delaying the flight.

  42. Don S.

    I'm surprised no one brought this up.

    He probably told the Flight Attendant "It's alright, I've played a pilot."

  43. Annihilator


    Other than 30 Rock, I don't think I've seen him in anything. Though does Team America count?...

  44. Levente Szileszky
    Thumb Up

    RE: I'm surprised

    Hahaha, that's great! :D

    FYI mouthbreathers here don't watch TV or at least do not see US ads...

  45. Levente Szileszky

    To all the mouthbreathers here...

    ...Lawrence O'Donnell (for Britons: host of "Last Word with..." on MSNBC) just said he did sit beside Baldwin on the flight he took from NY to LA on Friday and Baldwin was "polite to a fault", that he had never seen anyone being more polite in his life.

    While you are all chewing through the foam that now completely covers your piehole I'd raise another interesting point: just how much trouble he could have caused if the SAME airline IMMEDIATELY booked him the NEXT SAME FLIGHT...?

    BTW it's funny if Baldwin, well-known for his liberal views, will indeed switch from the gay-friendly American to United - it was only days ago when this story was picked up by the media: =)

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    polite on a completely different flight days later?

    I would hope so, because now he knows what happens when he's an ass. But I fail to see how that's relevant to his behavior on the flight he was removed from.

    Sure they booked him on another flight. And there happened to be a seat available on the next one. I don't know where you get "immediately" from. Anyway, getting kicked off your flight for talking on your phone and being rude to flight attendants sounds like punishment enough for that kind of infraction.

  47. Levente Szileszky

    RE: not another but the very NEXT flight

    " I don't know where you get "immediately" from. "

    Umm, the news...?

  48. Levente Szileszky

    And just how did someone was tweeting about this LIVE, from the same plane?

    Because that's how the story first went viral, someone was tweeting - y'know, mouthbreathers, ZEE INTERNETZ, aliiiiive, on a plaaaane! - and never been caught, forget being kicked off the plane...?

    In short this story stinks so many ways.

  49. theloon
    Thumb Up

    Idiot Baldwin

    Good for AA. I would have been kicked off for it and you would have been kicked off for it, so some primadona also gets kicked off for it.

    It's a simple blanket rule as the airline staff are not going to be able to check out all devices from all the passengers to see how/if when they could be in transmit mode.

    Yes we all know that tons of devices get left on,and so yeah, perhaps the rule is BS when it comes down to it. However today, just for flying, that is the simple rule....

    Frankly he should also be arrested and fined, like the rest of us would be.

  50. peter 45
    Big Brother

    getting into trouble

    I had just finished the "find the last space in the overhead locker " dance I heard an announcement reminding us to switch off all mobiles. I got my mobile out to switch it of only to be confronted by a steward shouting tha I should not be using my phone. My protest that I was switching it off was met by a threat to report me to the captain for refusing to stop using my phone.

    Sometimes these rules are the perfect excuse for some little tit to abuse others and feel smug about it.

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