back to article Is Apple nobbling iPhones to avoid more patent misery?

iOS 5 has a hidden autocorrect function, suggesting words along the top of the keyboard in an Android-like XT9 fashion, which can be enabled with a minor configuration tweak. The feature was spotted by self-proclaimed iOS hacker Sonny Dickson, and 9 To 5 Mac has the step-by-step guide to enable it – for those who'd prefer to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    La La La, they're not listening..

    iOS5 notifications look nothing like Android notifications.

    iOS5 speech recongnition is nothing like Android's

    and so on...

    They have selective memory.,

  2. Lallabalalla

    "Crippled"? Bit strong.

    "Changed" maybe.

  3. TheRealRoland

    Our job, Gilbert, is to offer not the words people do use

    But the words they should use...

  4. Yves Kurisaki

    It's hidden because..'s a bit shit. It's not intuitive and it crashes.

  5. Wang N Staines

    Just do 2 builds, 1 for US and the other for the rest of the world. Problem sorted.

  6. Annihilator
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    You've just doubled my workload, thanks

    Signed, Mr Test Manager

    You've just doubled my workload, thanks

    Signed, Mr Software Config Manager


  7. tekHedd

    This doesn't prove patents are bad, but...

    We quickly accept the possibility that patents could be the reason the feature is unavailable. That in itself is sad. Patents encourage innovation and ensure that more better products are available for us, the end users. Does anybody really believe this?

  8. Neoc


    "in the same way that DVD players are sold locked to one region (as required by the DVD standard) "

    The author must be American. Haven't been able to find a single region-locked DVD player for sale down here in Oz for the last decade or so. And this includes the big companies like Sony.

  9. verity33
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    It's terrible!

    Has anybody else tried the hidden predictive text dictionary? It is just awful. It comes up with anything BUT the word you're trying to type! Most of the suggestions are words that no one could possibly have a use for. I can't wait to disable it again...


This topic is closed for new posts.

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