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When you buy a mobile, you know that you’re likely to be stuck with it for the life of your contract. Good news: you’ll get used to its quirks and differences. Bad news: you can only watch as gorgeous handsets are released for the next year or two. Nokia X7 Smart move? Nokia's X7 But what’s trickier about the new Nokia X7 …


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...and Zoidberg...

Is the reason why people are bashing Symbian and because every idiot reviewer who does a review of a Symbian phone does it in 5 minutes from the pub and therefore wouldnt know the phones ass from its elbow.

Then you have the traditional Nokia stance of 'advertising...? whats that then?'... and the rest is fanboi-tastic. I swear the Symbian platform has gotten more advertising from negative reviews than it has from anything else. Alot of people wouldnt know it exists otherwise.

Its fun to poke fun at Symbian v5 and even AAS have done it on occasion, lambasting Nokia for gormless product decisions (N97 anyone?). However people seem to miss the point and its an important one. The ONLY place the Symbian handsets lag is in their current UI.

Listen carefully folks - this is the important part.

In practically every other field they are either better, equal, or much better. Theyve had features that are touted as new by other OS manufacturers for years...

Dual processors - Nokia E70 206mhz - 2006

Output to Projector - Nokia E70 - 2006

Output to TV - Nokia N93 onwards - 2007

Discriminate Graphics Processor- N93 again - 2007

Need I go on?

The OS runs on much less intensive cores, so when its idling its using a fair amount less power processor for processor, but this is another important part, when its working its little heart out to play your futurama episodes out to the TV via TV-Out or HDMI.... its using substantially less power to do that, so even at full power it might be using less mA than a iPhone at 50% processor usage.

I would venture to suggest that if the new Belle update concentrates more on the UI than on other improvements (which to be fair are not really needed all that much since the system is comparable in function to anything else) then Elops idea to hum unto the Microsoft might fall down round his ears - and Apple might find their wheezy cameras and limited functionality are really getting put to the test function for function. Android... crashtastic, flakey signal, cr-app-tastic is also at risk, because to make a usable 'droid phone you need a step up in processor power, and therefore a step up in component costs.

The only OS of the top three that I havent tested is iOS, mainly because even touching apple products makes me feel dirty. I have had two manufacturer baked Android phones, and they've been pitiful on signal (no signal where the E70 gets 4/6 bars) and flakey on software, spontaneous reboots. Ive had a dual booting HTC diamond for a while and the Android on that was painful to say the least. Yet an E70 with 206mhz processors, that is 6 years old, can run rings around them.

But the really ironic thing... the thing that makes me laugh, is that Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5 outperforms Android - is much more stable - and can do everything that the current flock can do, and ALWAYS COULD.

But it wasnt pretty enough was it - and you had to think to use it - so now its confined to its coffin with dead iOS fanbois put to good use as the nails.

I dont recall the definition of the word progress as being "take all the functions off it, make it simple to use, use processors that need the power output of the falcons hyperdrive, and make it crash every second hour' but then I learned English...

Not Fan-glish.


You were going well...

Until you entered the "viva winmo 6.5, down with android" rant.

I don't know which android phones you had and with what firmware, but I can tell you my N1 and my wife's Sapo A5 get better signal and are much more stable than the crap N96 (the last nokia I ever bought) I still have here gathering dust. And comparing to a friend's winmo 6.5 HTC I always get a stronger signal on any of the androids - besides the androids being faster, more flexible, and much more stable. Saying that winmo is more stable, in what do you base that? I've seen it crash during normal usage, and it never seemed particularly stable. Never mind you had to hunt for specially hacked firmwares to get it to upgrade, or else just get stuck in the early, buggy version it was released with.

In the end, most HTCs with winmo have older, inferior hardware (even compared to the cheap ZTE/Sapo A5) and an abandoned OS, and while the N96 had a great camera ans speakers, it had that god awful symbian ui, and the crash happy firmware that won't even let me use it as a GPS because it will reset for sure as soon as we are near an intersection.

I think my last good nokia was the 6600 (the original one).

Really, I don't understand the android bashing in your post, and the lies about the ZTE on other posts. Android is a great, stable, fast and flexible OS with a extremely involved community (something that is missing from ALL the other phone OS), the hardware ranges from the so-so to the great, and it really is faster and more powerful than winmo on the same hw - just ask anyone who has upgraded an HTC HD2, all my friends went from winmo 6.5 to android in a second.


.. because you are still missing the point...

Why should I buy a phone that drops its pants to google when I turn on the GPS, and is crippled if I dont allow the phone to do so.

You are entirely missing my point. I can and do have a fully functional winmo smartphone with a 260mhz processor, there are at least 4 different UI options for it, which it can run without issue. Its capable of taking 16gb MicroSD cards. Why is it that you are bouncing around with pleasure when your phone needs a 800mhz processor to run its OS as smoothly as a Symbian does with a 200mhz processor.

It does exactly the same as the Android phones you are so enamoured of - with the added advantage its rock solid stable and always, like the symbian you so loathe, has signal 24/7 where android phones wont dare to tread. Oh yes, and theres the part where you can still syncronise your Gmail account, with push, for free, without being shafted by google.

Why on earth do you seem to think that its progress to require more and more power to run a phone OS? Surely the whole point of progress is to make devices that have more ability whilst using less power, or learn to use the phone you have to the full extent of its capabilities..

And I would like to make one last point. I personally have been physically attacked twice, I would much rather have a symbian/winmo phone with me, in case of emergencies, that will get and hold a signal... than be in urgent need of assistance and find my iOS/Android phone has zero signal.

I wonder how many girls and women have been put in dangerous or lethal situations because the phone advertising they fell for, lumbered them with battery hungry mobile phones that excel at taking pictures and giving them a headache, but either have a flat battery or no signal, when some nutter who is far to close to his mother is intent on raping or strangling them...

Anonymous Coward

I'm not the one missing the point

Stability, in Nokia/Symbian, ended in the N95. On the aforementioned N96 (and others), the only way to have the GPS find where it is quickly is to replace the with, and that won't help you on the N96 as it will still reboot when the GPS has to deal with a large intersection.

It isn't smooth - I had to wait minutes for that crap to finish booting before being able to do anything. If I dared try to access contacts or dial while it was still loading some background crap, it would happily reboot again.

As for the signal - any of my android phones gets a signal with more ease than the last nokias (plural) I had. The only phone I had that had better reception (and still does) is a really venerable nokia 7100 - from when they knew how to make phones. Even the 6600 had worst reception than my "matrix" nokia.

I agree with you, that for the same functionality, one should need less power with newer generations of phones. However, the android has so much more functionality, and functionality that I can use immediately instead of having to hunt through a complicated and messy menu system, that it will use that power. You can use something like setcpu to put your cpu clock constantly at 260MHz and still use it well for phone calls, etc., all the basic phone stuff. But with a more powerful phone you can do a lot of other stuff, from playing games to sending photos and videos to the family, to sshing into a server in case of need, etc. Btw, you'll have to tell me how to get push functionality working on a series 3 symbian - it never worked on my N96.

As for your final straw man, on what to do in case of an attack - I see you keep insisting on an android phone having less signal. I don't see that here. I see winmos being unstable, crash happy crap that can't do a call reliably, even with full signal power, and I see recent nokias also becoming crash happy, slow, and getting less signal than any of my androids. And here the signal reception is crap in many places - but my android never let me down.

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didn't they put a 12 Mpx camera in there? i did quite a bit of searching online for my new phone, focusing on the best cam and the N8 outshone all of the others, most by quite a margin. now they've taken what was the most appealing feature for me in the N8 out of the package.

I think i'll go and see if i can get a second hand N8.....


quality != megapixelas

Jeez, I thought even the most ignorant people were past the stage of megapixels = quality for a camera. The Nokia phone cameras are better because they have better optics. Better/larger sensors help but I am not going to go find the actual comparisons. And then there is the software which really is a deal breaker when it sucks - which it does on so many phone cams.

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Very happy with my Nokia C7

- Latest Symbian OS is pretty slick - hardly any lag

- It has an FM transmitter - play music in the car or anywhere with a radio

- TV output

- 720HD recording

- feels solid

£30 on upgraded contract - sweet...


another step closer

Well the last linux phone has gone (meego really to come out?) the last symbian is now out so Nokia is dead by christmas then?

I mean winpho 7 actually going to save them?



wow Nokia finally make a phone that I would want to buy. a pity then that's it's already a museum piece



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