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Apple's iPad is out. The pre-orders are inbound - if they haven't arrived already - and it's in the shops. Apple reckons we'll flock to its "magical" device to use it as a browsing tool, as a media player, as an e-book reader, as a handheld games console, as a social media centric communicator and perhaps as all of the above …


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You know and I know

That Apple will develop it up to be a bloody good product. And it's pretty good for starters.

You can slag it off and live in denial all you like, but it will be a well-liked computer that sells an absolute shitload.


I'm looking for a tablet for web browsing...

...but the iPad isn't what I want.

* It's a bit too big and heavy - 7" screen would be more portable

* Resolution of 1024x768 is an improvement over smartphones but it could be better

* Microsim - err, no, regular sim please.

* Nothing to protect screen, a cover that flips round the back would be good

* Restricted OS - no thanks, give me some kind of Linux

I'll wait for a competitor's product.

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blah blah blah

It's crap. No wait a minute, it's brilliant.

Lazy, lazy lazy Register. Disappointed



it's just a big fingerprint magnet. And I don't like it when the manufacturer decides what applications are good form me.

But I am not the majority and Apple knows a lot about marketing and being cool. The cool factor is decisive.

I never understood people buying 400€ Jeans, but they do. Go figure


Very Cool, but...

It's undoubtedly cool, in the "gadgets for gadgets sake" way. If money was no object, I'd own one already.

But money *is* an object, so what it can do and where I can take it become important, how cool it is stops mattering. And there's the rub, in it's current iteration the iPad strikes me as the worst of several worlds: the sort of limitations usually associated with smartphones, but in a form factor that's not "everywhere, all the time" convenient.

If I'm going to put up with even one phone-like limitation, I want the thing to fit in a trouser pocket. On the other hand, if I'm going to be stuck with a device that won't fit in a pocket, I'd quite like it to be a fully-functional computer, even if it does have a touchscreen keyboard by default.

In other words, make the second generation iPad be half-a-Macbook, and we'll talk. Until then, iPad is for other people who are cooler and richer than me, and who consequently don't have to justify every purchase on the basis of actual usefulness.


Grrr. Ever heard of "Compromise"?

I went to Apple Store Newcastle and got one this morning. Despite a queue when they opened, they still had stock so I cancelled my stupidly long pre-order (how hard can it be to work out how many you need when people HAVE ALREADY ORDERED THE BLOODY THING?) I'm going to use it for a while before I make a judgement, but at the moment, I think people are looking at it like the first people to see the motor-car - "great, but where does the horse go?"

And finally, one commenter wanted a bigger screen (>12") , the other wanted a smaller screen (~7) - why not compromise and go for one around 9" - now that would be a magical and revolutionary idea wouldn't it... I've never yet found a computer that is absolutely EVERYTHING I want, they've all been compromises, but it depends on what is an acceptable level of compromise to you.


Nothing really new here..

HP and many other have been making tablets for years, maybe XP tablet edition was not very good but the hardware has been there for a long time.. now with windows 7 the tablet manufacturers that have been maknig them for years will start releasing new ones designed aronud win 7 then we will see a proper tablet...



When's the NetBSD port for the iPad come out? That might make it actually useful.

I just bought a netbook and absolutely love it, EeePC 1201N, decent enough battery life, fast, and it runs a real OS!


Apples latest product....

Having just released the iPad in the UK, Apple have announced the future release of the iPad nano...

An iPad that will fit in your pocket and complete with a phone function... they will beaccepting pre-orders as of next week.... the two versions will be dubed the minipad or the maxipad....


It's NOT intended to do what desktops or laptops do!

“Disruptive Technology” is NOT meant to do everything its predecessors can. It's meant to do MANY things faster, easier to access, more accessibly.

And so the iPad does.

Great for vids, quick surfing, reading, ... Not too bad for shorter emails, twitter, etc., and usable sometimes when a notebook or desktop wouldn't be handy. NOT a replacement for stuff I use at my office that does major processing or ties into secure systems that can't be accessed over any wifi.

My needs are met well enough by a combo of an iPhone and a loaded-to-the-gills MacBookPro, so I'm not getting an iPad soon. But it sure looks compelling and I laugh at quibbles such as its using a micro-sim in place of the older standard.



The "I just don't give a crap" voting button


From my usage so far...

Not enough apps have been ported.

iPhone "emulation" is a bit buggy.

Should have included much more RAM - seems same as 3GS, and with higher resolution means there's less RAM overall for apps.

Not great reliability from apps.


@ gilbert

My six year old has an acer aspire one a110 running linpus lite and she doesnt have to do anything to it, she plays games, browses the web and reads stuff straight out of the box.

It just works and the closest it gets to a bash script is when she drops it.

And for £200 it was well worth it.



I went into the Apple Store in Newcastle today and had a play with one. Underwhelmed is the word. It looks lovely and it works very well, but even holding it in my hand with my own rampant fanboi-ness, I just simply couldn't see the point of it. If it had a full, or even cut down version of OSX, or be as it is for less than £200, then I'd reconsider. I'd rather put the £430+ towards a new MacBook or iMac if i'm honest


@Gilbert Gosseyn and Tankut Erinc [nail on head]

Absolutely agree.

I can see a market for this type of product that just works, and does all of the multimedia / email / social networking stuff effortlessly, intuitively (think iPhone user-interface and experience) and *if* it performed seamless integration with other Apples products and services.

My mother - like Tankut Erinc's mother - would be a perfect candidate. She is not technically minded in the least, and nor should she need to be technically minded to fulfil her requirements. In this context, I equate "technically-minded" (and pejorative terms) as an euphemism for 'poor design / execution'.

That said, the cost is simply too prohibitive at the moment, features too limited and the lack of support for Flash is a major stumbling point.

As other posters have stated, this is a piece of disruptive technology that clearly has a market (communications / e-reader / multimedia / social-networking), and has potential for creative industries - I'm thinking decent pen device for input - but maybe 12-18 months down the line once there is more competition, maturity and the 'oooh shiny!' tax has been removed.

I'm happy with my Samsung NC10 netbook (dual-booting Ubuntu and Win XP) and either an iPhone or HTC Desire - to fulfil my requirements. Yet I do see a market for the iPad and similar products (especially if the device allows annotations with pen-input device - I'm thinking for e-reader functionality) and could maybe be tempted down the line. But I got stung with the Opus E-reader - sitting in it's box, awaiting my return from China to sell on secondary market - and am firmly sitting on my hands for 12-18 months, before deciding if my mother will receive an iPad (or similar product) for Christmas.


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Simens Simpad

Nothing new here Apple, move along!

Simpad was:

- Lighter!

- Common OS (Win CE)

- Can have any communication module by PCMCIA Card

- Standard ISO/IEC 7816 SmartCard interface build-in

- Linux can be installed-

- Price starts ca ~AU $50,00 at ebay


Get a grip

Love it or hate it - in what way is a device that's already sold millions a FAIL? It doesn't matter how good or bad it is, it doesn't matter if the wrong sort of people or buying it for the wrong reasons. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is whether it's selling or not. Do millions of people pick them up, play with them, go "wow!" and buy them? Yes.

Talk about blinkered by your own opinions!


@Tom 64

"If someone made one that runs Windows 7 for a similar price I'd have one."

hahaha, nice one. That was a joke, right?

So, how would that work exactly? Let's take a look at that shall we?

First, to run Windows 7 we will need some sort of hard drive storage, so we'll have to add that. The pad will need to get a bit bigger of course to fit the drive. Cost a bit more too. Also, a lot more RAM will be required, a minimum of 512MB I expect, perhaps more. Oh, we will also need an x86 processor because thats all Windows will run on so maybe an atom will have to be added to the unit. We will need to bump up the size and cost a lot more to fit all this in of course. Now, all this extra stuff will draw a lot more power too, so we'd probably better triple the battery size, or maybe even quadruple it if we want to get to a 10+ hour battery life. Have to make the device bigger for that too.

Great, so here is our Windows "ipad". It's a lot bigger than the apple one, far heavier and considerably more expensive. The Wimp UI is not suited to touch screens at all but it does run Solitaire great! It also gets real hot and despite the huge amount of batteries we dumped in it the maximum it will run between charges struggles to exceed 5 hours.

Oh well, at least it's not one of those crap apple ones tho!

Here's a clue for you Tom 64, there are already Windows tablets out there, have been for quite some time. People, including yourself, have had the opportunity to purchase them for 10 years now but for some reason that is apparently unknown to you, they simply don't.

I'll tell you why. It's because Windows tablets, without exception, are big, clunky, hot, expensive and TOTALLY CRAP.

You will never see Full Bloat Windows run on a device with the ipads form factor EVER.

Get used to it.



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