back to article PS3 update to rid all consoles of Linux support

Sony will release the next PlayStation 3 firmware update this week, the company has announced. But the software - version 3.21 - will disappoint Linux buffs. It will remove the 'Install Other OS' option from older consoles. The update goes live on 1 April. A fair few Linux fans will hope Sony's announcement is an early April …


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  1. tempemeaty

    All your products are belong to us said the corporations

    Time to stop buying products that the manufacturer can take control away from you with. They change the rules and do it these days.

    1. John Goodwin 4

      Total bollox mate

      So you'd have no problem with your car manufacturer removing the gearbox of your car because they deem it necessary? Looks like you'll be spending a lot of time at the side of the road.

      Don't expect to be able to connect? What poppycock and nonsense, my uninformed Anonymous Coward. I've already connected and have done so successfully using the Logan5 tool. PSN and multiplayer all working fine.

      And by the way, it's insecure - not unsecure, you twonk.

  2. Muckydevil

    How do we fight this can we....

    I purchased my old PS£ especially to run Linux... now they are taking that right away!!!!

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Holtz is clearly and idiot PS2 emulation, SACD playback both relied on at least partially on hardware, which were removed because consumers whinged about the price of the PS3 initially.

    He is backtracking and trying to cover himself now, as it's clear he has opened himself up for being sued...

  4. MarkOne


    "I purchased my old PS£ especially to run Linux... "

    Then don't update.... It's not a hard concept to grasp. Nobody is forcing you to update.

    Don't however expect Sony to let your insecure platform to connect to secure PSN.... It's one or the other... TIME TO CHOOSE...

    However, as you said "especially to run Linux" it should be a no brainer decision for you (or do you want it all ways...).

    1. OldBiddie
      Thumb Down

      Not a choice

      Whether you chose to upgrade or not Sony is crippling the functionality of the machine you bought and paid good money for; the equivalent of, well, you can lose your left thumb or your right one. Either way you're still only going to be left with one thumb.

      It's not right, and for those saying, well I don't use it so it doesn't matter, you're completely missing the point.

      If Sony decide to remove DVD-R, Wifi, BluRay or Bluetooth support in the future due to "security" are you going to rollover and accept that as acceptable too?

  5. asdf Silver badge


    >Holtz is clearly and idiot PS2 emulation, SACD playback both relied on at least partially on hardware, which were removed because consumers whinged about the price of the PS3 initially.

    >He is backtracking and trying to cover himself now, as it's clear he has opened himself up for being sued...

    Bullcrap. DRM will never work and just about every other company besides Sony has accepted this. At some point you have to allow your customers to see your content in plaintext or else they won't buy your stuff. You put something out there and say you can't do anything with YOUR hardware that we don't approve of and guess what, someone will. Holtzs only mistake was being so public about it. Also don't quote the DMCA as it is obviously unconstitutional and doesn't apply outside USA Inc.

  6. asdf Silver badge

    whats really going on

    As has been stated elsewhere the only reason Sony even bothered with the OtherOS option was because they were trying to get the lower tariffs for computers as opposed to consumer electronics in many countries. After this ruse failed they have had zero interest in maintaining this feature. Makes sense because since when has Sony shown any interest in letting you use their hardware however YOU want. Kinda sad that the only next generation console that is really open to homebrew and still being able to play games online is the WII (token DRM protection but easily defeated).

  7. Woof

    I was getting bored with the PS3

    It is a simple fact that I really don't use our PS3 much any more -- it is getting rather old in the tooth as a gaming platform and I really prefer using wasd+mouse over that annoying controller.

    The only reason I have a PS3 at all is that I had a severe motorbike accident a while ago and during my recovery, my PC broke and being in a wheelchair I could not repair it so I got the PS3 to play games on; but now that I have recovered, the turn-key aspect of a game console is no longer quite so appealing to me.

    If I do use our PS3, it is as a Linux box but even this I rarely exercise in favor of Linux on my PC (which is much faster). My wife still uses the PS3 to play DVD's but not Blu-Rays because the old titles that she likes work well on DVD's so again Linux (which she uses too) is just fine for that.

    I enjoy tinkering with gaming hardware as much as I enjoy playing the games. But it is just too much work to consider doing very much with the PS3 (e.g., you can't just put in a new graphics device). So despite the hack, at this point it is irrelevant as I am back to PC gaming. Maybe PC gaming will go away (very possible) or maybe I will eventually become bored with PC gaming. In either outcome it does not matter there are plenty of other toys.

    So in net, our PS3 is becoming superflouos. When it eventually fails, I will remove the hard disk and discard it and say good bye to Sony. It was a decent romp while it lasted.

  8. MarkOne


    Sounds like you got a brain injury in that bike crash too..

    As for this "news". it seems like nobody cares...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Megaphone this PS3 mine or not?

    I've got Linux installed. I upgraded the HD especailly years back. Was disappointed about it's performance, but still, as a geek, was fun to do. Still like to geek that fact out that I have Linux on my PS3 to non-geeks..In fact, my m8's thought of me when they read the news :-)

    Haven't booted up using it for over a year, probably won't (think about it like an ex-girlfriend kinda thing - nice to have known)...but the important thing is that it's something I have invested time and money in, in a product I thought was mine.

    Now...I could be wrong, but removing this feature is changing a feature of the product...isn't that a misrepresentation of goods problem? Let alone the whole known idea that where does ownership of a product be fully mine and partially the manafacturers?

    Silly analogy:

    I bought a pair of jeans coz I liked the cut...designers decided they don't think the cut is representative of their new image - they change the cut of my jeans

    ..."but I didn't buy those jeans"

    ..".well, you're making us look bad"

    ..."but you sold them to me like that"

    ...".sorry (optional apology!) kid, you don't have a choice"

    ..."ok, well..I'll be buying jeans from another designer next time."


    doesn't seem right does it?

    The install isn't really optional. It's only optional because I have to manually do it. If Sony could auto-update legally, they would have done.

    Get in the crammed car with no space for your luggage or walk the next 30 miles in the rain?

    Thanks...ya f*cker

    I'm all up for a Facebook Group on this...anyone know one going? The consumer act must cover this somehow

    Don't give me candy then tell me it's bad and take it away. You'll make me cry and I'll hate you and you'll be that "meany" everyone dislikes


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