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The PS3 Slim sees Sony hoping to invigorate sales of the Playstation 3 with a lighter and much less expensive model. No doubt the company views this as a chance to redeem the brand before it starts to look like a fat old aunt in the console war. For this redemption to take place we would need to see some serious new features go …


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Real Question

All this harsh debate about PS3 and XBOX 360 is pointless. In schools, kids buy what other kids have so they can play online against one another. It happens that in my son's school, they have opted for the XBOX 360.

The real question is, should you buy a stand-alone Blu Ray player or just pay a little more and get a PS3. I think the PS3 looks like a nice option... if only they could make it look like a normal Blu-Ray player then my wife wouldn't notice. Occasionally, a title comes up that requires the other console - Heavy Rain is such a title.


@david soponski

Anyone that considers themselves a gamer (even a casual one), NEEDS a PS3, there is just too much exclusive content you are missing out on.


Uncharted 1&2

Killzone 2

Gran Turismo 5

God Of War iii

Little Big Planet

Resistance 1&2


Heavy Rain

That's just the creme de'la creme of the disk exclusives, then then of course have a tonne of PSN exclusives like the Pixeljunk series, Last Guy and loads more..


Gran Turismo 5*

* - If you can be bothered wait another couple of years for that particular 'exclusive' to drop out of Sony's poo-chute...



"Anyone that considers themselves a gamer (even a casual one), NEEDS a _PC_"

There, fixed for you :P


PS3 no games?

This weeks Top10 says otherwise...

Every title is EXTREMELY good, no stinkers here...

God of War 3 – Santa Monica Studios – SCE

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Digital Illusions – EA

Final Fantasy XIII – Square Enix – SEE

Heavy Rain – Quantic Dream – SCE

Call of Duy: Modern Warfare 2 – Infinity Ward – Act

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Naughty Dog – SCE

MotoGP 09/10 – Monumental Games – Capcom

Aliens vs. Predator – Rebellion – SEGA

FIFA 10 – EA Canada - EA

Assassin’s Creed II – Ubisoft (Montreal) – Ubisoft

As someone mentioned, you would have to be out of your head on crack to be saying the PS3 has a shortage of great games in 2009/2010, it's got the best games of ANY system, by a long shot. There are at least 3 PS3 exclusives in that list that blow anything on Xbox out the water.

Thumb Down

Had them all, now got none...

At one point I had both consoles, then I realised my madness stuck to my PC for most gaming kept my 360 for FIFA and sold my PS3.

Then after getting annoyed by the 360s inability to copy content (you can only copy from music CDs, not MP3 disks, network or HDDs! So I sold it and brought a PS3 instead when FIFA10 was released, I kept it for just under 24 hours!!! Yes you heard me right 24 hours because FIFA is only 720p on the PS3 whereas 1080p on the 360 and despite what most say you can easily see the difference.

Now I have a high spec PC and that is it, I simply cannot be bothered with the tripe they are selling.

Then you have the other issue, you spend silly money on a PS3, even stupider money on the games and they try to sell you additional content on the consoles which they GIVE AWAY ON THE PC! (Which incidentally you pay less for the priviledge in the first place)

I know I shouldn't complain it's not costing me but it infuriates me how they get away with it, then have the bottle to say Pirating is killing PC gaming.

The truth is the vast, VAST majority of PC gamers will more than happily pay the money IF a game is worth buying, unfortunately this is rarely the case, as exposed by the amount of rubbish which they sell on the consoles.

The Wii on the other hand, a well priced, inative console which is fun for all the family, something no other games console or PC has managed to do.

Would love to see Nintendo take it to the next level now and blow Sony (pff) and MS (blah) out of the water, lets just hope Apple don't decide to join the race or we really are in for a ride!

Sorry if my scepacism shows; that's what Linux does to you!


Fight,Fight, Fight...... week children, is the Amiga better than the ST.

It's like the school playground here. Bunch of sad teenagers argueing who's dad is hardest.

Grow up kiddies, there is a whole word outside your festing pit of a bedroom.

PS mines in the SAS and Navy there


Is Backwards Compatibility really needed?

I have to agree with other posts - the PS3 Slim is not new, so why so long for this review to appear?

As for the quality of games; agreed some ports could be better, but again as mentioned by many others there are now enough top level exclusives to justify buying a PS3.

Personaly I think the PS3 is good value when you take into account it's other abilities - myself I use it for watching Blu-ray discs and streaming videos from my PC to watch on my big HD telly as well as playing games.

As for backwards compatibility - I own one of the 60gb 'fat' PS3 consoles which is PS2 (and PSOne) backwards compatible. When I bought my PS3 I sold my PS2 and most of the games, retaining only what I thought were a few essesntials. However, this proved to be a waste of time - once I'd acquired a few PS3 titles, the PS2 ones never got a look-in. Ultimately I ended up selling all my PS2 titles too. The only PS2 games I have now are the wife's Buzz and Singstar party style games, and even these are rarely used now she has a ultimately although PS2 compatibility is nice, it ain't essential for me (and I suspect for many others). Having said all that, I do think it was a bit tight of Sony to remove it (they obviously realised they could make more money by re-selling us PSOne / PS2 titles which we already own via the PSN Store....)

(P.S. - although I wouldn't miss PSOne / PS2 compatibility, I WOULD miss my extra 2 USB ports and the multiple card reader slots, so I'm happy I've got an old 60gb fatty !).

Silver badge

Still playing Uncharted 2

I has taken a few years but finally I have found a game I have to play, and play every night.

Yes I bought Uncharted 2 on launch day, and still playing now.

The multiplayer is great fun.


yes it is an Mk-NDI


It's rather good really

I don't really play games (NfS Shift came with my PS3, will probably buy GT5, otherwise not bothered). However, the PS3 slim makes a lovely little media hub (Blu-Ray, PlayTV, streams from my NAS box).

The downer for me is that it won't play my (home-made, honest) DVDs that I have stored on the network. Also, as far as I can tell, it won't play any losslessly compressed audio files (included Sony's own lossless flavour of ATRAC).

Saw a PS3 Slim sitting next to an X-Box 360 in John Lewis and the M$ offering looked far too chunky.

Oh, and as a previous poster brought it up, we all know that the Amiga was really the daddy.



you need to enable the atrac from the settings menu


@Ivor Biggen

Thank you for info, but seemingly still no worky.

Unless I'm being thick (quite possible), PS3 does not support the lossless version of ATRAC.

Also, it doesn't seem to stream any flavour of ATRAC from the network. Grrrr.


PS3 will be next choice...

I own 360, Wii (Bowling at Christmas) and PS2 (SingStar at Christmas).

360 on last legs - couple of red lights - power cycle and we're good to go.

When it dies and as my 'Xbox Live' days are pretty much extinct.

I'm 36, fortunate to still have a better half and beautiful 3 year old son.

Its time for me to grow up and return to Sony - all about less noise. I have to much noise in my life now, so best if I can reduce it I will. Owned the original PS - and boy do I miss tilting it at just the right angle to load the games.....thanks Sony. Nothing like fond memories of my youth.

Sensible Soccer anyone....?



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