back to article Transformers up for seven Razzies

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation has announced its nominations for the 30th Annual Razzie Awards, which will "dis-honor The Worst of the 'Uh-Ohs'" inflicted on cinemagoers during 2009. Leading the race to mount the podium of shame is Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, described as "over-loud, over-long, …


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  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Oh come on people

    I liked Transformers. Only watched the first one though.

    And I was drunk at the time.

  2. Alpha Tony

    Did they really fall, or were they pushed?

    The first Transformers was actually pretty entertaining IMO. It lacked any real depth but the plot was coherant within it's own (somewhat silly) parameters and there was enough in-jokes thrown in to mean it didnt feel like it was taking itself too seriously. Certainly not a classic piece of cinema, but entertaining action fluff to watch after a few pints.

    I cannot even begin to express how utterly awful the second film is. The plot doesan't make any sense whatsoever. The acting is terrible. The casting is terrible. What dialogue there is (squeezed between all the gratuitous explosions and CG), is terrible. I honestly cannot think of a single good thing to say about the movie. It's not even over quickly- It's like some endurance test on a sadistic Japanese gameshow.

    I also really don't understand the mentality of guys that watch a film and say 'yeah it was terrible but there was this hot girl who got almost naked in it, so I still enjoyed it'... Seriously? You'd sit through two and a half hours of eye-bleedingly bad acting, writing and cinematography just to see an attractive woman almost get naked? You DO know that if you have the internet you can look at hot women get completely naked whenever you want? Do your self a favour- Surf yourself some boobies then go and watch a decent film.

    1. DrXym Silver badge

      I notice that trend too

      People go on and on about Megan Fox but the reality is with a 3 second search you can find racier pictures of her than anything in Transformers. All from the privacy and comfort of home.

      Michael Bay is just an awful director with inexplicable commercial success. His movies are at best mediocre and more often inexcusably bad. In virtually instance any other director would have made a better job of things.

  3. markp 1

    i don't get it... were there no truly bad films this year?

    why do they have to pick on one from 1985?

  4. FreeTard


    Transformers 2 was all right, I enjoyed it. One of the kids got it on a DVD at Xmas, I seem to remember watching it twice, hmm, was I drunk...hmmm.

    The worst flics of the noughties were :

    1. Pearl Harbour

    2. I know what you did.... (every release)

    3. titanic

    Anything recent by Spielberg or Cameron in fact.

    I remember thinking Avatar was fantastic, but now I'm thinking it was just graphics and political correct shite. Adding that to my list.


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