back to article Nokia jacks up Apple patent complaint

Nokia has upped the ante in its patent-infringement battle against Apple by extending its accusations to cover "virtually all of [Apple's] mobile phones, portable music players, and computers," according to a statement by the fiesty Finns. For today, at least, Apple's Cinema Display and iPod Socks remain beyond Espoo's wrath …


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  1. Dana W

    Nokia? Are you kidding?

    In the end, Nokia phones are tanking. They are the has-beens of the business. They basicly think if thy can make all the competition go away, that people will have to buy their "who cares" products.

    I had a Nokia in 2000 and 2002 when they built a cheap, solid phone, I stopped getting them when virtually every other manufacturer passed them by in features and quality years ago. When even LG spanks your ass the game is over.

    They are like Microsoft, they refuse to believe a bad product won't sell, so they spend a lot of money. Improving it? No, simply covering it in lawyers. Glad to see its not just the US killing tech with patent trolls.

    I can't vouch for Europe, but here you see a Nokia about as often as you see a Zune. I can count either this year on the fingers of one hand. so Nokia will go down suing. Pity they don't put the energy into building phones people actually want to buy.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    No need to say more.

    1. Andus McCoatover

      I CAN vouch for Europe.

      I can also personally vouch for Peru, Israel, Indonesia, China, Philipines, Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary etc ad. nauseum. Most common phones are Nokia. OK, I bought my son an LG last year, because he wanted the 'fetching pink' colour. I worry about him sometimes, more when he's conscripted into the Finnish army, but I digress.

      I've been there, seen it with my own eyes. I agree Nokia's tanking at the moment, but you should do a 'Google' for "Finnish Sisu". (Not the sweets, BTW)

      Remember, US has less than 5% of the worlds population.

  3. A knight who until recently said "Ni!"


    One sounds more like a cup o' tea, no?

  4. hexx

    not as simple as it seems

    from what i've read around:

    they've tried to find some sort of agreement since 2007, where nokia asked apple to pay royalties plus access to private apple patents which is a bit dodgy - apple refused of course because it would allow nokia to build a phone similar to iphone.

    then a year later nokia wanted just money, but it was 3x the royalties other pay - apple refused of course.

    then this year nokia asked 3x royalties plus access to apple's private patents - refused again, no wonder here.

    There's also the fact that nokia asked certain percentage from the revenue which is a bit tricky as all of us know that out of £400 of the iphone, 90% of the device is pocket computer and the remaining bit is a phone therefore apple sees it as unfair and tried to negotiate lower royalties as it's complete nonsense to pay let's say 5% of £400 where it should be really 5% of £40 and that's why it went to court.

    apple done nothing to sue them on infringing their patents until now where nokia plays dirty, it did file a suit in defense.

    also how come that the others didn't file any suit against apple? nokia isn't the only one in this consortium but part of it, although it holds majority of the 'essential' patents (if i recall correctly it's about 68%).


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