back to article Physicists assemble world's smallest snowman

The National Physical Laboratory has deployed a range of techniques to create the world's smallest snowman - a diminutive fellow just 10 µm across, or "1/5th the width of a human hair". The world's smallest snowman. Pic: NPL The NPL explains: "The snowman was made from two tin beads used to calibrate electron microscope …


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  1. bexley

    tax payer money well spent

    Never mind that cure for cancer nor the threat of climate change.

    It's way more fun to fuck about with micro snowmen.

    I would not mind what these chaps did under normal circumstances. But i wan them to get on with some real work now thankyou very much.

    1. DaWolf

      jog on

      it will have cost very little if they already had the equipment, and is awesome. It's also on their educational section - it's supposed to get kids interested in science.

      all the negative people on this thread should just jog on....

    2. rciafardone

      This is a test of capabilities...

      This is a test of capabilities, not a superfluos use of great resourses.

      These are not medical scientist...

      And "Manmade" Climate change is BS since all the "science" behind it is BS.

  2. Captain Thyratron

    Always good to see...

    ...what some good electron optics and some ion beams can do. I wonder how many of the "it's not snow" and "waste of funds" crowds realize that the very same technology is instrumental in the manufacturing of many of the integrated circuits in the computers they're using to write their whiney comments.

  3. Thimmus
    Thumb Up

    Not made of snow?

    Maybe not 'snow' in the traditional sense, but why limit the definition of a word to being just what we've always understood it to mean?

    Besides, it looks vaguely crystalline, and it's bloody impressive. I want one for my tree.

  4. P. Lee Silver badge

    santa hat?

    I thought this was under a domain?

    That'll be "Father Christmas" please! And a bowler hat.


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