back to article MS exec gets shot down after 'inaccurate' Windows 7 spiel

Apple might agree that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but Microsoft has slammed suggestions that its Windows 7 operating system was inspired by Mac OS X. Microsoft's UK partner group manager Simon Aldous reportedly said that the software giant had effectively created “a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics” in …


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Re: Xerox

Apple visited Xerox to view their work according to an agreement under which Xerox received Apple stock and understood that Apple would adopt those ideas it liked. So in that transaction they didn't just appropriate ideas, they paid for them.



There are only so many ways a UI can be made easy to use, inevitably they end up sharing features. It would be moronic to produce a car without a steering wheel just because you didn't want to be seen copying anyone. Apple have had to "borrow" ideas in the past. Mouse wheels, tabbed browsing and Fast User Switch spring to mind. Sometimes a feature is simply too useful to be ignored.

@magnetik, none of those tasks is particularly difficult, but finding an open program with the taskbar is simpler. And when an action has to be repeated often, the extra effort of expose or CMD tabbing becomes infuriating.The single menu doesn't waste screen real estate argument is not true. The bar is there whether applications are open or not. The dock wastes space since the space at the side is not used, and putting it on autohide simply means more mouse travel any time you want to use it.

Apple's mice still are one button in practice. There is no way to press left and right buttons simultaneously. There is no middle click on a trackpad or the Magic Mouse. Sometimes going out of your way to make something different is overlooking the simple usefulness that is present in the device you are trying to replace.


multi-button mice/trackpads on Macs since the 80s

I too can't fathom why the "single-button-mouse-on-Macs" myth persists. There have been multi-button devices for Macs since the 80s, but nowadays, just plug in any bog-standard third-party mouse and right-click right away.

The big mystery here is how the world's fattest software company could take so long to create an OS and emerge with...Vista. A more egregious disgrace is difficult to imagine.

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@ Those who say the Win7 interface is modelled after KDE4

Is it really? I've been a Gnome user for a long time and I was thinking about trying KDE. However, I absolutely despise the Win7 interface, it's crap. If KDE4 is really what Win7's ripping off then I think I'll keep away from KDE after all.


Windows 7 is designed to look nice

Trouble is, large amounts of information often don't look nice. So how does MS solve that? Any useful information has been ripped clean out of the explorer shell, of course.

Who cares right? The n00bs don't mind that it takes 18 separate clicks to do a task that used to take 1, because they'd just fuck it up either way anyway. And Microsoft seems desperate to appeal to n00bs, as if they don't have enough in their user base already.

Ultimate I moved away from Vista because it was becoming too much of a n00b OS. Holds your hand through easy tasks, and removes complicated (useful) tasks entirely.

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@Joey - his comments were inaccurate and uninformed

"Just like their coders then!" - remind us how the Apple programmers failed to spot the code (having been highlighted as a bug in Leopard) that deleted users data when you logon as a guest? Rather than remove the code they just blindly copied it into the service pack that is Snow Retard.

Apple - the ultimate insult.


@sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

" Did I say 1 button mouse?"

Too many times. C'mon, surely you know Apple hasn't sold one button mice in years?

"Where the F$@@# are the pageup and pagedown keys?"

They're the ones with the up and down arrows with two little lines crossed over them, just below F15. If you're using a laptop keyboard you press ctrl + up / down.

"Apple recurrently sticking to a 1 button mouse laptop design."

Turn on "secondary click" in your trackpad preferences and you can do a right-click with two fingers, or alternatively press ctrl when you click. I love the new Apple trackpad - no stupid buttons to take up space.


RE: sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD wrote: " The mac ain't perfect. But it sure as hell beats vista :P But let's bash Apple's UI for a bit shall we?"

Before we even get to your points, let's have a little think about the kind of "sense" that went into each GUI design.

Apple decided that if you wanted to shut your machine down, you should choose "Shut Down" from the menu.

MS decided that if you wanted to shut your machine down, you should first click on "Start"...

Now that we have a glimpse into the minds of the designers, let's take your points one by one ;)

"Points I dislike about the mac UI

1. 1 button mouse"

Nothing to do with the interface and replaced about 10 years ago with multi-mouse buttons, thereby rendering your argument obsolete.

"2. Menubar... why is it you can only have it at the top eh?"

That's what the Amiga did... and as far as I can see MS Office does things this way too... what's your point? Can you reposition the menus on Windows? No.

"3. 1 button mouse

4. Did I say 1 button mouse?

5. 1 button mouse.

6. Apple recurrently sticking to a 1 button mouse laptop design.

7. Yes I said 1 button mouse."

Outdated argument.

Did I say Outdated argument?

Outdated argument.

You might as well admit that you haven't used a Mac since the 90s!

"8. Where the F$@@# are the pageup and pagedown keys?"

Exactly where you would expect (or at least they are on my keyboard!)

Truth be told, this is being typed on a mac.

So apart from a small gripe about menu positioning, your argument collapsed. The menu positioning was the same on the Amiga and ST (iirc) and is different depending on which Windows app you choose to examine...

Just to counter the silly comments someone else made about the OSX dock:

I'd rather have the dock in all it's beauty than the windows start bar. As more windows are opened, you're less able to see what they are because the text is lost. OSX has mouse-over for window names and the icon looks like the window itself did (useful when you've got lots of web pages open!)

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@Ivan Headache

""A perfect example was Bill Gates claiming that Vista was the first and only OS to have parental controls despite Apple having introduced that feature to OS X nearly two years earlier."

I think it was introduced much earlier than that - possibly in OS 10.1"

Erm, you know what the X stands for in OS X, right? :-) OS 10.1 is/was OS X


The legions of utterly clueless Apple clowns are upon us... it's about time to remind them that NO, APPLE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH INVENTING EITH GRAPHICAL UI OR WINDOW-LIKE OR ETHERNET OR GIGABIT OR DIGITAL MUSIC PLAYERS OR FIREWIRE or anything so far.

Apple didn't invent jacksh!t so far - it was always RE-INTERPRETING existing devices, methods, objects.

Ergo it would be hard both not to copy oand copy Apple - that's all.


RE: Anonymous Coward

"Apple decided that if you wanted to shut your machine down, you should choose "Shut Down" from the menu.

MS decided that if you wanted to shut your machine down, you should first click on "Start"..."


Apple decided that if you wanted to shut your machine down, you should first click on the APPLE LOGO in the corner then choose "Shut Down" from the menu...

MS decided that if you wanted to shut your machine down, you should first click on START/WINDOWS LOGO in the corner then choose "Shut down"...

Stop making up BS only to dress up your idiotic false arguments, please.


Starting and stopping with the same button

You can just see the legions of people sitting in cars vowing never to drive again because they have to use the same device to stop the engine as to start it...



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