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The stereotype goes that Mac fans are markedly loyal to their platform. And while a new study by the NPD Group shows Apple adoption is on the rise, the vast majority of Jobs-fearing homes also keep a Windows PC running under their roof. More than 12 per cent of US homes have at least one Mac, according to NPD's latest …


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  1. magnetik

    Mac apps

    I'm always amazed at the amount of FUD people buy into. Comments like this:

    "Mac owners need a PC because outside of Safari, iTunes, and Photoshop, there is little other decent software for the mac"

    "I don't know why people spent top $ for an OS that can't run half the world apps"

    Really, if that's what you think then you are clueless cretins.

    Firstly, quantity != quality. Sure, there are loads more Windows programs, so what? I'd rather choose between a few quality apps than a ton of rubbish ones. Do you keep copies of all the bundled garbage that comes with a new Windows PC or wipe the disk and do a clean install?

    Secondly, in 5 years of using OS X as both a geek (developer, unix admin) and creative type (photographer, music producer) I have yet to come across a Windows app I formerly used that didn't have a Mac equivalent, and in most cases the Mac app has been far better.

  2. Saopaulo101


    Is this not just because people with macs generally have more disposable income?

  3. Christopher Rogers
    Thumb Up

    @ Ant 6

    Correct - This is a debate about the same hardware presented in different boxes. The only real difference is OS and Apps and Windows still seems to be the people's choice. Therefore, I can only conclude that mac owners also like the smell of their own farts.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    @ Christopher Rogers

    "The only real difference is OS and Apps and Windows still seems to be the people's choice"

    Except that it isn't. How many people get to choose which OS they can use at work?

  5. Ivan Headache

    @Christopher Rogers

    "I can only conclude that mac owners also like the smell of their own farts."

    When a Mac user farts it's part of the productive prfocess.

    When a windows user farts his system crashes (and it's generally followed by a load of.......).

  6. magnetik


    "You compared iWork to Word. You should have compared iWork to MSWorks."

    Bollocks! Where's the Keynote equivalent in MS Works? Pages and Numbers may not have all the power features found in Word and Excel but they're certainly a cut above the Works apps.

    "Not so good now is it. I also note you also picked the Ultimate version of Win7, rather than the reasonably priced Home/Pro versions, which are £50/£80"

    Windows Home? Most people will want to be able to run their XP programs, so will have to choose Pro, at least, which is $199 RRP (source: Note too that OS X gives you the equivalent of Ultimate for £30. Which is better value?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Flame Time

    So the lovely Mac sits on the desk looking pretty

    As soon as you need to do some serious work or gaming, time to get the PC out.

    Fanbois please don't try and tell me that the Mac wins against the PC in a gaming competition

  8. The Stainless Steel Cat

    Microsoft's own making...

    I wonder how this changed after MS intentionally crippled Excel 2008 by removing Visual Basic and hence many of the advanced features of Excel like regression, solver and data analysis. Now, to show my students how to use these features, I have to run Parallels and switch between Keynote and a Windows... um, window.

  9. ClammyLammy

    Oh FFS!

    It's just code, people. Code. When you commentators stop to wipe the spital from your abused keyboards read back what you've written.



  10. Christopher Rogers

    Fanbois unite!

    @AC I wasn't even considering the workplace. Microsoft make the best corporate package therefore enterprise goes down that route.

    The majority of users just want a machine to surf interwebs, write emails, manage digital pics, and let the kids do homework etc. A reasonably priced Windows based PC does this.

    For developers/designers etc a high end PC (with a personalised spec not available from Apple) running Windows does the job.

    The only real advantage of owning a mac is image. Apple are currently riding on the crest of cool. The Sinclair Spectrum ZX once did this...

    @Ivan Headache There is no f in process. But then what do you care? Your a mac fanboi, you can't ever be wrong....

  11. Ivan Headache

    @Fanbois unite!

    The f is there just to show that we can make typos - because Windows users claim we can't do anything.

    FYI, I'm a Mac user,

  12. magnetik

    @Christopher Rogers

    "For developers/designers etc a high end PC (with a personalised spec not available from Apple) running Windows does the job"

    Not for me. As a developer / designer I'd pick a Mac any day over the alternatives. A Linux box (probably Ubuntu) would be my second choice, followed by Windows and then Solaris.

    "The only real advantage of owning a mac is image"

    That's why more and more geeks (especially ones coming from a unix background) are choosing Macs, right?

    Just how much experience do you have of OS X?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    In April, after 20 years of owning only Macs, I finally bought a secondhand PC laptop to go alongside the new Mac. I finally got sick of having to beg or borrow a machine every time some Freeview box, digital radio or phone needed reflashing or set up from a windows serial port, and I couldn't be arsed with wasting space on the Mac HD running Boot Camp. Buying games for PC, either new or secondhand via CEX is way cheaper too. But apart from prising open the odd file in an obscure format, thats all the use it gets or will ever get.

  14. Christopher Rogers

    Flame War!

    @Ivan - "because Windows users claim we can't do anything." Oh? I apologise if you read that out of what I have written, your Jobsian stance seems to compel you to go on the defensive. Whatever the shortcomings I'm sure your heart is in the right place.

    @magnetik - My OS X experience is limited, but I've yet to see the Mac do something a PC hasn't/can't do (apart from run Apple specific software and even at that Psystar is making inroads (and no, I wouldn't buy what they produce)).

    Unfortunately I did sell my argument short: "For developers/designers etc a high end PC (with a personalised spec not available from Apple) running Windows does the job" should be "...Windows or UNIX/LINUX..." Bit of a slip from a LINUX user...

    I know a number of fanboi's, all of whom have XP running on their machine one way or another.

    The programmers amongst them fire up LINUX to get anything done.

    As for the geeks - They are not cool by default. Unless they have a Mac. Then they are as cool as everyone else who owns a Mac.

    Anyhoo, before the Jobsian Borg collective try to hunt me down, I'm not denying the ability of Macs. But they are just like every other PC, except they are cool. They do the same as everything else, but they look cool doing it. Right up until the next best thing arrives....

  15. Bruce Ordway

    Which came first?

    We have a MAC & multiple PC's. Several versions of Windows & Linux. The MAC was a late addition to the collection. I didn't see any details on how NPD collected the data for this study.

    Are the MAC computers the primary device? My household would seem to fit, but in reality, the MAC is a secondary device here.

  16. magnetik

    @Christopher Rogers

    " I've yet to see the Mac do something a PC hasn't/can't do"

    That argument could also be applied to Windows vs Linux. I don't care that all three OSes can do the same things, to me it's important *how* they do them. A Ford Ka and a Mercedes SL55 will both get you from London to Edinburg, but we know which will be a more enjoyable driving experience. Apple's software tends to be polished and elegant with a lot of attention to detail.

    I've been running Linux desktops for 13 years now. Much as I love Linux for servers I just don't think it competes with OS X as a desktop OS, and Windows feels horribly clunky and badly thought out, not to mention the hours of maintenance you have to do just to keep the thing running properly.

    Give OS X a try, you may be surprised at how good the user experience is. :-)

  17. I J Ellis


    In today's world "PC's are a necessity; Mac's are a luxury"

    Think about it :-)

  18. Christopher Rogers


    I have no doubt about the OS X experience. However, some people may prefer a Ford Ka over a Merc as it better suits their needs and doesn't come with the same hefty price tag.

    I agree that Linux has a serious amount of UI work to do before it could be a real mass market contender (and I was gutted when BEos vanished as it could have been a massive threat to Windows. I am aware of the links to Apple, but BEos ran on my computer, i didn't have to go and get specific kit for it (though a BeBox would have been nice.))

    The long and short of my arguement is that Windows/Linux allows people to have kit they want/can afford doing all the things they need to do. Apple provide a similar service except they alter the user experience and add a premium price tag to that. And even at that, many Apple users run VMs of Windows/Linux.

    Its one of those debates that can run and run....

  19. Maclovin


    Yes, you could drive to Edinburg(sic) in a Mercedes Benz SL55 rather than a Ford Ka, but you'd look like a complete tosser with more money than sense.

    You could also surf the web and knock out the odd letter on a Macbook Air rather than a £300 Windows notebook, but... Oh, I think you know where this is going.

    Both devices will do the job just fine, and Windows 7 really does go a long way to close the 'user experience' gap, so why is everyone getting so wound up? For most normal people budget is the most important buying criteria, however, if you absolutely must project some sort of 'image' then I'm sure your posh Merc and your fancy Mac will make you very happy.

  20. lukewarmdog


    I walk round with a really big expensive Mac because I can't carry my big expensive PC around with me.

    Wait, this isn't the who has the blingiest epeen thread is it?


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