back to article Tory surveillance backlash: Worthy, but is it workable?

Conservative proposals to roll back the surveillance state may score an A for effort – but maybe only a B for practicality. Speaking today on the launch of Reversing the rise of the surveillance state, Shadow Justice Secretary Dominic Grieve MP condemned Labour's approach to databases and surveillance as "intrusive, …


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Big Brother

child protection trojan horse

The Tories are still committed to the Every Child Matters agenda (Getting It Right For Every Child in Scotland).

The snow-balling amount of personal details to be held on every citizen makes Contactpoint or the NIR look like a walk in the park :(

Funny how there has been a push to fund this by Action for Children (one of the government's many pet charities).

For further details of how the great-surveillance-disguised-as-child-protectio-scam, visit this blogpost:

And don't be put off by the Scottish slant - it is all the same under the various wrappings and there has been a lot of effort been put into "selling" the Scottish system recently:

See final comment....


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Black Helicopters

What seems to have been missed ...

... is that the next election is not one any party should be trying to win. The country is going to have so much trouble with getting out of the recession that there will have to be cuts AND tax increases. Crime is going to increase, along with the basic cost of living. Strikes are going to become a standard feature of life. Power cuts are already on the agenda. Life in the UK is going to be pretty poor, and that means that the party that gets in next is going to be unelectable for the thick end of the next twenty years, (just like the Labour party between 1978 and 1997). I reckon that Mandelson, the master of the long game, is fully aware of this, and making sure that Labour lose the next one (this week's "revelations" about the spending figures probably originated with him, or one of his minions). So, the question is not, "which party will do the better job next time?", but, "which do you want to see hung out to dry for the next generation or so?".

As to the revolutionaries out there - well, great idea, but what are we going to fight with? No guns, surveillance everywhere, no real popular support for such a thing (yet) ... not going to happen, I'm afraid. However, why not pervert the existing system? Let's put up an independent candidate in every constituency. OK, only a few would get through (I live in one of the areas where a ferret with tertiary syphilis would get elected if it was shown wearing a red rosette), but I suspect that many would garner enough votes to make the incumbent parties think twice. Who's up for it?

Black helicopters - well, obviously ....

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Re ... Less IT is more .. By Frank Gerlach Posted Friday 18th September 2009 00:21 GMT


Blaming the computer for the follies of Man is a cop out. The problem sits at its GUI/keyboard inputting Instruction.

As for AI-like crap, it is always wise and best not to misunderestimate what you may not know, for IT provides a very seductive entanglement with addictive strings which explore the very Essence of Spiritual Being in Global Operating Devices. Vorsprung durch AITechnIQ?

<<<[quote]But you spectacularly failed to answer my question.

Do you agree that belief and ideas are only the building blocks of knowledge?[/quote]

Yes, of course. They would be as the bricks and mortar of a knowledge house. However, that just leaves them as materials and plant on the building site with nothing built. Belief in ideas and/or Ideas you can believe in would then be required for the Master Builders.....Masons.

"Facts rely on evidence. .... Only when you have evidence to support it, can you say you have a house." ...... And when the available evidence doesn't support the facts, sandywinder, and you have built your mansion upon such facts, is the building real, or a ghostly facade which will disappear/crash to the ground?

And you are cordially invited to unambiguously answer those two questions, with a revealing No and/or Yes.

On a very general note/personal opinion about Man, and particularly and specifically about the Male of the species, is there a more arrogant and ignorant and destructive an animal on Planet Earth?

Is that because of a Lack of Intelligence and/or a Lack of Ideas and/or a Lack of Belief in what one can do whenever one can do pretty much anything whenever one puts one's mInd to it with others of a similar mindset?

"On the other hand I AM a thinker, so I will answer yours." ..... Too many thinkers, who would profess to be thinkers, do not think nearly deep or far enough to be labelling themselves as thinkers ...... for they would only be tinkerers really. >>> ..... which is posted in another thread weaving ITs Magic.


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