back to article GM Volt to deliver three-figure fuel economy

A rather curious advert featuring the number 23 and a smiling power socket has appeared in North America over the past few weeks. Until today, nobody knew what it meant. GM_230_advert GM's Volt: first three-digit fuel economy rating? During a webcast today, General Motors’ President, Fritz Henderson, explained that 230 is …


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Re: Small Wee Jobie, AC etc

There are two benefits to shifting the source of power from the petrol companies to the electricity companies:

1. The electricity is generated in one place, which means that optimising that electricity generation has a big pay-off for relatively little money spent. For example, installing an air filter in the chimney of a coal power station is a lot cheaper than installing a catalytic converter in every car, in terms of initial cost and long-term maintenance. You could argue that it's not true because the electricity lines to people's homes are inefficient, but then again, delivering petrol to petrol stations by way of a large truck is also inefficient.

2. Even if the amount of pollution produced is the same, it moves it away from the places where cars drive. Pollution produced at the power stations is better than pollution all over the streets. I look forward to being able to walk around town without gagging on exhaust fumes.


EPA calculations

It looks like EPA looks at the cost of electricity to charge the battery (11c/KWh), and converts the price for KWh into gallons using the average cost of gasoline for US ($2.75 / gal). Knowing the number of miles per

electric charge, it then computes an equivalent "miles per gallon".

It is intended to give people a way to compare cost per mile between vehicles powered by gas, electricity, or a mixture of the two. Not a GM or Nissan invention, EPA is US government agency.....

Also see:

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Engine size

Did I get this right? They are fitting a 1.4 litre engine in this thing, and refer to it as a small generator?

How heavy is this thing then, 'cos vehicles like the Lotus Exige manage to get quite good performance out of a 1.4, and typical european city cars have engines smaller than this.

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Leaf Vs Volt

You cannot possibly compare the two.

The Leaf doesn't have a range extender / fossil fual backup or whatever you want to call it, so if you want to drive more than 90 miles in one go, you're fucked, or will need a second car.

The Volt / Ampera, is by far the best EV / Hybrid yet. (Most People) can commute solely on Electricity, while able to fall back to petrol for the odd longer journey.

Whack Solar Panels or a wind turbine in your garden and your reliance on the grid for your commuting "fuel" lowers significantly too.


@The First Dave

They're yanks!

These are the people who put 6 Litre petrol engines in oversized pickup trucks, where a decent 2 Litre Common Rail or PD Turbo Diesel would be more than enough. (And Produce about a quarter of the CO2, and use less than half as much fuel, and have more Torque)

The Yanks use 20 Year old Engine technology, and the only way they can get the engines more powerful is to increase the displacemnet.

Also, I imagine that if they advertised it as having a 600cc engine in it, none of the ill informed public would buy one.

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Still want one...

...but as it's only a 4-seater it'll not be replacing my Vectra (need 5)

Oh, and the fuel calc isn't fully official - yet - as it uses an unratified method of calculating equivalent values

But, since it is EPA-badged it'll probably become the way in which these sorts of things are compared; official MPG is only there for comparison - as others have mentioned, it bears only a passing resemblance to what different drivers achieve.


re: Volt Facts

Cost of replacing the battery pack after a few hundred cycles?

Last time I figured out the costs, the amortised cost per mile of replacing a battery pack was almost as much as the cost of refueling a diesel engine.

The value of buying a hybrid comes from the greenie smugness and is not based on fact.


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