back to article Panasonic patches cameras to block rivals' batteries

Panasonic has used a firmware update to prevent punters using batteries bought from other suppliers in its digital cameras. The update, which applies to 16 cameras which between them use three models of Panasonic battery, was posted this week. The company claimed the move had been made to protect its customers, though some …


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@ anon

'I'd be surprised if the EU said anything about this. Nikon have had a similar thing in their cameras since the D200 (about 4 years?)...'

er, dont think so. bought a D90 in december last year and a Jessops spare battery at the same time. only the +, - and ground terminals on each.

*dons tinfoil bowler*

unless thats what they WANT us to think...

fail, because I was looking at a Lumix as a new compact when I dont want to carry a DSLR around... I dont think I will now. cheeky twunts.


Big Mistake

I am completely dissapointed that Panasonic - my favorite brand before - starts to do a desperate decisions trying to fix a profits in economic downturn.

This will only dissapoint customers, no profits will be achieved as customers will shift to buying more open solutions.

Simply: Big Mistake. In the nearest firmware release this must be corrected, replacing with the message on starting the camera: "Non approved battery. By using it, you void all the product warranties, and you take all the risks". But no "disable" actions shall be taken.

Its must be up to the customer, if in his car he wants a third-party radio, or the radio from the car manufacturer. This looks like placing a microchip on car radio so engine will not start if radio is not original. Because, you know, non-original low quality radios can cause a fire, burn the car and kill the driver in the flames.

Instead of there nonsense actions, I would better put a press release with all the detailed information about the real accident they say happened with third-party battery: what exactly happened?



This topic is closed for new posts.


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