back to article CRB database wrongly labels thousands as criminals

More than 12,000 people have been wrongly branded criminals due to mistakes on their criminal records, the government has revealed. A Parliamentary answer reveals that 12,225 people have disputed the results of a criminal record check and had their complaint upheld in the last five years. The number of complaints upheld has …


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  1. John Murgatroyd




    Some data held about you will not be revealed, mainly the data which identifies other people or which is intelligence information. Or rumour.

    "The Data Protection Act means that in certain circumstances the Metropolitan Police Service may decide not to provide you with some personal data. For example, we will not provide personal data if we feel releasing it to you would be likely to prejudice policing purposes, and we may not provide you with information that identifies other individuals"

    "Enhanced Clearance.

    This level of check involves an additional level of check to those carried out for the Standard CRB check - a check on local police records. Where local police records contain additional information that may be relevant to the post the applicant is being considered for, the Chief Officer of police may release information for inclusion in an Enhanced check. Exceptionally, and in a very small number of circumstances (typically to protect the integrity of current police investigations), additional information may be sent under separate cover to the Countersignatory and should not be revealed to the applicant."


This topic is closed for new posts.

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