back to article US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics

A 15-year-old Ohio girl was arrested on felony child pornography charges for allegedly sending nude cell phone pictures of herself to classmates. Authorities are considering charging some of the students who received the photos as well. The unnamed student from Licking Valley High School in Newark, Ohio was arrested Friday …


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  1. James Osborne-Smith

    @David Wiernicki

    "I'll take this. At least this (incredibly stupid) crap tends to get weeded out when it gets to the supreme court, since we put that whole 'constitution' thing in. You might want to give it a try."

    Uh... apart from the fact that over half the supremes are paid for by Dubya so will toe the party line and he's (metaphorically) wiping his a$$ on your constitution.

    I'm not claiming we're much saner over here but you do seem to be leading the field in insane applications of hastily rushed through legislation.

  2. Pete
    Black Helicopters

    Thank you

    I am so happy i'm not the only one laughing/shocked at this, give's me hope that one day we will overtake the idiots of the world and inject common sense back into life.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    What I want to know.....

    .... is when nude and pornographic became synonymous?

    I always thought that they were 2 different things!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Health and Efficiency

    "In 2004, a 16-year-old girl and her 17-year-old boyfriend took pictures of themselves while naked and engaged in unspecified [LEGAL] "sexual behavior." They didn't show the pictures to anyone, but they did send them to the boy's email address."

    My recollection of this case is the boy received a 10 year sentence in prison. They're nutters. This is the way Britain is heading, by making it a crime to view sex videos of simulated acts, even if the act itself was legal and the filming of it was legal. The Jacqui Smith law.

    How is this any different from nudism? A nudist magazine of the 1960's like Health and Efficiency? When did the body become so shocking that nutters like Smith lock people up for pictures of it?

  5. Henny
    Paris Hilton

    Land of the free?

    So, in the country which has the right to bear arms, you can't bare yourself in a private photo if you happen to be a minor else you'll get a 20 year sexual offender status.....

    ...shouldn't they simply be given counselling?

    Paris, well, we all know about her baring things... :)

  6. Anonymous Coward

    this is scary

    Rediculous and absurd beyond belief. Yet another victimless 'thought crime'.

  7. Ketlan


    America's going quietly bonkers.

    No, hang on a minute...

  8. Tom


    Well this is just crazy, I recently purchased a Photography book and it contained 2/3 photos of underage girls naked in it, question of art but I found it a little distasteful. Anyhow would i get prosecuted for buying this book even before I knew the contents of it? Same as a text, how can someone be prosecuted for receiving something they had no control over.

    It also sounds like this girl needs some therapy rather than a prison sentence. and if some kids of 16/17 want to take pictures of themselves together for their personal pleasure then why not. Its not like some pedophile made them take the pictures.

  9. Edward Rose


    .... some UK chap will be done for sex with a bike in a locked room.




    Mike summed it up well. Two-faced tossers.

  10. Mark

    More grist to the NuLab mill

    Somewhere in the bowels of Whitehall, one of Gordo's minions will spot this and wonder why we haven't got it over here. Plenty of fodder here for the Daily Mail tendency to get into a lather over.

    LIcking? Yes, I sniggered too.

  11. Mike

    OH MY GOG!!!

    Completely pathetic. I wonder if theyre allowed to send pictures of guns and violence to each other?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I fully accept that some people need protection from their own actions; but to prosecute the "victim" ? Is it a legal requirement that those in positions of authority not be fully mentally competent ?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    US Law makers you're fucking retarded.

    However don't for a moment that we Brits will be outdone, we shall find something all the more stupid and retarded to prove that we are indeed more retarded then you! Mark our words you shall not be allowed to be the lowest common denominator in the "developed" world for long!

  14. Wayland Sothcott Bronze badge

    Licking Teenagers - could you make this up?

    You have to wonder what the prosecuters are trying to achieve. Are they trying to proove just how stupid the law can be? Or do they actually think they are doing the right thing?

    Just how far wrong can you possibly go with a law written to protect children?

    What's the worst thing that could be happening here? These people are actually trying to hurt people out of some sadistic evil sense of their own importance.

    "Come here little children and tell me all your illegal sexual thoughts so I can blackmail you into giving me sexual favours in return for me dropping the charges. Otherwise you will be taken away to a childrens home in Jersey".

  15. Phil Hare

    @David Wiernicki

    Please site your sources. While you're there, look up the "Magna Carta".

    I will admit that the American War of Indepenence was as a direct result of the then parliament completely ignoring said document, but then Camp X-Ray is a complete ignorance of the U.S Bill of Rights. Quote:

    "No person shall be ... deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law."

    In both cases, the failing is not with the mandate itself but with the people elected to implement it. You are right to have pride in the U.S Constitution, as I am to have pride in the UK's (considerably older) democracy. However, neither you nor I should ever stop questioning when the liberties of both ourselves and others are being eroded by those officials we have elected to enfource and protect our rights, regardless of their motives.

    "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious" -- Oscar Wilde.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Next...

    its already happened:

    i have already left!

  17. Inachu
    Paris Hilton

    This is crazy

    Way back in USA when cities were just beginning to be called cities and noboy had plumbing in their city homes there were horse pulled toilet trollies.

    Back then there were not any bathrooms for him or her.

    These trollies you climb into and let business comence sitting next to someone else with no

    privacy shield and people would sit and read the paper be they man or woman.

    Sally hops into the trolly.....

    Oh hi Susan, nice day out today yes? As she lifts her dress to sit next to you.

    Back then modesty and morality was not so hard core as one may think.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    glad to hear I don't live there

    This is such a farce, glad that I'm not living there..

    It seems the middle ages and the inquisition never left that country..

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Right to Bear Arms

    Could she not just defend herself using the right to bear arms..... and other body parts.

    Mines the one with the plane ticket out of America in the pocket

  20. Anonymous Coward

    What next?

    No more boyfriend/girlfriend until you are 18 or you'll get a sexual harassment process?

  21. Anonymous Coward

    69 comments about licking valley?

    Watch me ruin the joke with comment #70

  22. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    Mobile phone.

    Keep up the good work, might've missed this onw otherwise

  23. Alan Fisher

    Lickey they say

    ok ok, sorry!

    *ahem* I meant like they say.....people are..????

    that's right and quite a few of that kind of person seem to live in this county it would seem, the rest work for the political and legal professions, mostly....the rest of them vote for those folks.....people who have a clue are really the minority so something to be slightly proud of there....doing something though, now there's the hard part...

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Somebody save..."

    Once again a perfectly good set of laws and rules to protect at risk victims, being abused by bored, power-mad prats.

    This reminds me of that story a few years ago where a parent took perfectly innocent photos of their 4 year old in the bath, sent them to Boots for processing and next thing Knacker was beating down the door demanding to know where the rest of the child porn was stashed.

    Some people in power need a serious beating with the reality stick, knock some common sense into them. Most kids these days start becoming sexually aware by the time they hit 12, kids these days gather knowledge at a much faster rate than previous generations ever have, sadly they haven't obtained the capacity to digest that knowledge at the same rate, hence they fall foul of laws like these.

  25. Gary
    Paris Hilton

    @ Neil Greatorex

    Everyone knows that banning Conkers in Schools is just another plot the UK government has put in place to save the environment. In 100 years time we will be overrun by Conker trees, they will be every where!

    The air will be cleaner because the trees will be churning out Oxygen like never before! Then we will be able to cut them down and turn them into fuel! Everybodys happy! Except school children of course.

    I mean, how can playing Conkers be dangerous? C'mon it's not is it? Just a stupid excuse.

    PH Cos I'd love her to play with my Conkers.

  26. Scott

    Total BS

    I remember being 15 back in 1979 and taking pics of me and my 15 year old girl freind with my parents Poloroid. I wonder what ever happend to those pics....

    I wish the state would get out of the baby sitting business. Plus, how can the accused be charged with abusing herself? I hope she tells the state to F***OFF and mind their own business.

  27. Ted Treen

    @Most of you

    The problem is not a specific UK or US problem. Examples of such crass idiocy can be found everywhere in the legislative world. It's indicative of the general standard of pillock who seeks (and unfortunately gains) authoritative office.

    The "party machine" in pretty well ALL so-called democratic countries suborns most with political ambitions, and parties are such entrenched behemoths that the old cliche "Resistance is futile - you will be assimilated" was never truer.

    We (of a certain age) only have ourselves to blame as we were the ones who fell for and have apparently perpetuated the politically-correct liberal intelligentsia since the 1960's. Believe me, there ain't nobody more fascist & draconian than a "liberal" given power.

    We can't prise their fingers from power - maybe it's time we contemplated breaking their fingers if that's what it needs?

  28. Mark

    Licking Valley

    Come on, this CANNOT be true! I reckon it's a trap. A sting operation. DON'T GO!!!

    However, this does show why mere posession of KP can't be given as proof of deviancy.

  29. Mark
    Paris Hilton

    @David Wilkie

    "My parents have a picture of me when I was about 3 with my todger sticking over the edge of a bucket, which is CLEARLY child pornography. Who do I report them to?"

    You were a lucky boy, then.

    Well PH is interested anyway!

  30. Mark
    Paris Hilton

    "Just how far wrong can you possibly go with a law written to protect children?"

    Actually, I can see this as protecting adults from children.

    What if she'd then tattled to the police a few months later that they'd taken indecent pictures of here? Wouldn't matter if there's proof it wasn't their fault, there'd be some people burning down their house and killing their pets to drive that sick animal far far away from their little girl.

    It's unfortunate that it results in a girl with some serious problems being put in a place where these problems will be blown up into full-on abuse.

  31. Jonathan Ellis

    What is the point?

    Of course there is a point to the story. It's not the one about the American Police trying to prosecute a 16 year old, it's not about self posed photos are deemed pornography.

    In my opinion this is one where the whole system has let this child down. Read again how this girl is an a foster situation. Now foster situations are usually symptomatic of a bigger problem. Either the child was removed from the parents or the parents were removed from the child. In either case it is no wonder that the child is wanting to be popular, and unfortunately the way that this kid thinks she can become popular is showing her body to others.

    At no-point during this story (and yes I've read a couple of other sources) does it mention that the kid is going to be counciled, going to be shown why it's perhaps unhealthy to show your bits.

  32. peter

    America prudes...idiots to the mac

    Theamericans seem to have the ability to take things to extremes and wonder why we laugh at them. I saw a episode of mythbusters where they were debunmking the myth that you can electrocute yourself by pissing on an electrified rail. The scenes where they we simulating a dummy man taking a piss was pixilated. It was not a penis. It was not a fake penis. It was a plastic pipe......and they blocked it out. Unbelieveable.

    Of course that is no worse than an american TV programme where they blocked out a dog taking a piss against a lamppost. Something you can see every day just by taking a walk, and they had to block it.




    Censor that!!

  33. Jimmy

    Teenage bypass.

    Remember when you were a teenager? Remember when mother-nature threw the switch and all those pesky hormones started to rampage around your body making you do stupid things? Well, the people who framed the laws that allow this silly kid to be publicly humiliated have no such memories. They're the ones who pressed the skip-button just when life started to get interesting.

  34. Anomalous Cowherd Silver badge

    Right to bear arms?

    I'm not sure what the bear would think about that.

  35. stim


    typical yanks - no wonder the world is in such a mess.

  36. RichardB


    "At no-point during this story (and yes I've read a couple of other sources) does it mention that the kid is going to be counciled, going to be shown why it's perhaps unhealthy to show your bits."

    Why exactly is it unhealthy to show your bits? In many places/cultures its perfectly acceptable. Why are you so uptight about nudity?

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Don't be stupid, if the pictures were on an adults phone they'd of let the girl free and tried the adult as a peadophile.

    Job done.

  38. Lnz
    Paris Hilton

    I suppose the Judges never heard of the Barber Paradox

  39. Mike


    Not really, this is from a country which considers "don't do it" sufficient sex education.

    Laugh now, because it's the thin end of the wedge, and it won't be funny when it becomes the norm, no matter how ill-concieved what she did was, that poor girl is a victim of the state, and now she'll suffer for it.

  40. JohnG Silver badge

    I'm so glad to live in Germany

    There are times when I get pissed off living here in Germany but I only have to read one of these stories about madness of the authorities in US or UK and I cheer up.

    The funny thing is, teenage pregnancy rates are higher in the USA and UK than in France and Germany, despite (or perhaps, because of) their apparent liberal/immoral attitudes.

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Erm, 'ang on a mo...

    I'm a Brit living in the US and I'm struck by a few things:

    1. Brits sniggering at "stupid Yanks" - believe me, the UK is hardly leading by shining example. I could (but won't bother) pointing out absolutely lunatic things happening in the UK that just boggles Americans' minds.

    2. Stupid Yank rules/laws exist, to my mind, because of the concept of "zero tolerance" ie "We're too fucking lazy to think for ourselves, so let's have a one-size-fits-all rule and we'll call it zero-tolerance to show how tough we are on bad behaviour". What happened to that girl is a perfect example.

  42. Anonymous Coward

    Way to turn her life around, "Licking Valley"

    The girl is a foster child, and there are some pretty well documented cases of foster children having trouble fitting in. So she was probably just trying to "get popular" - not smart, but not criminal. The only law I think one should consider is indecent exposure - and then let her off witha warning.

    Throw this girl into the court system and you might as well just toss her life away. I don't think the DA cares, though - he'd rather make himself famous for "saving the children!"

    So now I'm responsible for what people send me via SMS? Does that apply to e-mail, too? If that's the case, the large amount of incoming SPAM probably has criminalized the entire US population - at least, in this guy's eyes.

    He should be trounced from office - especially using scare tactics with children. "20 years in prison" - as juveniles? Just how sicko is he? It'd never happen, but you know he probably wishes it could.

  43. herman Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Both accused and defendant?

    Wow, she will have to spread wide to stand in both boxes in court...


    Badabing! Sorry, bad joke, yes I know...

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Have I got this right?

    They wanted to stop 15 year old kids from doing naughty things, so they had a school meeting of all the kids to say "This is naughty and terrible and you mustn't do it because it's bad!"?

    About something that to a 15 year old doesn't seem bad at all, but is *very* interesting?

    They explained in detail what they mustn't do, in public in front of all their classmates?

    And ONLY ONE of those kids promptly went out and did exactly that?

  45. L1feless
    Paris Hilton


    So a girl who is underage takes pictures of her self nude. Sends them to another boy/ girl (her own age) and she is being taken to court for child porn.

    That is what I just read...and if so it is completely ridiculous. It is one thing to have a child seduced by an adult (which is WRONG) but completely different when these kids are of identical age and are sexually active with one another. If they are sexually active, so be it. Lets just hope the sex ed portion of American school system has taught them to use protection. I really don't see the harm in what she or the recipients have done (so long as the recipients are the same age as the sender). That being said it is completely different when those pictures are transferred from say a 15 year old classmate to an 18 yo + individual. That is where the child porn laws need to be enforced.

  46. Wayland Sothcott Bronze badge

    It's not just Yanks and Americans

    Having read the comments I see we get the usual smug people saying stoopid yanks or dumb americans. We have proof that only 50% of Americans are stupid, half of them did not vote for Bush the 2nd time. Possibly if the voting was rigged then even more of them are not stupid.

    This sort of insane jobsworth rule following is happening everywhere. People seem to be embracing the most stupid rules. I am not just talking about them hugging the rules, these people are letting their pelvises touch as well.

    Common sense tells them that this is stupid. All common sense people, ie most people, know this is stupid. However there seem to be a huge number of the wrong type of people in power. They may not have much power but whatever power they have they are determined to use it in the most perverse way.

    It's a global phenomenum. Something makes these people think they are doing the right thing. Or at least they get something out of doing it and think they will get away with it. Which they do seem to.

  47. Kaitlyn Kincaid

    good job guys

    what a great way to help our youth with their body issues. "see that part of you? it's DIRTY! WRONG! if anyone sees it you will GO TO JAIL! you are an evil person for even having one! Don't even look at it and for gods sake DONT TOUCH IT!"

    pah-lease.... want to know what so many young girls have such issues about sex? look no farther then crap like this.

  48. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge
    IT Angle

    Moral prudishness

    I'm reminded (probably for no very good reason apart from the "Licking Valley" moniker juxtaposed with overzealous moral prudery) of a story told about Alaister Crowley (self-professed "world's wickedest man" ) about how after his move to Boleskine House overlooking Loch Ness, he had written to the local Vigilance Society complaining that "prostitution is most unpleasantly conspicuous" in the area. The society sent round an observer who found no evidence. Crowley wrote back: "Conspicuous by its absence, you fools!" I'm sure the Good People of Licking Valley would fail to see the humour in that story too.

  49. Jeff

    everybody send in photos.

    So is this where I go watch one of those TV shows that have child birth, show babies right after being born, or on some of the smaller cultures that dont wear shirts. then sue the company that made the film for producing child p0rn, sue the channel that aired the show for promoting child p0rn and sue the parents of the child for letting their child be part of a p0rn?

    I have seen a few informational shows that have nearly fully exposed pre-teen, teen, and adult nudity, these being publicly aired.

    Anybody with half a brain, or that had a date as a teenager knows that this is fairly common, it has just become easier to do with technology. In high school I remember several people talking about their sexual acts, and discussing who is and isn't active. So either this nude photo was shown to someone who was offended (trying to be a good child and do what they are told is right) or someone who was careless and either let someone see it or talked about it when in earshot of someone with authority who thought it wrong.

    Teaching only abstinance is very ignorant of the fact that we can't control hormones, and we can't watch the children 24/7. the more you try to control something, the more you realize you dont really have control.

  50. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    But I'm curious, what is the sudden difference between a 17 year old male and an 18 year old male?

    Just curious, as there is a certain idiocy to the notion. Suddenly you go from curious teen to crazed peado sex monster (which isn't actually the case as technically speaking a peadophile is interested in children who have not reached pubity, as physically speaking animals are wired to want to shag something that can have children making wanting to shag a teenager normal except for the various moral constructs created by various societies.)

    The Anglian world really needs to sort itself the fuck out in terms of sex, body identity, maturity and, sexuality. However they just tend to go arghhhh sex is bad m'kay. Don't do it. If you want sex it means you're going to hell, m'kay? And till you goto hell we'll ruin your life for being a slut m'kay? mmm'kay?

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