back to article Greens: Abandon economic growth to beat CO2 offshoring

Environmental campaigners, citing government-commissioned research, have said that the UK's claimed carbon emissions figures are "a big lie". The analysis adds carbon burdens associated with offshore manufactures, shipping and aviation to the UK total, and - according to the activists - shows that economic growth and carbon …


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Walk Gently on Mother Earth...

And treat your neighbor as one'd accept being treated, oneself. (But everybody here already knew that, eh?)

So Google out the fable of a Colony of Bees by one Bernard DeMandeville, titled, "The Grumbling Hive, or, Knaves Turn'd Honest". A fwe hundred rgymed doggerel couplets, less trouble than Chaucer and much to the point, methinks. Keynes is the better known economist, of course - and became so, following his college years, after having discovered De Mandeville, as things turn out.

Yup, just follow the money. 's right lively right now, actually - Mr. Story follows the larcenous villains' lootings in detail.

Aye, batten the hatches, mates - rough seas ahead, an' then there's them shoals Over There an' all manner o' barnacles Just Everywhere... Salt pork 'n' hardtack be what's left...

Yes, Virginia, I'm sorry too but the Captain lied bigtime 'n' laid a ton o'whoppers on us all. With a trowel. In spades, yes, that's well put.

Now there he goes AGAIN... Bold as brass and nothing but News Blackout all up and down the Albion Plate.


This is no drill.

Black Helicopters

how convenient????

Anyone suffering in the current economic recession will be glad to hear the news......


Pity those traders on 100,000 a year, how do they sleep at night with their carbon footprint from all that wealth.

(Dear, reg, If you don't MIND could we have CONTROL of ICON generation so we can create our own when needed, rather than them being REQUESTED by me all the time)



I guess its time for the world to wake up and realize that these radical leftist greenie outfits aren't really for anything, other than the destruction of mankind. The charade of caring about the environment is so bloody thin and tiresome. People require energy to survive; its just that simple, and producing energy (living) creates waste; that simple equation is what the ecofreaks hate. However, there is such an absolute correlation between producing more, and growing better technology, and the reduction of polluting waste, that there can be no denying how ever growing technology, as well as energy usage, is the best thing for mankind going!! Environmentalism is rapidly becoming mankind's enemy...



This topic is closed for new posts.


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