back to article US court sides with Janet Jackson's breast

America's puritanical streak goes only so far. Today, a US appeals court vaporized the $550,000 fine the FCC famously slapped on CBS for showing the country a majority of Janet Jackson's right breast. At halftime of the 2004 Super Bowl, as he warbled "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song," pop prince Justin …


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Anonymous Coward

Whoaaaaa TIT's : )

9/16ths of a second? No after rewinding it and seeing it 427 times, the said nipple, from nipple rise to FULL osbcuration to the edge of the aerola, was actually on display for 8.7275 /16ths of a second.

We must be clear here.....

A nipple viewing, is actually classed as ONE to THREE seconds, depending upon distance, angle to camera, and speed of referential movement between the viewing mechanisim and the said nipple.

If a nipple is only fleetingly glimpsed, it is officially classed by the FCCC as a nipple blip or nip-blip for short.

However the panel remains perpetually undecided as to the variations and scope for further perception in terms of breast size and nipple size and nipple tone or color.

Sincerely yours

Christian Khnobbjob


Thumb Down

@ Bucky

"I recall a lawsuit many years back where a woman subverted the non-spill lid of a coffee cup at a drive-through window, decanted the coffee onto her lap, and then turned around and sued McDonald's because--gasp--the coffee was hot and burned her."

And don't go all Ted Frank on us...



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