back to article GTA IV website prompts outrage

Grand Theft Auto IV is once again at the centre of controversy. But this time people aren’t complaining that the game’s too violent, because they’re more concerned about the discovery of a so-called paedophile website. In the game, an internet café allows the player to access a child pageant website called …


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pah ffs

@ too far - you sum it up mate - you havent played the game and to be honest havent even read anything anyone has written OR the article.

the fact it says that there is a link to a dodgy sounding site. you click the link and there is a police warning - clicking again prompts a massive police response and you will, no doubt, be killed in a few seconds (5* is now rock on this game compared to otehr versions)

you see... its saying this is what happens when you do something THIS bad! if the generally savvy people here cannot grasp simple things then how the hell are daily heil readers going to?

@ "Cheers Mark, I thought the 360 version was better. I notice you can't even make out the people in the shop on the PS3 version and a lot of detail is lost. The only thing the PS3 version seems to do better is the text on the sign at the top but everything else is a lot less clear and far more blurred. Presumably this is down to the lower resolution, the PS3 just can't bang out enough pixels like the 360 can." - wtf? the 2nd image looks wayyy better than the first! cant you see this? the lack of colour depth (360 looks like a GIF ffs lol) and complete lack of anti-aliasing?!?! im sure the ps3 could whack out at 1080p if they used no AA and 16bit colour depths... BUT this isnt a console debait is it! why do xboxers always crash ps3 threads?

now, the fact is that this is a tiny pic blown up. the fact is that both games look pretty good on both consoles, but compared to my other ps3 games the graphics are, imho, sadly lacking.

@ "I like the fact that you have spoken about the Mandatory install the the makers of GTA4 complained about and are on record saying they spent alot of time with sony trying to get a fix to this problem and yet sony wont be able to fix said problem for sometime." - wtf? then they are retards at rockstar... every other game for the ps3 i have seems to do an install somehow so why the hell cant rockstar get ot working properly...

@ David Gibson - mate - seems we all missed this too. i totally agree. i find the USA's fascination with dressing little girls like cheap hookers sickening. also the kids and parents all seem unbearably annoying. i do feel sorry for the kids, having parents like they do!

@ "And there we have it. Another case of HD sources require HD output. Sounds simple, but it's another case of putting the cart before the horse. All this Blu-Ray and HD malarkey is sold as a revolutionary solution to a terrible problem that, in reality, didn't/doesn't truly exist. Only one step away from punting a hardware reliant OS in order to push hardware sales (hello Microsoft)." - you seem to have lost what a HDMI cable can do mate. if like me the poster went from an Sd to a HD TV the differnce CAN be massive. the game is made in HD and downscaled to SD for none-HD people. this means distortion of the image. also SD cannot handle the massive array of colours that HDMI 1.3 spec can bring. so therefore you have better image quality and much better colour depth. i will agree though that SD on a ps3 isnt that good. simple things like you cannot output RGB via scart to an SD TV for movies! and the fact the refresh rates seem locked at 30fps in SD rather than 60fps + in HD. i do agree with Sun and Hail comments tho :)

@ "...So it's fine to run drugs, murder people, and gang rape 'ho's' " - wtf? i dont see any gang-raping hos in this game.. to my knowledge you pay for them to get onboard...

Gates Horns

Actually I'm not sorry

For being a complete w*nker.

Its just the way I am really, it's mainly due to the fact that I sit at home dry humping my PS3 for most of the evening while scouring the internet for shreds of evidence that make my sony love machine a worthwhile purchase thus making my life seem significant in some manner.

Hopefully one day i'll get a life. Don't hold your breath though.

I wish i could play Halo 3, there's actually nothing on the PS3 i enjoy playing. I have started to force myself into playing games like Metal Gear, Uncharted and Ratchett and Clank which I would never have considered before. Its just that there isn't anything else half decent to play.



A few hundred years ago children were treated like mini-adults as soon as they could walk and talk, now they are treated like gods till they are 30 years old.

Is it just me or does the world seem to have gone from extreme to another? Yes children are vulnerable and should be protected, etc., however I want to vomit everytime someone hides behind the children to push an agenda.

If we want to raise children in a protective bubble, why don't we hand all of our children over to the state to be raised in child communes where they will be protected from evil and will be raised as perfect citizens only doing and thinking state approved things. After all Big Brother knows best.

*end rant*



So if GTA IV is that bad... then we should ban any game that involves killing someone else or committing an act of violence termed "bad"

Oh damn... there goes the entirety of the known gaming world.... and TV..and Movies.

Conclusion: For anyone to be throwing a like complaining about a single grain of sand...on a beach thats miles long.

You want a solution to your problem?

The frakking parents who allow there kids to play such things without parental guidance.... try that on for size.

For anyone to throw a fit over this... is just waisting there time.

I can think of worse games out there that are many times more graphic.

I ignore these stupid articles because I know that the problem is not the bloody game...but the idiot at the controls.

: O P


After reading all the flaming...

May I be the first to say...

It's fake, man you're all so lame, I slept with your mom...

Oh wait... You mean this isn't

Its a stupid story and although i usually enjoy reading the sun (not much thinking involved) this is a step too far and they are clearly just jumping on the bandwagon!



"Will somebody please think of the children?!"

I think it's the possibility of people /thinking/ of the children that started this whole silly hoo-hah!


it's like it's 2001 all over again

The media completely missing the point, getting worked up and then looking ridiculous?

Brass eye?

Let's go stamp on some crabs.


Little miss DeSchoolmeester

Have just read the article. And the comments. Agree with all about the whole "can't see any CP, SWAT team jump on from great height" etc and this is a desperate attempt to look for a problem that isn't there.

One other point. The website contains the word "lacy", presumably a reference to the clothing style a la "lace-like or made of lace". Mr Welsh-Dutchman has named his daughter "Lacey" (with an "e").

So he is miffed that the website contains 80% of the letters in his daughter's name. Is he serious??? Lets review his worry here:

The fictional website that doesn't exist and shows no images and summons the whole of Liberty City's police force has a string of letters in the middle of the website that sound similar to but are not the same as the first name of his child and several thousands of other children in the world?

Does he wear a tin foil hat and avoid the cracks in pavements? What a fueckweit (am sure Jason will understand this as he doesn't notice the letter "e" in words, apparently)



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