back to article US lag sues over prison crash diet

A US prisoner awaiting trial on a murder rap* has filed suit against the county after losing more than 45kg in eight months on an Arkansas prison "starvation" diet, AP reports. Broderick Lloyd Laswell now tips the scales at 140kg, having weighed 187kg when he was incarcerated in Benton County jail last September. His suit, …


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  1. John PM Chappell

    @ Slaine

    You apparently don't do English grammar or well written comments either, however it's the ridiculous content that really caught my eye.

    It might be fashionable (with the rise in Tory sympathy and increasing BNP support) to talk utter bollocks about those on benefits and particularly to claim anyone 'forrun' is some sort of criminal mastermind simultaneously stealing 'our jobs' whilst living a millionaire lifestyle on benefits but the reality is actually a lot more sad than that.

    In the UK we have an appallingly low (real) average income, when you consider the cost of living and the kind of money certain indiviudals are paid. This is a problem that the minimum wage was meant to tackle but due to a general lack of spine it was introduced at a pathetically low level, many people actually saw their pay frozen or even reduced _down_ to the minimum wage rate.

    Taxation is not really that high; many nations pay a good deal more in income tax (the only tax that workers pay which others will not) and our present government is quite keen to let anyone who might pay a serious amount of tax dodge it with some shady residency status anyway (not that the [other] Tories will change that). The genuinely high taxes (which ought to be challenged as illegal, since the money they are paid with has already been taxed) are those on commodities such as tobacco products, alcohol and especially petroleum products.

    Single Mothers get preferential housing assignments (though usually in really nasty areas) because the welfare of the child is rated higher than that of a single adult on their own. They receive benefits to assist them with the child, just as any other mother on low income would. What exactly is your beef with this? Aye, she got pregnant and there's no father in sight, big deal.

    Non-English speakers? And? It's not a requirement that we speak English, you know? I assure you that mono-lingual Gaels would take your jingoistic comment as an invitation to rearrange your facial features and to be frank, quite rightly so. Primary language is irrelevant and any EU citizen has full rights in the UK just as any UK citizen does in another EU nation.

    As for the chronically stupid... they are smart enough to realize they can get by more comfortably on benefits than they can at the bottom end of the job market. This is a problem and aye, they are lazy. Humans _are_ lazy, all our technology ultimately comes back to "how can I do this with less effort / more quickly / better?". Are there individuals who could take jobs which will pay them more than their benefits? Certainly. Should they be made to either take the job or come off the benefits? Aye. However, the system simply does not work like that and it should. These people are choosing to have a lower but livable income for no work rather than a higher (though not massive) one for a lot of effort, which is hardly stupid. Until this loophole is closed they would, arguably, be stupid not to take advantage.

    In short, your anger should be directed at the government, especially the DWP, and a relatively small number of benefits claimants. The rest of them, for all that they may have made stupid life choices, are trying to make the best of what they have and are sensibly taking advantage of the benefits system which is, after all, there to assist people in financial need.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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