back to article Prank callers crash Dublin Zoo phone system

Dublin Zoo was forced to shut down its switchboard yesterday after thousands of Irish mobile users fell for a new take on one of the oldest phone tricks in the book. Text messages have been doing the rounds in Ireland telling unwitting recipients to call a number and ask for one of a number of named contacts. The Irish …


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  1. Adrian Challinor

    Ahh and I remember

    Having the foreman send the young lad to the stores for a "Sky Hook", and the storeman giving him a neatly wrapped parcel containing one hook, with the instructions that read: "Using ladder, climb high and attach to a passing cloud".

  2. Finn

    Tech version

    Couple of years back our lab had a professor, who sent young students to purchase a new laser-pointer for him. Trick was, that specs were FEL (as in Free Electron Laser) type device costing no more than € 200.

  3. Moss Icely Spaceport
    Thumb Up


    I used to get requests from apprentices who were sent to get 'left-handed screw drivers". I told them we only had right-handed ones but to use their left hand to operate it. Never had any complaints.

  4. Tim Russell

    I once got sent to ask for....

    ... a set of spark plugs for a 2.5 liter diesel land rover....

    That said I like the Amanda Hugenkis in the title :)

  5. Lukin Brewer

    Billy Connolly

    When he was an apprentice at the shipyards, Billy Connolly was sent to get "the equipment from the Stowaway's Locker". He was given rough directions to a distant part of the site and advised to get further directions there. Long story short: events took their course, the coin eventually dropped, Billy confronted his workmates and they pissed themselves laughing at him. End of joke.

    A little while later, one of his team asked him to get some corundum powder. Corundum is natural aluminium oxide, a very hard, white, crystalline mineral, used as an abrasive in many industrial applications. But Billy had never heard of it, and thought that it sounded like the most stupid joke name going. To his workmates' bemusement, he told them that they weren't going to catch him out again so easily or so soon, and refused to go the stores.

  6. Sweep

    @ Lukin Brewer

    I reckon Billy told it better.


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