back to article Google tips hat to St George - finally

We're delighted to announce that Google has, after several years of nagging, finally got its act together and acknowledged the patron saint of hoodies, speed cameras, overvalued property, and binge drinking. Google's Saint George masthead Yes indeed, it's beers all round at the Googleplex for restoring English pride in …


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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    He's been Turkish, Greek and Armenian so far in this thread, and wikipedia reckons his mum was a Palestinian. He deserves sainthood purely for ethnic diversity!

  3. Pete Spicer

    4th time around!!!

    Google has celebrated St George's Day with a logo 4 times now - 2002, 2004, 2006 and of course today.

    I'm just pleased that something so big as Google recognises our little island!!

  4. Stephen


    "There has been cancellations of st. george's day parades because it might offend none-english"

    From the same source who said the Red Arrows were barred from the 2012 games for being "Too British"?

    But hey we love to make fun of the political correctness gone mad in this country. Oh and Welsh and Scottish MPs barred for voting on English laws thanks.

  5. Nick Rutland

    Patron saint of ...

    ... Barcelona as well.

    Olay!! (phonetic, because I can't do accents)

  6. Anonymous Coward

    @I smell racism afoot!

    Hate to be pedantic, but...

    English is not a race.

    Sorry about that all you English types out there. I'll be down the pub. Maybe we can all join hands and sing a happy song of peace and harmony or something.

    I've left this anonymous because I really really hate being pedantic.

    Actually, it isn't pedantic at all - I'm just being precise.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dear numerous...

    @Several people - it's not the Union Jack anymore, it's the Union Flag

    @NB - "why should Scottish and Welsh MP's be able to vote on issues and laws that only effect England?" As a Scot in London, I'm with you on that one. Jolly good jape how they let that slip through the net though...

    I guess the reason St Paddy's day gets a mention every year is because it's huge in the ex-pat communities - i.e. the US, possibly the biggest Paddy's Day celebrations? A fair amount of New Yorkers count themselves as Irish (and indeed Scottish) due to the emmigrations that happened 100's of years ago. Most people of English ancestry are still here.

    Here's a question which requires complete honesty though - how many people here would realise it was St George's Day without the media coverage or a line in a calendar? Most English people I know have no clue on the day or the run-up to it. Not sure if this is cause or effect of the limited celebrations though...

  8. yonorri

    I just wanted to say...

    Mines the flame proof one.

  9. Gianni Straniero
    Thumb Up

    Elvis McGonagall

    By George! by Elvis Mcgonagall

    Once more unto the breach, dear Morris Dancers

    once more

    Jingle your bells, thwack sticks, raise flagons

    Cry “God for Harry and Saint George!”

    Gallant knight and slayer of dragons

    Patron saint of merry England –

    And Georgia, and Catalonia, and Portugal, Beirut, Moscow

    Istanbul, Germany, Greece

    Archers, farmers, boy scouts, butchers and sufferers of


    Multicultural icon with sword and codpiece

    On, on you bullet-headed saxon sons

    Fly flags from white van and cab

    But remember stout yeomen, your champion was Turkish

    So – get drunk and have a kebab

  10. Anonymous Coward

    the Welsh had this already..

    us Cymraeg had St David's day represented on Google this year. Now the Sais have their guy. If the Scots have their St Andrew missing, it's because they haven't hassled google. (hint: you can email the logo designer and ask him... politely... en-masse..)

  11. Richard Tobin

    Bollocks to the lot of 'em

    I live in Scotland and I've not interest in seeing St Andrew's or any other saint's ady celebrated. It's just the medieval church's answer to Hallmark cards.

  12. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: I just wanted to say...

    Good God, was that actually an IGMC that wasn't attached to a quip or even a preceding sentence?

    It's a new low, folks.

  13. Sean Purdy

    Dear AC

    It is still the Union Jack - when you fly it on a ship. And the Union Flag otherwise.

    And to Liam - I'm sure more than 1/2 the people in this country think it's their flag, because it is.

    More pointless debate on the interweb, hurrah!

    Oh, and the Jolly Roger, because that's the nearest the icon set has to a flag.

  14. pctechxp

    .en Top Level Domain

    Come on El Reg, get Nominet to set one up, I'll be second in to register my domain.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    who cares?

    "My mother was half English and I’m half English too

    I’m a great big bundle of culture tied up in the red white and blue

    I’m a fine example of your Essex man

    And I’m well familiar with the Hindustan

    Cos my neighbours are half English and I’m half English too

    My breakfast was half English and so am I you know

    I had a plate of Marmite soldiers washed down with a cappuccino

    And I have a veggie curry about once a week

    The next day I fry it up as bubble and squeak

    Cos my appetites half English and I’m half English too

    Dance with me to this very English melody

    From morris dancing to Morrissey,

    all that stuff came from across the sea

    Britannia, she’s half English, she speaks Latin at home

    St George was born in the Lebanon, how he got here I don’t know

    And those three lions on your shirt,

    They never sprang from England’s dirt

    Them lions are half English and I’m half English too

    Oh my country, what a beautiful country you are"

    Patriotism is just silly, 'nuff said.

  16. Not That Andrew

    Who gives a toss

    See you down at the pub!

  17. Andrew Orlowski (Written by Reg staff)

    @ Sarah


  18. Dan Moore

    British does equal English though really

    Other countries' views/stereotypes of the UK are almost entirely based on England, and in fact probably so are ours. That's what you get for being the dominant culture. That's why people in England confuse England and Britain and often get confused between celebrating being British or English. In Scotland and Wales they don't have this since there's a seperate Scottish or Welsh idendity. The English one as I said gets confused with British.

    All of the countries that "properly" celebrate their national day aren't a weird mix of three and a half countries.

    And I believe that parade that was "cancelled" was in fact just recommended to be redirected on the advice of the police because it was going through an area that had race riots a few years ago. Then the organisers threw a hissy fit and cancelled it themselves.

    Of course it's much easier to blame it all on "immigrants" isn't it?

  19. Anonymous Coward

    @Andrew Orlowski

    What's that? A comment from Andrew "No Comment" Orlowski?

    My eyes must be playing tricks on me.

  20. WhetPhish

    God Save Our Real Ale!!!

    Google always has shamrocks on St Patrick's Day, daffodils on St David's day, etc. etc. so why can't us English celebrate our nationality for a change? It seems these days to call yourself English and fly the flag of St George must mean you are either a neo-nazi or a football hooligan!

    Viva inglaterra! ;)

  21. Dave Bell

    They got it wrong.

    What day is this, who should we celebrate?

    Some foreign bloke, or someone of our own?

    We have his face, and what he did create,

    And language grown from all the seed that's sown.

    He was an actor, and perhaps a thief;

    Handsome, flash, his wife left far behind,

    He might have followed older, banned, belief,

    And grief his youthful features slowly lined.

    Yet from his age his words fill all of time;

    He still speaks clear, of love, of joy, of death.

    Where e'er we go, he holds our hearts in rhyme.

    Who was St. George? Who catches thus our breath?

    So drink to Will, and toast him in his haven.

    Today's his day, the famous Bard of Avon.

  22. ian
    Thumb Up

    John Bull then?

    With St. George both Catholic, imaginary, and non-English, I move that we adopt John Bull as the official personification of England. He is English and has no religious connotations and so has fewer levels of mis-direction.

    Either the St. George Cross is re-branded, or we replace it with something associated with bulls...

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Not on .com, it's not

    Unlike the St. Patrick's day logo, it only appears on, not .com

  24. Daniel B.

    The UK

    I remember a girl on a BBS that has the nadle "England". Someone asked "Who's England" and I answered, as a joke: "It's one of the constitutent countries of the United Kingdom".

    The follow-up from one of the SysOps cracked me up in laughter:

    "Aren't those the same thing?"

    Note: In the Spanish-speaking world, "Inglaterra" is commonly used (England) and "Reino Unido" (United Kingdom) isn't used except in official uses. Something similar happens to the Nederlands, as we call them "Holanda" (Holland), as the actual name (Paises Bajos) just doesn't stick. Oops!

    Sad face because I can't see the Google banner, not even from the site :(

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Ethnicity on forms...


    I have lots of fun with ethnicity questions, essentially I refuse to answer them in any way that fits within TPTB's preconceptions.

    Since I'm a little rotund, have a beard and am frequently grumpy and my ancestors came from Scandinavia, I list myself as a Viking.

    If someone were to return a form for that reason, they might be walking a little strangely shortly thereafter.



    (yes, one of those with the horns on it)

  26. babz

    Like the scots need it

    You cant go 100 yards in Scotland without seeing a Saltire adorning a car, building or on an item of clothing.. do they need yet more nationalism?

  27. Chris Hamilton
    Thumb Up

    Petty racist xenophobia abounds....

    As usual.... listen up peeps... yes some un-enlightened foreigners still think the UK = England. As a Scotsman (but also fiercely British), I don't get angry about it (there are 50 million of them and 5 million of us), I just correct them (with a standard 15 minute lecture on the geopolitical history of the British Isles) and move on. In the same way I would correct people for referring to The Netherlands as Holland.

    And why shouldn't Gordon Brown and all the other Scots MP's vote on UK matters in a UK parliament. If the English want a parliament, then stop whingeing quietly, blaming everyone else for having some initiative and fight for a devolved parliament of your own. I live in England, and I have yet to see an agreed, consistent approach to a campaign for a devolved parliament that doesn't descend into either racist views or ridiculous opinion. In fact in my part of the country, the most vocal activists (the Wessex Party) would happily see England broken up altogether and their little corner return to the Kingdom of Wessex. It's that type of closed in, isolationist argument that causes the English Parliament debate to be thrown out.

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is far greater as a whole than the sum of its parts.

  28. Richard

    The yellow 3/4 O

    A mate of mine pointed this out. Does the yellow O that's been partially destroyed look like it's sticking two fingers up at the dragon?

  29. IR

    Another year of it

    This happens every year. The tabloids report a load of rubbish about flags or parades being banned so it doesn't offend immigrants, but it is never true. Occasionally there is a case of a single jobsworth with the wrong end of the stick but a word with their associates and it is all sorted out, but this is never reported.

    So every year, people claim that they can't fly their flags because they will be arrested, sued, accused of being racist, or something equally silly and unfounded. So no one flies their flags.

    The main reason there aren't many St George's Day parades or events is because it is only shortly before May Day, which has much better prospects for an big event than a guy who has no clear history. May Day has better weather, actual events associated with it (may pole dancing, morris dancing, the green man, etc, all those English things), and it is a bank holiday weekend.

    There are usually small St George parades in most towns, but unless you comb the local newspaper or go to church then you won't know about it. Standing in the cold for 20 minutes to watch a troop of scouts, St John's Ambulance and a Salvation Army band isn't really all that popular though.

    But don't let facts bother you, just complain that everyone thinks it is racist and don't make any effort to do anything about it. If all the people who complained about nothing happening for St George's Day actually went and did something...

  30. Joe Soap

    English, Not British

    I cannot put my nationality as English when filling out forms and have to say that I am British, I am not Welsh, Scotish, or Irish, I am English !

    Imagine if Mexicans, Canadians, Alaskans, Hawaiians, and those from the USA could only select the option of "North American" !

    Those from the USA are known as Yanks here in the uk regardless of the civil war dividing line.

    There are also the Manx from the Isle of Man, and other islands that are part of the British Isles but not part of the UK (Lets not even think about the Falklands issue ).

    Being English I speak English, not Scotish, Irish, or Welsh, if you are a Yank then I know you speak a strange corrupt version of English, but not French or Spanish :)

  31. anarchic-teapot

    @all the moaners

    Look, the English get regularly trounced at football, rugby, tennis, golf, cricket... just about everything really, except making real ale.

    Fer crissakes let them have *something* to celebrate.

    I'll be down the Frog & Rosbif if anyone asks.

  32. Anonymous Coward

    If you care so much then where's your St George's Banner?

    Oh it's under the banner advert for NetApps, wow you really do care!

    Physician heal thy self.

  33. Mr Larrington
    Paris Hilton

    Last refuge of a scoundrel?

    If TPTB want we ENGLISH to celebrate Will the Quill's birthday, how about giving us a Bank Holibob? We're woefully short of the things in comparison with FOREIGNERS.

  34. Sketch-UK

    Here's an Idea

    Let's forget St George and celebrate the true geeks holiday.

    May 4th, Star Wars Day.

    There are some similarities.

    Both celebrate the work of someone called George.

    Both are "A Long Time Ago"

    Both include the slaying of mythical beasts (i.e. the rancor)

    > Mines the one with the extra long light saber pocket

  35. Peter Revell

    Will the Quill

    He died on his birthday.

  36. Stewart Haywood

    Wots all this about 'im not being a saint then?

    St George was demoted to a third class saint by the Papists in 1963. He was then restored in 2000. He has never been dropped by the one true Church of England (even if Blair did, in a fit of unpatriotic foolishness, desert to the Hitler Youth led Papist horde).


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