back to article Welsh couple cop Mosquito flak

A Welsh couple who installed a Mosquito device outside their house have found themselves at the centre of the ethical debate on the youth-repelling gadget. Colin Martin installed the Compound Security device, which uses high-pitched noise to stop teenagers hanging around, after suffering all manner of abuse. The teens smashed …


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Put a sock in it!

1) The people who buy this device can't hear it.

2) If they can't hear them, they don't know if they are working.

3a) Insert 1 pair black sock into noise maker.

3b) Use wire cutter on wires.

... goggles, always wear appropriate eye protection.

Dead Vulture

"... tell the kids to find somewhere else to hang-out."

Brilliant idea, how simple it seems when you put it like that, I wonder if anyone has tried it recently?

Ah, here we are:-

Must be rare though...

What if you don't fight back and just try to get away?

Well, if you just mind your own business and go about doing your job, then you'll be safe?

Still, the odd game of cricket wouldn't hurt:-

(The vulture that's been beaten to death with the Anit-social club)


Re:"... tell the kids to find somewhere else to hang-out."


I suppose you have never heard of the idea of media bias or you would not be citing those examples. "Man asks youths to move on, and they do" does not exactly make for a headline which sells newspapers unlike "MAN SAVAGELY BEATEN TO DEATH BY FERAL AIDS INFECTED CRACK ADDICT SINGLE MOTHERS ON BENEFITS!!!!!!"

especially if you happen to also have an agenda to push.

Anonymous Coward

@Mark Davies

>never heard of the idea of media bias

They did actually happen though, there is an actual risk of attack. They aren't made up. None of them say that every single person who ever said anything to a teenager is killed.

Likewise you'll note that none of them have "man asks kids to move on and gets spat on/roughed up/windows smashed/tyres slashed" because that's not newsworthy either.

It is true of course that most kids are harmless, but to people from different generations, they can't recognise the subtle differences of attire that separate psychopath from bored teen.


Other alternatives

Our village has got a six-month dispersal order for our High Street, to stop feral youf hanging around outside off-licences and abusing passersby. They loudly ask adults to buy alcohol and cigs on their behalf and if refused, swear and shout and threaten them or their property. So far it seems to have driven them away.

Another scheme is the new legislation allowing 'Alleygating'

Clean Neighbourhoods and Environmental Act 2005

This allows councils to fit gates to alleyways where youths are hanging around, doing drugs, drinking, graffiti and generally abusing locals who want to use the alleyways.

It is relatively new, but spreading as councils start to use their new powers.



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