back to article Google's riches rely on ads, algorithms, and worldwide confusion

Why did millions of money-making post-holiday clicks suddenly disappear from the world's largest search engine? It depends on who you ask. Some people blame a soft economy, insisting that Google is well on its way to piddling quarterly revenues. But Google disagrees. CEO Eric Schmidt and company claim that they planned the whole …


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Google good cuz Microsoft bad

okay Google is good because Microsoft is bad.

But I actually like Microsoft products. I use them a lot. They get the job done as well as any other technology I use.

So where does that leave me. Am I just wrong/bad?

Oh well. I suck! Someday maybe I will get fixed and love the Google.

Google is probably also good cuz my dad beat me and Google doesn't!


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"Google's riches rely on pissing all over your right to privacy." ..... By Chad

Posted Friday 21st March 2008 15:36 GMT

Don't be such a Chav, Chad. Cool them Negative Waves. Google's riches rely on providing your wishes, searched for privately, as is one's right, but there is no inherent overall absolute right to privacy and to think that there is or ever has been or ever will be, is naive in the extreme and quite delusional, no matter how widespread the thought of privacy as a necessity for security is pimped for the sharing/burying of the dirty little secrets which destroy false dreams and paper tigers...... and Charlatans parading as Charlemagne.

Of course, what all the Pimps and Whores in Government and Governments are rightly worried about [as it exposes their Present Ignorance and Past Arrogance] is a Really SMART Search Engine which Provides Global Governance.

QuITe why Google have not yet Embarked/Launched themselves into that Orbit suggests that they have no Global Governance CompleXXXXIT Web/Channel/Guru ............. Special Instruction Set/Manual.

However, anyone with the Savvy can use Search Engines and Computer and Communications Operating Systems by Proxy for their Own Global Governance Administration such as are frequently heralded as in here ..... .

In Mitigating Factors on that page, I wonder how they expect point one to remain secure in the light of point three.


Ah the irony...

Are The Register going to share how much *they* make from Google AdSense with their readers?


Google isn't bias

<quote>There is quite a bit of bias in Google's results. Ever noticed how Wikipedia crawls to the top on so many searches? PageRank is bias.</quote>

Um, Google doesn't own Wikipedia and Wikipedia do not advertise with Google or any ads. How is that bias?

Wikipedia gets there because it is a quality link.

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adsense is evil

adsense can track your preferences and its everywhere like big brother ouch. combining this with real statistics, and well... google knows what the pub you go last night and what time you arrive at home.

well big brother is power and google have it.


"To be fair"?!?

" To be fair, Google bills "automatic matching" as a beta. "

To be fair, I don't think that there are many companies that automatically transfer customers of their live services into a beta program.

That sounds actionable to me.


AdSense and privacy

We all know that Google uses its ads to help it to profile web users.

Someone must have been getting upset about that, or perhaps it is because of Google's acquisitions, because now all publishers of AdSense must have a privacy statement which details out the tracking done by the scripts which display the ads.

You can pick up a privacy statement here:

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Google no better than a clip joint

Their existing customers are fine paying millions a month for their top positions and low CPC, but for new customers they're no better than a clip joint. Just like a clip joint they're not looking for repeat customers, once they've taken your money it's goodbye and on to the next sucker.

They must have an almost never ending supply of new customers trying their luck on Adwords, blowing their budget and then giving up. Not a good way to grow a business really. Word will get around eventually that for most new customers there is no ROI available to them on adwords.



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