back to article Plunging player prices to reveal Blu-ray vs HD DVD winner?

A clear leader in the battle to be the top next-generation optical disc format could emerge next year as player prices plummet and take of the cost of entry out of the equation, market watcher Understanding & Solutions (U&S) has claimed. While consumers remain confused about whether to back HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc, the high …


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Video downloads will win????

Not the way they're working at the moment, currently xbox video store is refusing to play anything as its claiming all the videos (available to download) are the wrong format. Strange that they're making them available to download, is the store for the playstation them?

and yesterday my xbox360 was an incompatible device for the xbox360 video store

the only thing that has worked was the trailer for risky business, which i remember as quite a good film but like most rose tinted things i'm sure it wont be if it decides that an xbox is valid at the xbox store and the format microsoft is supplying is the correct format

in all my years of buying hddvd, blu ray, dvd, laserdisc & vhs i've never had a problem playing them because the laser disc player is not currently valid to be playing laser discs or my dvd has the wrong format video for dvd on it. Oh the latest message is they're having server problems.

"Sorry your evenings entertainment will be put on hold because one of us dropped coffee on a computer, dont worry give us a call and after an hour or two of peak rate arguing with one of our slightly lingual support assistants you'll get a refund of your money but your victory will seem hollow as you'll never get the wasted time back"

oh well bittorrent doesnt have these problems does it?

(and it's official the only thing i can watch out of the 24 available items is the risky business trailer, great theres 1 minute and 23 seconds of my evening sorted)


Sony and Blu Ray for mine in Oz

A couple of pertinent facts from the other side of the world:

* Australian broadband speeds are SHITE and not likely to improve in the next 5 years - so we won't be downloading high def movies

* Add to that our ISPS are all upping their prices and placing limits like 10 to 20 gig per month on downloads AND uploads combined

* Sony is running a promo where you get a free PS3 with any Sony full HD purchased

* All the major video rental stores in Australia are either exclusively blu ray or stock about 3:1 Blu to HD DvD

Blu Ray is kicking HD DVD's ass so bad in Australia it is not funny - we are only small, but the battle is over here....


Blu-Ray the winner. It's over folks.

It's all over bar the shouting.

Hardware sales vastly in favor of Blu-Ray.

Movie sales vastly favor Blu-Ray.

There is no significant feature of either that the other does not already have (even if only as an optional feature).

Cheaper players are becoming available in both formats.

Blu-Ray has higher audio and video bit rates, as well as nearly double the disc capacity.

With an estimated 8 million PS3s sold (by the end of calendar year 2007), there is a guaranteed market of more than 8 million Blu-Ray players that are not going away. Even if HD-DVD were to 'win', there are already enough PS3s to support Blu-Ray movie releases on heir own without any further significant sales. And of course PS3s will continue to sell for games as well as Blu-Ray. Stand alone player sales will increase as costs drop, PS3 sales will continue to grow. In other words, the Blu-Ray snowball is rolling down hill and gathering momentum quickly.

It's hard to see how Toshiba and it's HD-DVD format intends to prevent that snowball from rolling any further. It's almost like the HD-DVD snowball is now running in the rut left by the Blu-Ray one, and there is precious little extra snow mass to be gathered in that rut.

With regards to downloading HD content. With 50GB to play with on a Blu-Ray disc, let's assume that 30GB is the movie audio and video data. If we were to download only the movie we'd need to get that 30GB downloaded to our local home theater system.

30GB = 30,000MB which is more or less 240,000Mbits

On a typical residential DSL circuit you will max out at a theoretical 3Mbits per second. To get that HD movie you will need 8000 seconds or more than two hours of data transfer at your theoretical maximum bandwidth. Now a whole host of factors go into your actual bandwidth, but you might be lucky enough to get approximately 75% of the theoretical maximum sustained over several hours. Assuming you don't use VOIP and no other use of the Internet connection is made you might manage to download your movie in 3 hours or so.

If you haven't paid for one of the 3Mbit DSL options, then you are pretty much screwed. A 1.5Mbit DSL connection would get you that movie in perhaps 6 hours, and on a very typical 768Kbit hookup you're looking at 12 hours or more.

Sure you could compress the content, but then you're not getting HD. If you crush that movie to a quarter of the original size you end up with something approaching DVD quality, but at least you can download it in a reasonable time under typical conditions. Not everyone has 3Mbits or better. Even if they did, ISPs would have to undertake considerable upgrades of their own networks to handle the huge data transfers inherent in all their customers suddenly downloading HD content. At the end of the day, this is not at all practical, and not something that will magically become practical tomorrow. We've been talking about fast broadband network access for decades now. Fiber to the desk, fiber to the home. Where is it? Most consumers use something that's only a little more sophisticated than POTS (aka wet string). People should stop deluding themselves that Download is going to come in and replace optical media anytime soon.


they BOTH will LOSE

seroiusley there are equal numbers of "blu-ray has won hd-dvd is dead" and "hd-dvd has won sony is a tosser" postes here it is clear for a tally of numbers that is is a neck and neck race but the real point is

who the b0lddy hell cares!!

I speek for at least me when I say

all I want is a HD format for my (not yet got) HD telly but if I pick one I am taking a gamble it will lose and I will need to spend more mony on a replacment in x years (not only player but disks et all) so I am not buying till one has won. till then SD is fine and get all my hd content form the good old BTorrent



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