back to article Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites

Fasthosts has promised it will bring in more support staff to deal with the volume of calls it is still receiving following its poorly-handled password reset on Friday. Many customers haven't received the replacement passwords that the Gloucester webhost said it had sent in the post. We asked for an update on the debacle, and …


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My password wasn't working but...

This is the first time I've posted on El Reg, it's a shame it's under these circumstances.

I'm a UK Reg customer and I finally got my letter through on Friday, but the password didn't work (I wasn't sure if it was just the rubbish captcha thing they've got going on or not) but I did manage to log in on the actual Fasthosts website with it. So that might be worth a try if you're not getting through.

A couple of pence from me to you.

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or Farcehosts is what I shall be calling them from now on depending on what context they're being referred to.

I got my password for my main domain but after logging in to their Crap Panel and changing the FTP password so I can get round to updating it (locked out of it for almost 2 weeks now) I find that changing the password and entering the new password into my FTP program doesn't work, even tried with MSDOS' FTP program which I use quite a bit.

Nada, nowt, zilch, diddly squat, sod all.

The newly entered FTP password doesn't work, even when I tried changing it several times. Emailed them on two different subjects 3 days ago and got two identical boilerplate "we're ever so sorry" replies with no acknowledgement or resolution to my problems with them. Way to go Fuckedhosts!

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Farcehosts will NOT allow me to move hosts..

Several emails to support asking THEM to change the DNS since they locked me out and I still don't have my new password in the post and I aint spending money sat on there non existant support lines.

What a f**kin shambles.......


We moved.. join the boat

We have moved to and it would seem so have a few others.

Join the boat, they are fantastic!

Rescued from Fasthosts Hell:

Saved from FarceHosts:

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Fasthosts can't accept so many logins

Possibly because so many people are trying to log in prior to the password change, possibly for other reasons, the Fasthosts control panel is regularly broken.

More on this with an example image at the link below, along with an interesting insight into the Fasthosts Hack.

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Invoiced for old domain

I have just been charged for a domain renewal which I have been unable to cancel because I could not get to the control panel and they say that they cannot cancel it after renewal - although renewal date is 6 Jan - they renew it 30 days earlier!!! Useless trying to contact them. What a farce - will be taking rest of business away from them

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try this

thanks to a poster over at for this - i for one will be following this advice - would like to know if it is accurate, but as i have to spend money somehwere, this seems to be as good a channel as any to pursue


Anonymous said...

Everyone who deals with Fasthosts uses a card to pay with. If a credit card s 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 applies up to £75,000.00.

First step:

Write letter of claim to card issuer citing legislation and explaining service has been suspended and unable to make contact with Merchant.

Give them 14 days to make an offer of compensation (break it down).

Second Step:

Issue summons, if you wish to avoid risking costs limit the claim to £5000.00 if you only want £1000 limit it to that.

Third Step:

Fourteen days after the summons is issued make application for Judgement in default.

Fourth Step:

If they don't apply to oset aside judgement instruct the bailiffs.

Even if you have no claim but are pissed off write the letter of claim. If enough people do this the Merchant Account Provider will shut the facility and they will be finished.

I am going to do this. I am retired but was a Legal Aid Dobermann for many years. I know the Consumer Credit Act has been updated. I will check out the law and post the wording for the summons here in a week or so.


December 3, 2007 4:30 PM


its a joke - service provider with no service.

just to let you know, i work in australia, been contracted over here by my company for a period, however i am a UK resident.

to start with ukreg registraion page would not allow me to update my domain registration with my overseas address.

this means that they have created a new security risk by posting my details to whomever lives in my house in the UK.

well done fasthosts.

so i called - many times, right now i am on hold for 4 hours and only at position 8 (i started at 29) - i will be reporting the irresponsible use of premium numbers to the regulators - i am holding until answered (i suspect by a machine) at whioch point my phone records will detail time and cost.

i have managed to send a fax - all the published numbers are not working, the only one that went throguh was 01452 538485 - fax them there.

i detailed that unless i had received my details via fax or email then i would reverse all charges from my credit card. failing this would write a letter of claim to the card, and then proceeding with legal action (probably along the lines above - i am seeking advice).

this is a complete and utter joke. paying for a service i cannot use? not being able to contact the service provider (in accordance with their documented guidelines).

i am also resurecting every email i can to support and responding (with the case ids in the subject). i am opening new cases every hour, then 10 minutes tomorrow, until i at least recieve a response from a person.

all i want to do is settle my accounts, move them all and be done with it. i will be posting comments on all articles (BBC, Telegraph, guardian, etc, etc) by decent authors to this effect - i say consumer power has to win through. I believe that fasthosts are going feel the pressure of this episode, as people cannot afford to stand for a service provider with no service.


It's gone too far

I've never heard anything like it - I've never seen anything like it.

There's a distinct absence of consideration, thought, or responsibility. Of course, the comments are true. They say, "It's OK," While all of their customers are screaming out that there are problems.

I got on board with them a few years back after reading positive reviews in magazines. Oh, how it's all gone wrong.

Here's my open letter to them - although, judging by quantity of resposes to my emails (I'll give you a hint - it's a very round number), I wouldn't think they'd take the time to read it:

It's how I feel - and where I'm going.

Fasthosts - you've let me down.

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Still waiting....

Its now 4am and still on hold. Have been since 2am, started at position 36 got to 6 and the phone battery went flat... handy though I got back in at 16 50mins ago... now at 9



I'm just recovering from a 6 hour! call that ended at midnight last night (14th December) I went from 58 odd all the way down - (I had handsets on charge being swapped as they ran out of charge, plus a wired landline off the hook - just in case!)

I was nervous when I reached number 4 in the wait! having missed being number 13 for some lucky reason! (just then I read about the chap that was cut-off about now!!!!)

Anyway when I got through I was so calm (&tired) I just went for the specific tasks in hand - the guy at the other end sounded like he'd had enough grief anyway!

I was one of the lucky ones who rec'd a snail mail letter - would you believe when it said "Your new Control Panel Password is: ????????????l?" that the second to last letter - although identical to the last one in the word "Control" ie an "l" is in fact supposed to be an "i"

I see someone else has also found this out too.

As soon as this was typed in (with telephone help also) I got through to my Control Panel - what joy! I was closer to being in control myself!

It seems clear to me that FARCEHOSTS (claiming to be number 1 provider) must NEVER have had the resources to deal with the customer base they had in the first place - this is at the very least MIS-MANAGEMENT at least - even if it also smells of Fraudulent practice if not?! A good revenue earner through premium rate lines indeed!

Many Thanks to you guys who gave me a local number to ring - even though I live & work in GLOUCESTERSHIRE they seemed no easier to contact! - I was even going to go the the office in person when they were open - as the supposed "help-line" defences were doing their best keeping me out!

I only rec'd automated emails telling me to look in my now locked up email account - even though I pleaded with them to ring me or email me (via yahoo - it WAS WORKING!)

I WILL be looking into a claim for at least my 6 hour call - when I get the costs worked out - and wiill be looking into further action also.

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Not the only one claiming David

David, you will not be the only one taking action.

I received no email, no letter, nothing to inform me of what is going on and if it was not for The Register and Google I would have known nothing about this. I have already wasted a great deal of money on their 0870 premium number plus, of course, my time.

I am locked out of my email which I rely on for my business. I will be moving my domain name and exchange box - hope that is possible - to another provider on Monday and writing to fasthosts asking for a refund of the 12 months I paid up front back in the Autumn. If I do not get a refund and confirmation that my credit details are not longer with them I will pursue a claim through the small claims court.

I currently have no access to my email and no means of getting in touch with them as I cannot even send an email as their automated email system bounces all emails back if you cannot access a PIN - I did not even know I had a PIN - through my Account but I cannot get into my account because they have changed the password without telling me.

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This is just complete ARSE!!!! Umm lets see I try to get into control panel....I can't they've scrambled my password...shite.....I phone customer support....1st Dec 07 - queue position 444 hold for 15 minutes queue position 443; 2nd Dec 07 queue position 454 hold for 30 minutes position 450; 3rd December queue position 54, hold for 1 hour queue position 49....still no bloody answer.....ahem, lets try emailing customer support.....ok I've got an auto-response....and nothing else......7th December....fasthosts take another £65 out my account for a bloody site that I cannot access....Farcehosts......ARSEHOLES!!!! I foresee a little call to Mr. Trading Standards coming up.....



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