back to article Appraisals are dishonest, waste of time

Almost half of employees think that their boss is dishonest during appraisal processes, while a third think the whole process is a waste of time, according to research by productivity body Investors in People. The survey found that 44 per cent of workers had had appraisals in which they thought their superior had been …


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What do HR do?

I worked for one company where the HR department was brilliant.

She ensured that all the legal stuff was done, she ensured that all the records were kept, the correct forms filled in for pensions, holiday schedules maintained. Sometimes she used her experience to give people *informally* a bit of advice. She made no attempt to manage the company by malicious underhand politics or any other thing.

Appraisals? Yes, she made sure the forms were distributed, the history presented, the results returned, but she had no interest in the contents.

She was an administrator, and a damned good one. A far as I know, she was, sadly, employed and paid as a 'secretary'.

Then we got taken over. The other guys had an 'HR Dept' and an 'HR Director'. Said HR Director probably wasn't nearly as good at filling in the forms, but she sure was good at looking after herself and playing nasty politics.

It's time "HR" was seen for what it is: just an admin job.

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Almost as useless as Investors in People

Appraisals are indeed a waste of time. However, the whole Investors in People accreditation is just as pitiful.

If the company I work for can get it, and hold on to it for several years, then I'm sure the sweat shops in China could get themselves a little triangular plaque too.


Oh well we were warned way back in 1968 !

Oh well in the last disorganized financial credit rabble I worked in , in a fit of stupid cost cutting exercises which cost essentially between ten and a hundred times more than they actually saved in real terms they employed a recent batch of mismanagement graduates fresh out the university creche who ended up with a uniform knowledge base of one percent of everything to fill their single brain celled minds !

In a fit of insanity for a ludicrous cost cutting exercise due to a gross marketing budget blow out(due to a number of co-incidental but unrelated factors the campaign captured a guesstimated seventy percent of all phone users and ninety percent of OZ regular plane travellers , well above the modest targeted twenty percent of the market share sought) they filled the organization with these inexperienced brain dead graduate wankers that everyone else had by passed and ignored as it was not half obvious they would be never more than total idiots or morons and a waste of space at the best of times ! Remember these are the same wankers who had forgotten to ask the critical question as to why a vast majority of their teachers would have amounted to a zero sum equation in the real world of business out side of the school of useless unrealistic theories of everything of what management should be they taught as fact rather than the fiction it really is !

Unfortunately these cheap mismanagement rejects were hired for a stupid cost cutting exercise(you get what you pay for and pay for what you get) and thus not unsurprisingly they promptly replicated and place additional one percent clones of themselves into every corner possible !

Since they were at best only ever knew or wanted to know was one percent of the job at all times with the other ninety nine percent representing a waste of space in every conceivable way possible they created a mess that some five years on is still unresolved up to this point in time !

Anyway , the leader of these craven cowardly idiots once decided to use a staff member who was borderline to a mental breakdown due to a variety of stressful reasons in order to use the Staff annual reports to deny staff a fair pay rise ! This person unfortunately went on a very extended stress sick leave shortly there after from the staff backlash to her poor negative one sided efforts and remains thus even now ! Alas she had been told to fix them at low unrealistic levels on a false promise of a job which had already been filled by some one else selected by the chief moron in charge ! Undoubtedly, maybe he knew in his black heart that had he done them himself as he should have done and not questionably delegate them as he did , the result would have blown up in his face directly before he could muster out his real upcoming unmitigated disaster ! One could think perhaps , as he may have already known deep down the staff always understood the situation far better then he ever could have or would have in his entire life to come , what an absolute clown that he was and remains so even now !

To cut a long story short , one of the thick planks they hired who had messed up every management job leading up to the big one(nice to have relatives above you to cover your ass so as to speak) ending up running away back to the twin islands of the white shroud in the pacific to continue on with his version of idiocracy and the chief leader of the pack of these idiots fled to old blighty to do the same to a nameless English Bank in take over mode currently .

Interestingly the two ringleaders of the disaster just managed to flee ahead of a forming lynch mob ! Unfortunately a number of their former co-conspirators were too dumb to realise the jig was up and when discovered they were equally bigger wastes of spaces , they were dispensed with and made redundant just after these wankers had run away rather then face the music for their stupidity and basic incompetence 101 !

Way back in 1968 . we were warned about this in a book called the "Peter Principle" and even the grand old dame "Lillian Moller Gilbreth" may have tried to warn us as well !

Idiocracy here we come with open arms !



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