back to article Unimpressed Sheilas mock boy racers' todgers

A New South Wales road safety initiative, featuring a video in which females suggest that Down Under's boy racers are somewhat lacking in the trouser department, has been hailed as "one of the state's most successful anti-speeding campaigns" according to the Sydney Morning Herald. A still from the "Speeding. No one thinks big …


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Forget the "pinkie" - hit the little sods with extreme punishment!

Every day I travel too and from work (in Dundee) I have to take preventative/reactive measures to prevent ending up in an accident 'cause some brainless little yob (male or female) thinks they're "F1" material. Quite frankly, I'm getting sick of it. The ad says to "flip them the pinkie" - wow. The law says take away the licence - big deal. You've removed the legal right to drive, but not taken away the physical ability to drive. Remove the ability - PERMANENTLY* - and within a year of Britains courts upholding the punishment, the roads will be safer than they've ever been.

Every time one of these little gits takes to the road, they play with the lives of all who use streets. People complain about mums doing the school run with one kid wrapped up inside a 4x4: travelling the 1 mile to school. Is it any wonder? If your kid has to walk a mile to and from school would you want them walking along the pavement when there are brainless numpties trying to perfect their "drift" or drag racing on the same streets?

*The form of "permanencey" to be decided by the Gov.t.

extreme? - maybe, but let's stop poo-poohing thier egos and make then realise that driving is a privilidge and not a right.


Big one...

I've got a really fast car and a really big 'un of my own "down under".

Maybe these girls are suggesting I have a small little finger.

WHOA! I have too!


When asked what Noel Coward thought about Australians

.... He replied "Rabbits and convicts."

Ok so while that might be true - it is also highly fascinating how they are so easily controlled by an advert that insinuates a man's member is small because he speeds, that said it is indeed a masterful piece of marketing by the Ozzies.

Isn't it sad that it is nearly all men who are targeted (despite the seeing many girl racers) and how it is once again using sex in a negative way to control people (men). Well they are Ozzies so one might be forgiven for daring to point out that the PC engine needs oiling. Female binge drinking is ever on the increase and the urgency for absolute female equality seems key here - however - where are the ads for the girls? Why not have a male and female advert - bet I could think of a few ;-)

How would it work with the girls? Fried eggs? Nat bits? I think the effect would be lost somewhat.

Just my opinion.


a more effective campaign

I think a more effective campaign would be one that showed live feeds of businessmen with their BMW's, Teenagers with their Corsas, and Ancient people with their Honda's getting their penises/breasts chopped off when caught more than 15 miles over the speed limit.

Obviously, the gruesome act will upset some. I bet it will stop more people from speeding.


Emasculation and rugby

Am I really the only person here to wonder if this campaign might be linked to the decline in Australia's sporting prowess?


@ Er... By Anonymous Coward

(Posted Wednesday 17th October 2007 09:05 GMT)

Quoting me: "some bloke on a GSXR1000 or other high performance bike quietly showing the local shielas that he has no need "prove" anything."

Anon: Hence the high performance bike, obviously.


Yes, it's an absolute crotch rocket and goes like a demon... On the track, where he rides it on track days.

Hence having no need to show off to a pack of losers on a public street despite the fact he has both the machine and the riding skills to leave the tosspots in the dust. (Hell, the bloke on the 250 has the skills and machine to leave the wankers in the dust).

Me, I opted for a small, light 225cc enduro bike so I can have fun mucking about off-road on the weekends (I can pick it up easily when I drop it on the trail). It's a matter of "horses for courses" - the GSXR1000 is great for some track events, the CBR250R is great for others and my XT is great for what I like to do.

My XT's quite capable of exceeding the speed limit, especially in town, and its power-to-weight ratio is such that it could leave the boi-racers' hairdresser cars in the dust, but I choose not to do either of those things.

I have respect for myself, my family, my bike and the rights of others on the road.

My uncle drives in rallies, my father used to race midget class racers and over the years I've known a number of people involved in drag racing and speedway - and they don't seek to "prove" their abilities on public streets and roads.

That's left for the wannabes with no respect, no skills and poofy cars.


Re: Jon Tocker

I was referring to where I live, where we have one international drag strip, on national raceway, one circuit and skidpad driver training facility and one ordinary old raceway. Thats for an estimated population of 2 million people, in a state that covers 2.5 million square kilometers. Thats enough to fit the UK (where i assume your viewpoint is from) in over ten times! I quoted the figured I have to pay to get on the track, something I know as a volunteer official and trying to practice drift racer. While in the UK you might have a lot of facilities developed due to a larger population and better planning we dont. Yet we are the ones getting these ads shown to us from our tax money. ( well to be fair we have different ads being run here in WA, but they are of a similar calibre).

While the drags do run weekly 'open' events (though you cant run your street car if it goes too quick, 130mph terminal speed or 10.99 seconds and under, though it is your street car...) which are popular and I believe have curbed street racing, what I have said about the tracks stands true. The fact that they are booked out 6 months + in advance and require large sums of cash to get an event together limit things a bit. Every track event run at our only 'good' track requires you to purchase a CAMS license and a track membership, good for 1 year, so there is another $300.

So the average hoon boy racer needs to have some spare cash and a club thats well organised over here to get on the track. Or at least for drifting they could rock up to the once a month practice days, join the over subscribed queues and for their $55 get maybe 15 minutes on track, if they dont get kicked off because they came off too many times in one group of laps. good way to spend from 6 to 10pm on a friday night if you like to watch drift at least. The professionals have their own lane they get cycled through and generally get twice as much track time as boy racer, at least they are showy.

The skid pan at the other facility is reserved for motokhana and some instructor led driver training and is strictly bookings only. They are even more strict about who gets to go on their circuit. Booking the pad and doing something other than motorkhana can lead to getting kicked out, depending on the staff on the day, luckily though they arent breathing down your neck about CAMS.

Now if you just want to have some fun, maybe practice slides or do whatever else it is you want to do on the street you cant (big shock, not everyones wants to race competitvely on the track, seriously... you claim they dont turn up, maybe they dont share the passion for prim and proper racing, they might want to have fun). Free form driving will get you kicked out of any track facility here and I bet it would there too. Most arguments about facilities seem to think that everyone wants a track and to go really fast around it because thats what the professionals do. That isnt what everyone wants to do, maybe they want to test their car, do some burnouts or challenge a friend to some cornering.

My suggestion would be to lay down some big sections of tarmac interlinked together to form a circuit or seperate for people as required. Then have fee per hour use then go here is a section of tarmac, go for it. Gets them off the street and saves innocent lives. I can think of plenty of reasons why this wouldnt happen though, and that I find is really disappointing. Its the kind of facility that mimics what they do now and just moves it off the street. It would be almost equivilant to you pay to use this section of tarmac and you are free of persecution, that is all the payment gives you and as far as the owners responsibilies go.

Of course reading your post you might be complaining about the kids who cruise around playing doof doof and generally doing the stop start drive around in a group thing. I wouldnt exactly call their behaviour hooning or dangerous, just funny. Naturally you wont see them on any track but if you put a car park off the facility i mentioned maybe they'd all congregate there :P


@ Michael Hitchins v.2.0

Actually, Michael, I'm a fair bit closer than the UK - I'm in NZ, but be that as it may...

"Now if you just want to have some fun, maybe practice slides or do whatever else it is you want to do on the street you cant (big shock, not everyones wants to race competitvely on the track, seriously... you claim they dont turn up, maybe they dont share the passion for prim and proper racing, they might want to have fun)."

So risking the lives of other people due to careless driving is "fun" - or it being "fun" mitigates the fact that it's bloody dangerous and they're risking the lives and limbs of other road users? (Notice I'm not carping on about speed as the speed they're doing is only one factor out of many dangerous driving issues).

They seem to want to "race competitively" on the streets where they can kill or injure pedestrians or other road users. If they aren't into "prim and proper racing" then they can stop *pretending* to be "kool-az racerz" and ride sensibly on a road they are supposed to share with other road users.

"Of course reading your post you might be complaining about the kids who cruise around playing doof doof and generally doing the stop start drive around in a group thing."

So you missed the references to drag racing in the streets, endangering other people's lives and pouring diesel on the roads.

My beef is with those cornering at excessive speed, drifting, pouring lubricants on busy intersections, doing burnouts, "do'nuts", hand brake slides, drifts and other things that endanger the lives of other road users. Large amounts of alcohol and drugs also factor into it, as do illegally (and dangerously) modified cars.

So, we have drunk, stoned yoofs hooning around the local roundabout - on which they have poured diesel - in unwarranted cars with chopped suspension springs. In other words: dangerous retarded wastes of oxygen.

My beef is with wankers ripping up the handbrake in front of me, sliding sideways into a side street and then spinning themselves around to erupt out of the street again. Admittedly, I'm an experienced rider and was in no danger - but others are not as experienced as I am. Others who are likely to have hit the car as it skidded across the lane and around the corner, or been hit *by* it is it came flying out again.

Funnily enough, those retards in the car didn't check with me first to ensure I had sufficient riding skills to cope with their behaviour before ripping up the hand brake.

Go on, defend the dickheads all you like, write off dangerous driving as "just a bit of fun" - then try and explain it to the family and friends of those who're killed or seriously injured by these dicks or as a consequence of encountering diesel halfway around a corner.

As to: "So the average hoon boy racer needs to have some spare cash and a club thats well organised over here to get on the track."

Cry me a river. "Practising costs money" boo hoo. News flash: Things cost money. Welcome to the *twentieth* century. Maybe one day you can join us in the 21st.

Perhaps if more of these wannabes were prepared to pay track fees and join clubs, there would be the facilities for them - it's not the responsibility of the local councils to shell out taxpayer money for a pack of drunk and drugged layabouts to have an ego-wank. You want the facilities to have fun? Support the sodding clubs with time and money. Can't be arsed or bling and other ego wanks more important? STFU.

The wankers over here seem to find enough cash have late-model hairdresser cars and put shit-loads of chrome and neon in/on them, so I'd say money is not the issue. They seem to have enough money to throw away on "bling" and buying trash-can-sized exhausts (which they promptly fuck by drilling holes in 'em because "it soundz mean, eh.")

Perhaps if they paid more money on club/track fees than having a wank-fest?

Strangely, a lot of the guys 'n' gals I ride with manage to pay track fees *and* maintain performance machines. Me, I muck around off-road on a relatively low maintenance (therefore comparatively low performance) bike. Others I know spend a fortune rebuilding high performance Moto-X bikes after every event - I'm nowhere in that league, financially, but I still have my fun without risking the lives of random unsuspecting members of the public. I also have to pay fees to go on the enduro tracks and replace bits of my bike that I damage.

Those who ride bikes as stupidly and recklessly as the boi racers are called "squids" - and they're a pack of fuckwits, too.

In the words of my mate, Jake (Yamaha Vmax): "I won't ride with him. He's a fucking squid and I don't ride with squids!"


Plot for the new ad campaign..

Police Officer :

Well son, your car's not that badly damaged and although your girlfriend was thrown through the windscreen she's not hurt at all - though I can't understand why she wasn't wearing her seatbelt or how you could crash on a straight, empty road - so why are you crying?

Boy Racer:

Have you seen what she's holding in her hand?!


Shouldn't they let men just show their dicks in public to avoid unnecessary displacement activities?

nuff said

Your coats are in the hall


3 Words to Matthew Smith:

ACH! Mein eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes!

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Driving over the legal limit isn't the issue

Only about 5% of accidents in the UK (don't know about down under) involve a driver exceeding the posted speed limit.

(Links to UK Telegraph)

Speeding doesn't cause accidents, by their very nature fixed speed limits are not a perfect indication of how fast a driver should drive. If you drive to your abilities, the capabilities of the car and the road it is pretty safe to exceed the speed limit. Just look at police drivers, they sometimes drive well over 100mph and yet they don't cause many accidents.

I have on occasion exceed the speed limit, however I don't think that makes me bigger or smaller in the trouser department. On the other hand I don't drive a small hatchback with music blaring out of open windows, blue LEDs on the bonnet and a 40 foot wide exhaust system that sounds like it's been ripped off and someone has used a bin as a replacement.

I drive an old Volvo, which I hope makes no statement at all about me, my driving or my trouser department (except for the people thinking I'm driving my granddad's car). It's very fast, relatively safe (for it's age) and very comfy.

I just don't understand this obsession about making a car look fast, whats the point if it's still slow. Why but a cr*p car and spend £1000s on adding spoilers etc when you could simply have bought a better, faster car? Now that's all mouth and no trousers!


@Proportional to the size of your car

I don't know about in Australia but here in the UK the boy racers all tend to drive little hatchbacks or imprezzas/BMWs (If they have money).

I would say that the size of the drivers "tackle" is inversely proportionate to the size of the exhaust divided by the size of the engine. (A car with a large engine NEEDs a larger exhaust than a smaller engine car, but generally the larger the exhaust the smaller the tackle).

Either that or the Louder the exhaust the smaller the equipment.

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Lack of racetracks

Just thought I would put in my two cents on this one, the nearest outlet for a track day for me would probably be brands hatch. The charges there are as high as one would expect, and I simply cannot afford these outings.

I used to go there from time to time, but financial situations change. My 650 is almost perfectly prepped for racing, once you've given it time to cool down a touch its a five minute job to remove the road legal baffle from the exhaust leaving you with a straight thru can, remove the indicators and such like for a bit of weight advantage (and so you don't kill them if you come off) and I could potentially put this to use on Britains roads.

Do I? no. Whilst I used to love racing, my being unable to afford a track day does not justify racing around town putting others lives at risk. I ride a good distance to work no matter what the weather and will always see at least one of these egomaniacal dickheads. On occasion the thing that has saved my life has been a combination of anticipation, and my riding proficiency. Something that has been raised previously in the comments is that these boi racers do not know (or care) how good a rider I am.

Recently I was having a bad day and did something i would never normally do (I was havin a bad day) having been tailgated down the outside lane, and then flashed for a good 5 seconds with high beams (somewhat knackering my nightvision) I pulled into the inside lane to let the subaru pass me, then when he did it to the driver who had been just a stopping distance in front of me I saw red. Dropped a cog, caught up with this driver and then gave him a bit of his own medicine (though I didn't tailgate him) the effect of having a very big built biker chase him down and then hit him with full beams was clearly enough to make him drive at the speed limit keeping stopping distances for the rest of the time that I could see him.

Does it make me a squid? It was very squidish behaviour, and Icannot believe I did it, but damn did it feel good to remind him that he's putting his life at risk as well as other peoples lives. There are a lot of hells angels in my area and had he done it to the ones I know then he may well have come out of it far worse.

Generally I sit at what I believe to be a safe acceptable speed, sometimes the safest place to be is ahead of all the traffic, but I don't let any sort of ego make the decision. If someone wants to try and race me from some traffic lights I will quite happily sit and make sure they are safely out of my way before I pull away.

I miss the days of racing, but that alone isn't enough to justify me racing on public roadways, no matter what time of night it may be.

If you have enough money to spend on the mods that are popular around here, then you could easily afford to go without the mod and have some trackdays instead. But britains roads are all about willy stroking, and the wankers that do it will often take someone else out with them.



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